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Patients: Learn how to find a liposuction surgeon participating as an investigator in this clinical trial.
For this study patients will have laser-tumescent liposuction randomly assigned to one side (left or right) and simple-tumescent liposuction on the opposite side. Assessing the Effect of Tumescent Lidocaine on Platelet Function After Liposuction by Comparing Tumescent Solutions With or Without Lidocaine: Does Tumescent Lidocaine Reduce Risk of Thromboembolism? The number three cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, Liposuction, has generated a lot of questions.
Tumescent Liposuction is the breakthrough that allowed liposuction to become the safe and reliable treatment it is.
Tumescent Liposuction of the Abdomen - With good skin tone, fat can be removed and the skin remains smooth. Brand name liposuction is viewed more as a marketing ploy than as a giant leap in the advancement of liposuction.
When the skin is tight, removing fat leads to improved proportions and a nice smooth result.
The most important thing for you as a consumer to know is that liposuction plus loose skin usually equals bad results. In the study, one side of the abdomen was treated with tumescent liposuction, and on the other side, tumescent liposuction plus Smart-Lipo was used.
While going from 13% to 16% average shrinkage looks like a 23% improvement in shrinkage, this is not a scientifically significant result.
Unfortunately, comparing tumescent and laser liposuction does not give heads or tails results. I am happy to see some independent efforts underway by neutral professionals to evaluate the claims.
Perhaps most importantly, Laser Liposuction is being compared to tumescent liposuction, which is not know for its ability to shrink skin.
This fact has been demonstrated in other studies comparing laser liposuction on one half of the body to tumescent liposuction on the other half of the body. No matter what plastic surgery procedure you are considering, the tool is not as important as the person holding it.
Wrinkle TreatmentsWP-Cumulus by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better.
Liposuction is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, in my San Francisco Bay Area, Walnut Creek Plastic Surgery office. If you are trying to figure out which liposuction is the best liposuction, it can be very confusing.
If you are a patient considering liposuction, you don’t have to choose the right tool, you have to choose the right doctor.
There are a large number of different liposuction techniques that are followed by doctors around the world to help people lose the excess fat in their body. In tumescent liposuction, a local anesthesia is used as it has been often seen that using a general anesthesia can lead to adverse effects.
Doctors suggest that those who wish to undergo tumescent liposuction should have a particular level of physical fitness and the fat that they wish to lose by the surgery should be very less. It has been found that people who follow other techniques of liposuction are found to report of discomfort even after several days of the surgery.
Compared to the other liposuction techniques tumescent liposuction has been found to cause less surgical problems. Like all other surgical procedures, tumescent liposuction too has its shares of side effects but they are considered to be quite harmless and can be treated very easily. Tumescent liposuction is very popular among all the other liposuction techniques that are practiced across the world.
If you are planning a liposuction, it is important that you are aware of the side effects of liposuction.
After a few weeks they feel more comfortable and can start showing off the benefits of the operation. Patients who are recovering from the operation must initially wear compression garments to prevent loose skin and for faster recovery.
After liposuction procedure, it is important that you get your post-surgery check-up schedule from your doctor. We urge you to always seek the advice of your physician or medical professional with respect to your medical condition or questions.
Tumescent liposuction is now the worldwide standard of care for safe and effective liposuction surgery. Tumescent liposuction uses large volumes of very dilute solution of local anesthesia (lidocaine & epinephrine). This is Dumb-Lipo not Smart-Lipo, no laser, no ultrasound, just reliable tumescent liposuction.
Skin that is already folding, in most cases, will fold more after the fat supporting it is removed.
If we could shrink wrap skin by shining a light on it, we could perform facelifts, breast lifts and tummy tucks without a scar.

Now liposuction is not good at shrinking skin, so 25% more shrinkage is not very impressive, but the claim is still worth investigating. It takes a year for the skin to fully heal after surgery, but at three months, the results of liposuction should be apparent, and the results from the laser should be a their maximum. Due to the large range of outcomes (2 to 23% and 7 to 23%) and small sample size (9 patients), the difference is NOT statistically significant (using a Students t-Test with Summary Data).
