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Breast augmentation surgery involves the use of implants to change the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. It is vital to know through experience, how to re-create an inframammary crease following a poorly performed breast augmentation, when the breasts are misshapen. Through the performance of thousands of breast cases, I have been able to develop the proper judgment, surgical techniques and with 28 years of long term follow up, the ability to see what truly holds up over time and what does not. With the performance of each case a good surgeon learns a little more that he can carry over to the next difficult problem case. Breast augmentation is a procedure that is often assumed to be simple in nature and execution but is actually quite complex. Visually, the difference between a good and great breast implant revision can often be dramatic. I was in search of a plastic surgeon to perform a replacement of my breast implants which had become severely contorted due to capsular contracture.
Bottoming out describes breasts with implants that have either stretch out the skin below the nipple-areola or migrated below the inframammary fold. Implant Asymmetry results when one implant is placed higher or lower when compared to the other implant. Symmastia is commonly known as “uniboob.” It is when one or both implants are positioned too close to the mid-line over the breastbone or sternum. Other problems are often caused by the implants used in an augmentation rupturing or changing over time. A surgically implanted saline prosthesis that has lost its size and volume rather noticeably over the course of one or two days has likely ruptured or deflated. The double bubble deformity can usually be corrected with a breast lift (mastopexy) or pocket correction.
Rippling occurs when there are irregularities of the implant surface that can be felt or seen through the skin. Capsular Contracture occurs when tightly woven collagen fibers form around the implant, thus the body forms a thick scar.
Depending on severity, solutions for correcting Capsular Contracture include Capsulectomy and Capsulotomy revisions.
During this interactive procedure, you will discover some of the reasons why woman may decide to get implants and other alternatives to saline implants.

It is that experience and attention to detail and technical ability that allows me as a surgeon to take breasts that are different in size, shape and nipple position and create a pleasing match. I have successfully corrected these problems caused by less than ideal surgical outcome from another surgeon many times. Proper surgical technique and attention to detail are essential to good results, and too often these are overlooked. And yet, big visual differences often boil down to a series of very minor decisions and actions made by a surgeon both before, during and after the procedure. My surgery ended up more complicated than expected, however you would never know, because my breasts look beautiful!
William DeLuca at a referral from a girlfriend after another Albany plastic surgeon did an unsatisfactory job of altering my breasts (too large and uneven).
In both cases, the distance between the nipple areolar and inframammary fold is greater than it should be, implants.
Breast Asymmetry Correction is performed through implant exchange and repositioning the implants. Symmastia Repair may require surgical correction of the pockets as needed and a removal of scar tissue. An implant exchange should be performed within a few weeks to keep the pocket from shrinking.
The double bubble look occurs when there is a groove along the breast below the nipple giving the impression that the breast is sitting on top of the implant. This could be a result of skin tissue covering the implants thinning, a saline implant leaking, the placement of the implant above the muscle, or a combination of any of these.
A Capsulectomy involves the removal of the capsule (scar tissue) that is surrounding the implant. DeLuca is proud to provide extensive post operative care, including his recovery program, which optimizes healing. In addition, you will learn about the risks of breast implants and the types of breast implants. Becoming a master at all the little things that collectively add up to produce a great breast revision result takes years of constant practice and a commitment to learning something new from each and every case. Sometimes, the deflation of an implant is less noticeable – in these cases, either ultrasound or MRI testing will determine whether or not any leakage has occurred.

To correct rippling, a possible solution is a Pocket Correction revision using a silicone implant, which is less palpable than saline. Lower grade Capsular Contracture can be corrected with Capsulotomy, when the scar tissue or capsule is adjusted or partially removed through incisions in the breast. He sits down with each patient and develops a customized plan that meets their individual needs. Our method today will use saline filled implants, and you will learn how the implants are inserted, how the saline is injected into the pouches, and how the implants are adjusted for the best appearance.
DeLuca sees so many patients who are dissatisfied with their augmentation or have developed one or more complications.
DeLuca’s listening skills, honesty and patience with me that I chose to have the surgery again.
Removal of the breast implant from the pocket above the muscle to the pocket below the muscle could decrease the rippling effect. A specific revision surgery plan’s cost will vary based on the severity of each individual case.
DeLuca LISTENED to my request and replaced my 300cc saline, over the muscle implants with the same size MemoryGel silicone implants, submuscular. DeLuca will address your specific aesthetic needs and recommend a surgical plan that will give you the best result possible.
The cost of combining related surgeries into one procedure significantly reduces the cost of anesthesia and operating room time. Besides looking beautiful, they are comfortable, especially compared to my other implants, which was another important factor for me. Depending on the average physical activity of the patient, and the complexity of the surgery, a return to normal lifestyle usually occurs within one to two weeks following their breast revision surgery.

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