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Seroma appears like a bump or swelling on the surgical site and may contain clear to yellowish fluid. A thin epithelium usually covers the seroma fluid and resembles a small cavity like a cyst. Inside the seroma cavity is a serous fluid accumulation that originates from blood vessel injury.
Hematomas and lymphoceles are different from seromas, however, if the injury is severe, hematoma and lymph may be present inside a seroma cavity. These are serous fluid accumulations as a result of injury to blood vessels following a surgery. People who undergo aesthetic surgeries such as tummy tucks or facial plastic surgery may potentially lead to seroma formation.
Seroma can develop in various places on the body depending on the site of injury or surgery. The most common cause of seroma is major abdominal surgery because of the extensive blood supply in the area. Seroma after hysterectomy is uncommon, but it may develop as a result of incompetent surgeons handling the operation. When the body is traumatized or injured, inflammatory response occurs and brings about seroma formation.
When the overlying skin is palpated, a fluid wave may be felt as a sign of fluid accumulating under it. After fluid aspiration, physicians subject the fluid to pathologic analysis to check if there is blood, pus, or other components.
Introduction of needles and puncture of the skin may introduce infection, so sterile techniques are used throughout the draining.
Preparation for the procedure includes NPO (Nothing per Orem) orders, especially when the abdomen is to be drained.
Research studies are trying to confirm if administration of steroids after surgery is essential in the prevention of seroma.
When seromas are not extensive or too large, sometimes doctors suggest letting it heal naturally without surgery or draining because it may be reabsorbed by the body. This website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Information and services provided through Make Me Heal and this Site are intended for educational and informational purposes and are not a substitute for the advice of your physician or other medical professional.
Hydrafacial is a new skin care technology which is an alternative treatment to other exfoliation proc edures.
The hydrafacial uses a vacuum based suction tip in order to exfoliate the skin and extract any impurities that may be found in the skin. Based on the needs of the patient, hydrafacial treatments can be specifically designed to target the areas a patient is interested in improving.
We are not currently running any specials but have several laser, skincare treatments, as well as filler options.  If you are interested in scheduling your free consultation, please contact our office at 304-777-4677. Serous fluid is the fluid compartment of blood that seeps out when blood vessels are injured or ruptured during operation. Surgeons consider seroma as a post-surgical injury that needs proper medical treatment, although seromas are not considered life-threatening. These are often uncomplicated; however, medical treatment should be done to prevent enlarging of the seroma cavity.
Dirty injuries (such as an abdominal puncture of non-sterile equipment, motor vehicle accidents, etc.) or those injuries that are infected may also lead to an infected seroma.
Bowel and bladder preparation is also instructed to prevent accidental puncture of these areas due to distention. In some cases, the seroma cavity needs to be removed because it may still continue to produce fluids despite aspiration. However, careful administration should be ensured as these drugs may cause a lot of side-effects including immunosuppression.
Natural healing may vary from person to person and may heal in a few weeks, months, or even in a year. Because of accumulation of fluids on the surgical site, blood circulation is impaired, thus preventing white blood cells and other reparative substances to go to the site of injury. Seroma is the accumulation of serous fluids (usually clear), while hematoma formation is a localized accumulation of red blood cells (from the word “heme” which means blood).
After this step, the hydrafacial treatment utilizes active serums in order to hydrate and cleanse the skin. However, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with Tonya or Ariana to find out other options that may be available to you.

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Inflammation on the surgical site also increases the capillary permeability, thus increasing the flow of plasma from blood vessels into the interstitial spaces (spaces between cells). Fibrin clots develop because the blood contains large amounts of clotting factors and platelets responsible for clot formation. When malignant tumors are removed, the tendency is to injure adjacent blood vessels, leading to inflammation.
Prior to the diagnostic test, a thorough physical examination is done by the surgeon or physician. Patients are informed that the procedure will be uncomfortable but not painful because of local anesthetic administration.
An open surgery is done and the seroma cavity is surgically excised and sent for biopsy to determine any malignancies.
In cases of a very large seroma, it may impair the approximation of sutures, leading to dehiscence and evisceration (opening of the wound). Some seroma needs surgical excision of the cavity because this cannot be removed by draining.
Medical consultation should be done if fever, severe pain, and leaking of fluid in the skin develops. In the long run, delayed wound healing attracts the proliferation of bacteria and leads to infection. All of these are characterized by swelling and inflammation so definite diagnosis is needed to arrive at an appropriate treatment method. Removal of the adjacent lymph nodes on the axilla also increase the risk of developing cavities. It may be administered by mouth but extensive infections may need re-hospitalization and intravenous antibiotic administration.

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