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Most of the time, Liposuction is considered a safe procedure, but like other cosmetic surgeries there are certain risks, complications and side effects associated with liposuction. Possible complications for Liposuction include risk of infection, delayed healing, formation of fat clots or blood clots, excessive fluid loss, friction burns or other damage to the skin or nerves.
After the procedure is done, you are not likely to look or feel great right after the surgery, and you may experience some pain, burning, swelling, bleeding and temporary numbness.
Please be advised that the risk of the mentioned complications and side effects of the procedure can occur greater to patients with medical problems such as diabetes, heart or lung disease, or people who have recently had surgery near the relevant area. Tumescent liposuction is highly developed and readily available in Thailand from US$750 per point.
Tumescent liposuction uses incisions so small they require no stitches and is the safest form of liposuction. Tumescent liposuction costs we quote are always package prices and include the surgical fee, the facility fee, anesthesia fee and hospital stay. Other high quality service providers quote prices in Thai Baht so your cost will fluctuate based on your home currency. The professional opinion of some Thai doctors is that it's better for the patient to be under general anesthesia and the price includes it. Others prefer local anesthesia or IV sedation and charge more if you want to be under general anesthesia while the tumescent liposuction is being done.
Even when multiple sites are done and a lot of fat removed, there is so little bleeding during and after tumescent liposuction that it will probably be less than the amount of blood taken for tests during your pre-op consultation with the doctor. VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) is a third-generation, internal ultrasound-assisted liposuction device that emulsifies fat cells while preserving important tissues like nerves, blood vessels and collagen.
For four points or more, the procedure can take 3-4 hours and the price includes one night stay in hospital and all medicines. A plastic surgeon highly experienced with tumescent liposuction can do similar male abdominal liposuction body sculpting.
And a big advantage of tumescent liposuction is that is does not require a patient to be within 10-15 pounds of ideal weight, workout frequently, and have no more than 3% body fat as required by some American doctors offering VASER. If their 2½ mm cannula gets better and smoother results because it's so small then you would expect Thai plastic surgeons with cannulas half that size to achieve significantly better results. Many Thai plastic surgeons who offer tumescent liposuction under general anesthesia do NOT reduce the price for subsequent sites done during the same session. Price quotations never include the cost of any unforeseen complications and usually exclude the cost of medicines such as pain killers and antibiotics which are prescribed as needed so cannot be predicted accurately. If you want to know the exact liposuction costs for your case, send as email attachments digital photos of the relevant part of your anatomy from front, back and both sides. Send them to us exactly as they come out of the camera and we will prepare them for the surgeon's optimum viewing. Flash photos from about 100-150 cm (3.5-5 feet) away tend to come out best and make sure no glass or mirrors are included in the image.
Gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia is male breast enlargement due to fat accumulation and is common among elderly men if they've gained weight. Gynecomastia in some large male breasts requires a mastectomy for removal of actual breast tissue, not liposuction. If a mastectomy is required, it is quoted at the same price for a female mastectomy, but may be reduced depending on amount of breast tissue to be removed.

