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As you may know, anti-aging treatments and tools that reverse the signs of aging or heal sun damage are an essential part of ETSIS CEO Devra’s daily skin care regimen.
Two years ago, Devra discovered a red LED light phototherapy device by Tanda called the Tanda Luxe Skin Rejuvenation Photofacial Device, which delivers concentrated beams of red light to promote collagen and elastin renewal.
Originally developed for plant growth experiments in NASA space missions, LED phototherapy light treatment was found to greatly reduce pain and body stress in astronauts who returned to Earth with poor muscle mass and atrophied muscle tissues from prolonged time in space.
The majority of red light treatments are administered through a handheld device like a Tanda Luxe, NuFace Trinity, or similar LED beauty device. Red Light Therapy beds look disconcertingly similar to a tanning bed, but with one major difference: the LED bulbs in the beds emit absolutely ZERO UV radiation.
Red LED light phototherapy beds emit ZERO UV radiation and are FDA approved as safe for therapy use. It should be noted, however, that the study cautioned that those with auto-immune diseases—-most notably lupus or photodermatoses, who can be highly sensitive to UV radiation—-may be sensitive to blue light (blue LED-non UV emissions, used in the treatment of acne).
In general, LED light is safe for phototherapy use (anti-aging and healing purposes), because LED sources do not emit any UV radiation, which is responsible for aging skin, triggering auto-immune flares and, at worst, skin cancer.
Devra, playing off her nervousness at her first time doing full-body phototherapy in a Red Light Therapy bed.
After all this research on Red Light Therapy, we were both excited about our findings, and we wanted to find whether this could be offered on a professional level, with more extensive treatment. No Tan Lines Salon features Red Light Therapy beds – the phototherapy beds aid in anti-aging and wealth of body ailments. No Tan Lines LLP (hereafter “NTL”) is an anti-aging Red Light Therapy salon owned by two enterprising, brilliant and surprisingly young entrepreneurs, Alysin Hauptner, 26, and Lyssa Chapman, 25. The salon opened in September 2012, with great emphasis on Red Light Anti-aging Therapy as part of a great regimen for a healthy lifestyle. No Tan Lines Salon features educational materials regarding UV exposure and how the sun can affect skin types. Clients range in ages from 15-87, and come in to treat anything from acne to scars to muscle pain to headaches to aging—some even come in to try to reverse extensive sun damage from tanning or sunbathing. No Tan Lines Salon is located in East Oahu, Hawaii in the Koko Marina Shopping Center in Hawaii Kai, a community about 25 minutes east of Waikiki and downtown Honolulu.
Red Light Therapy does appear to heal or relieve a wealth of conditions like aging, sun damage, skin and health issues to some extent. Everyone’s experience with RLT will be different, and the time frame for results will differ for each person, given what they’re treating, the condition of their skin, their age, their health, environment, lifestyle, etc. Dermaplaning gives you an ultra-smooth look removing unwanted peach fuzz and facial hair at the same time. It is shaving of the skin with an ultra thin blade and feather-like strokes that exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and unwanted facial hair. Skin Types: It is great for clients with rough skin, dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and very mild acne scarring.
Good for clients who are pregnant or nursing who want to exfoliate, but don’t want to risk a chemical peel for the possible contraindications. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
If you often have a stuffy nose or just want a mask that you can wear when you have allergies or a cold, the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask is the answer. The Ultra Mirage™ full face mask stops the loss of treatment pressure through the mouth for more comfortable and effective therapy.
Proven Mirage cushion technology provides an excellent seal without tight headgear, so facial pressure sores and discomfort are no longer a problem. Flexible forehead pads conform to the contour of the forehead to enhance stability and comfort. Proven Mirage™ cushion technology provides an excellent seal without tight headgear so you don't have to face pressure sores and discomfort. Set & Forget headgear needs fitting only once so you don't need to adjust the headgear every time they put their mask on. Top and bottom headgear clips make putting the mask on and taking it off fast and easy so you have less fuss and more confidence. Superior airflow and built-in air vents provide excellent CO2 washout to ensure effective therapy, even at low pressures. In a somewhat unique manner, this website places emphasis on educating each reader on the principles of facial attractiveness and youth that guide Dr. He feels strongly that this approach makes possible for each patient a more informed, less anxious, and more pleasant experience. First came fillers in the Eighties, then lasers, then Botox-all still useful in their own way. For the first time ever, Ultherapy enables practitioners to direct sound waves not only into the skin but deep under the skin to the same tissue addressed in surgery.