Losing weight can be a real challenge and if you have done so you also have likely put in a significant effort to shed excess fat around your middle, your thighs and your buttocks, but even significant weight loss can leave some areas still struggling with extra fatty deposits that are harder to be rid of.
A neck that is holding onto unwanted fat deposits  can created a less flattering profile, a weak jawline and folds that are frustrating to the individual who is seeking a smoother, more contoured appearance. The typical neck liposuction patient is a man or a woman who is feeling self-conscious about loose skin around their neck, a double chin, neck bands or what is sometimes referred to as a “turkey neck”. Tumescent liposuction of the neck is performed by making very small incisions both underneath the chin and behind the ears while gently suctioning fat out through these small incisions. Prior to the tumescent liposuction, patients should be sure to avoid smoking, eat a healthy diet, engage in regular cardiovascular exercise and try to keep their weight under control.
Before undergoing neck liposuction, patients should meet with their doctor to examine their neck and assess their health and to discuss what the patient can expect from their individual liposuction procedure. After the tumescent liposuction, some patients may be required to wear a drain to rid the body of excess fluid within the neck. The ultrasonic liposuction technology has proven to be very effective through the use of targeted sound waves that carefully and gently loosen any fat deposits and help create a smooth contouring and shaping for your entire body.VASER liposuction is also known as VASER HiDef or Hidef LipoSelection. Risks increase if a great number of areas are treated at the same time, or if a large area is being treated.
In a tumescent liposuction, the anesthetic fluid injected may cause lidocaine toxicity (if the lidocaine solution content is too high), or the collection of fluid in the lungs (if too much fluid is administered).
Pain can be managed with pain relief medication, but you may still feel sore for a few days.
Thailand liposuction is so affordable that if you include the airfare in the total cost, Bangkok liposuction still costs less a lot less and you can also have a great holiday in one of the world's premier tourist destinations with legendary nightlife. However, VASER Hi-Def is a specific type of liposuction procedure used more to sculpt the body rather than to just remove unwanted fat.
However, cannula diameter is chosen based on what is best for the work to be done and not on the simplistic reasoning that smaller is always better. Because some hospitals have a policy that an area with very large amounts of fat may be charged as two points. A package price usually includes 1-2 nights hospital stay as required, food, and nursing care. Though typically thought of as a procedure for sucking out fat in larger, more prominent areas of the body, tumescent liposuction can actually be used on the neck to remove excess fat and create a more flattering appearance.
Younger patients who still have fairly elastic skin that bounces back well will see the best results after a neck liposuction treatment.
The tumescent liposuction technique is much gentler than traditional liposuction methods and causes far less bruising. Results will vary patient to patient and depend largely upon their neck’s appearance prior to treatment.
Bandages are removed a couple of days after the procedure though the head should be kept elevated throughout healing to reduce swelling. Jan Zemplenyi has been in Bellevue providing the highest level of care in cosmetic surgery since 1989.
This proven alternative liposuction technology is decades ahead of the older tumescent liposuction and is much safer and cost effective. The patient will be advised as to how many areas he or she can have undergo liposuction treatment.

After the surgery, you are likely to experience some fluid drainage, and sometimes a small drainage tube may be inserted beneath the skin to prevent that fluid from building up. Many patients decide to pair neck liposuction with a neck lift or facelift for more significant results depending on their situation. Those who are taking blood pressure medications should have their hypertension under control before undergoing liposuction.
With years of specialty and sub-specialty training he has become triple-board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and by the American Board of Otolaryngology. Our Thai VASER Specialists offer Genuine ultrasonic wave technology to safely remove fat deposits from under the dermal layer to quickly improve the aesthetics of your entire body including the arms,legs and butt.
You may wear an elastic garment over the treated area for a few weeks to control the swelling.
In Bangkok, men are NOT charged more than women for liposuction even though it takes longer.
Most of the bruising and swelling will disappear within 3 weeks, but some swelling may remain for about 6 months.
Vaser and Vaser High Definition use a ultra-sonic frequency sound beam vibrations to gently break down the fatty tissue. Compared to the much rougher methods such as traditional tumescent lipo that uses a regular cannula to emulsify the fatty areas and tissues. Alternatively, Smart Laser Lipo or Water-Assisted Lipo in Thailand (WAL) that uses lasers or high pressure water to destroy the fat. Our Vaser Certified doctors use high frequency sound vibrations to safely and effectively destroy the problematic fat pockets in your body. Our accredited body contouring doctors in Bangkok use the probe vibrations to disengages the colonies of fat cells before they are emulsified with the already infused fluid. Once emulsification starts fat transfer begins by the doctors inserting the vaser micro-cannula suction wand to easily remove emulsified fat and liquid from your body. Our vaser specialist can sometimes place some minor anesthetic into the treated areas to help reduce any post vaser lipo pain.
Compared to traditional tumescent lipo, Vaser is generations better in technique and results by allowing trained cosmetic surgeons to better control and precision liposculpting that allows the smooth soft and contoured look you are seeking. This Minimally Invasive procedure was designed to to loosen fat while preserving and protecting the surrounding areas. Our private clinic is a great option for those looking for only a few areas or for more competitive prices without compromising in quality. Depending on the number of areas being treated, General anesthesia is preferred for optimal results. Our clients always have the option of local sedation but may limited on total areas that can be treated. Basic compression garments will be provided with most treatments but custom garments can also be purchased in Bangkok starting from 2000 THB to 6000 THB (Thai Baht) depending on domestic vs imported garments.
If large volumes of fat are removed, our vaser doctors may need additional fluid drains (2-3 days) to prevent any excess fluids from accumulating.

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