Ultherapy lifts, tightens, and tones loose skin to counteract the effects of time and gravity. The beauty of Ultherapy is that it is a 30 to 60 minute procedure that uses the body’s own subtle healing response to gently, gradually-and reliably-restore memory to the skin and its underlying tissue.

As with other ultrasound procedures, a smooth applicator placed upon your skin projects an image onto a screen that allows Dr. Ultherapy is the only nonsurgical skin rejuvenation procedure that can specifically target and strengthen the deep foundational layer of tissue that doctors address in surgery. There can be some discomfort while the energy is being delivered, but it is temporary and a signal that the collagen-building process has been initiated. You are able to return to your normal activities right away, and there are no special measures you need to take. With just one treatment, the regenerative process is initiated, but the full effect will build gradually over the course of two to three months. Ultrasound energy has a proven track record, with use in the field of medicine for over 50 years and clinical trials have demonstrated the safety of this latest application. Orders are sent via royal mail and take a minimum of 4 weeks to be delivered due to customs.
Lovely smooth powder, took me a long time to find the right shade for me and have finally found it.
Each function can be used independently or the Faradic and Galvanic can be used in a combination mode, allowing you to give a simultaneous treatment.
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
We’ve been researching and testing the use of red light phototherapy for anti-aging and healing. After using the Tanda light for several months, Devra loved the significant results: her fine lines were not as noticeable, her skin felt tighter and more lifted, her jawline was more defined, her dark circles were reduced and her skin looked less crepey.
Certain wavelengths of infrared light emitted from a Light Emitting Diode (LED) penetrate deeply into the skin to the cellular level where they are absorbed by mitochondria—the energy source of a cell. Recently, Red Light Therapy beds have been making their way into high-end salons or medical spas.
This means that RLT beds do not put users at risk of skin cancer caused by UVA and UVB rays, nor do they lead to aging from collagen and elastin degeneration.
People like me, who have lupus (or other auto-immune diseases), have to be extra careful about the sun by exercising smart sun practices, but we also need to be wary of blue light. Red Light Therapy is popular in medical spas, salons and dermatologist offices in Europe and is emerging on the US mainland, but in Hawaii is relatively unheard of. She has noticed that her auto-immune symptoms and chronic pain have decreased and she’s less achy overall in her joints and extremities.
Both girls believe in a healthy lifestyle including a whole foods, organic, vegetarian diet, lots of exercise and a thorough anti-aging, natural, sun smart skincare regimen. As with any other skin rejuvenation or anti-aging treatment, you should be combining RLT with smart sun habits, like wearing a wide-brimmed hat, dressing in layers or wearing UPF clothing, and wearing and reapplying broad-spectrum sunscreen, for the most effective results. So this is all about our personal experience with, and research on, Red Light Therapy (RLT). It is very popular as nothing can compare when you apply your makeup after the skin has been treated.
If a patient often has a stuffy nose or just wants a mask to wear during allergies or a cold, this is the answer.
The Set & Forget headgear requires the patient to fit the mask only once, and top and bottom headgear clips make putting the mask on and taking it off fast and easy. This gently heats the tissue to lift and tighten loose skin without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.
One of the first effects of gravity is that the brows descend, and the eyes start to appear smaller. Ultherapy requires no special recuperation or preparation and typically only takes one treatment to get a meaningful response.
The ability to treat not just the skin but its underlying support, from the inside out, helps to ensure both safe and satisfying results, with no downtime.
Comfort thresholds vary from patient to patient, and practitioners will discuss options for making the experience as pleasant as possible.
Your skin may appear a bit flushed immediately after the treatment, but any redness should disappear within a few hours.
In the FDA clinical trial, nine out of ten patients had a noticeable, significant lift of the brow line. LED light basically tells the mitochondria to start producing ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which gives a cell the power to regenerate and heal itself.
Due to the increased ATP production associated with red light, it was discovered that there were other therapeutic benefits of treatment.
Whereas a handheld device only works on treatment of small, localized area, such as the face or hands, a Red Light Therapy bed can treat the whole body.
It is not FDA-approved—and is unlawful in many states—to convert existing tanning beds into RLT beds, which means tanning beds cannot be retooled and then marketed as a bona fide, safe-for-use Red Light Therapy bed. I would encourage you to check with your doctors whether medications you take to manage your condition will interact with LED light. So Devra was insanely excited when we found out there was actually an anti-aging salon with Red Light Therapy called No Tan Lines within 20 minutes Devra’s house!

Devra and I examined the beds and had the owners explain how the bed was different and built to meet the FDA safety requirements.
They have three anti-aging Red Light Therapy beds, which were custom-made for the salon to meet FDA standards for safety. You have to have the time, budget and energy to be able to commit to a regular RLT regimen everyday for at least 10 days—-ideally, one to two months—-to allow the body to build up ATP levels for maximum cellular growth, regeneration and healing. Why make the investment of time, money and effort in RLT only to reverse the effects of treatment and possibly worsen your skin? We highly encourage you to conduct your own research and to reach out to trusted authorities in the medical and skin care field if you are interested in learning more about RLT or are considering treatment. Not to be confused with dermabrasion, dermaplaning is a systematic exfoliation process that is simple and safe.
One of the main reasons celebrities and television stars love this treatment is that makeup will go on very smoothly. The forehead support has four adjustment positions to optimize seal, while flexible forehead pads conform to the contour of the forehead to enhance stability and comfort. Superior airflow and built-in air vents provide excellent CO2 washout to ensure effective therapy, even at low pressures. Now there’s Ultherapy®-a face and neck treatment that creates a brand new category in aesthetics-non-invasive tissue lifting. Besides the visible effects of lifting and tightening, there is also an invisible result from Ultherapy with the creation of new collagen, which helps the skin maintain its youthfulness. Ultherapy will lift the brow, which in turn reduces the excess skin on the lids, opens up the eyes and gives a more refreshed appearance. Patients enjoy some initial effect immediately following the procedure, but the ultimate lifting will take 2 – 3 months, as tired collagen is rejuvenated and supplemented with new, stronger collagen. This same applicator is then used to deliver low levels of focused heat at just the right depth below the skin to achieve a positive effect, all the while leaving the surface of your skin undisturbed.
This resulted in reduced skin laxity on the eyelid, and a more open, youthful look to the eye overall. It comprises of an eight outlet - sixteen pad Faradic section, a four outlet - eight pad Galvanic section that can be used on either the face or body. These significant results made her eager to find out more about Red Light Therapy, how it works, how safe it is, if red light existed on a more professional level that would offer full-body results, and, if so, whether it could be found in Hawaii. During red LED treatment, with an increased energy through ATP production, each cell in the treated area begins producing new cells to replace the damaged ones in the injured tissue.
ATP is basically a power booster for a cell, which allows it to work its biological processes. Some bruising that occurred after a dermatology treatment healed completely within 5 days, whereas it would normally take 2-3 weeks to completely disappear.
They offer major educational material on the dangers and risks of UV radiation, and also sell a skin care line with broad-spectrum sunscreens. Now, four months after opening, they are up to 200 regular clients and the number continues to grow. So you have to be aware of the commitment and skin and sun care habits required to achieve lasting and desired results. We are not sponsored in any way by any of the companies mentioned in this article, and as always, this article is our 100% honest opinion. This radiant, superstar celebrity treatment uses a very fine blade to exfoliate, removing the top layer of skin as well as the hair.
There is the possibility of other less common post-procedural effects, such as temporary small areas of bruising or numbness, which your physician will review with you. Patients reported firmer, tighter, better-fitting skin in the other areas of the face and neck as well. As a result, cells regenerate and turn over more quickly, accelerating healing and recovery of injured and damaged tissues. The owners recommended continuous, daily treatments for at least 7-10 days, after which Devra could taper off to every other day, in order to start seeing results. Clients who have been undergoing treatment for a month or more report amazing improvement of their conditions as a result of Red Light Therapy.
Devra personally thinks that RLT is a great complement to the maintenance of good skin in combo with a healthy, sun smart skin care routine. Although very little scientific data exists regarding dermaplaning, the actual process of exfoliation is well documented for keeping the skin in tip-top shape. A gradual tightening and firming occurs, resulting in a natural lift of the skin over time. As blood circulation increases, inflammation decreases, blood pressure drops and white cell production accelerates, producing more collagen and elastin.
However, like any vitamin, skincare or exercise regimen, the optimal results would be seen with daily treatment for at least 30 days.

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