If this was your only experience with flipping coins, you might assume that the coin will always give heads. So, if you flip a coin ten times, and get heads ten times, it’s either a rare occurrence, or you do have a two headed coin. There is a lot of overlap in the outcomes, so a proper study will require more than 10 patients. I suspect there is a kernel of truth in Smart-Lipo’s claim, but I also suspect that the shrinkage will not be enough to improve patient satisfaction. In fact, the greatest limitation of Tumescent Liposuction is its inability to reliably and significantly shrink loose skin.
Almost every day I see someone interested in Liposuction, and curious about what it can do. She is young, in good shape, near her ideal body weight, and had localized, disproportionate fat on her abdomen and flanks (sides). While all the above make the claim that they are the newest and best way to do liposuction, the claims are largely unproven. An experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can help guide you in achieving your cosmetic surgery goals. Of all these different liposuction techniques, tumescent liposuction is found to be the most preferred technique of liposuction that most of the doctors follow. In this particular technique, those areas from which the fat needs to be removed are injected with great amounts of tumescent fluid which is a combination of lidocaine, saline and epinephrine. They suggest that liposuction surgery should only be considered when all the other efforts to lose the fat by exercise and proper dieting have failed. This happens due to the general anesthesia that is used in the surgeries but in tumescent liposuction as the doctors use local anesthesia people feel quite comfortable and can lead their normal lives just after a few days of their surgery. It has also been seen that those who undergo this type of liposuction surgery can feel the change very fast as compared to the other methods.
The usual side effects include a temporary numb feeling around the area where the surgery is done and also the presence of bruises there. This is due to the fact that the risk involved with this liposuction is very less compared to the other techniques and also due to the positive results that show within a few days of undergoing the surgery. Even though liposuction is one of the easiest ways of removing fat from your body, some long-term side effects of the operation can have a negative impact on your body. Some of the common problems that people that undergo liposuction face include infections, allergic reaction to medicines, delay in recuperation and blood clots. It is in your interest to opt for non-invasive liposuction because the side-effects and recovery time is less when compared to invasive liposuction. This will help your doctor monitor your healing process and also help them in guiding you so you don’t face any discomfort. The information is not intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment or for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition. Smart-Lipo makes dramatic claims about its skin shrinking ability, but as you can see from above, good skin doesn’t need a laser to shrink.
The article was published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal and is a side by side comparison in 10 patients undergoing abdominal liposuction. For the side undergoing tumescent liposuction, the reduction in area ranged from 6 to 27%, and for the laser liposuction side from 9 to 27% at the one month mark. Unfortunately, one patient dropped out, so the three month numbers are based on only nine patients. Because the benefit of laser liposuction, if any, is small, closer to 100 patients are required.
It is much easier to jump to the succinct conclusion of the manufacturer funded study and turn off the thinking cap. Even if it is true, the amount of shrinkage varies so widely that individual results cannot be guaranteed.
So, even accepting the still unproven claim that Smart-Lipo causes 25% more skin shrinkage than tumescent liposuction, 25% more than not enough skin shrinkage, is still not enough skin shrinkage. This type of research seems a lot more important than if a tattoo on the skin shrinks, or if the skin resists a suction cup better. The disproportionate fat was removed via two small (5 mm) incisions placed low on the abdomen. Finding the right doctor and letting them choose the right tool is more likely to get you the results you are looking for. In the past the surgery involved in liposuction was considered to be very serious as a large amount of blood was lost in the process but all this has changed with the introduction of tumescent liposuction.
The tumescent fluid causes the regions of excess fat to become swollen and this help the cannula to move smoothly though the fat removing it without causing any damage due to blood loss or any injury.

The change that is caused by tumescent liposuction is an everlasting one and the fat that is once removed does not accumulate back again. You have now a better alternative to the traditional method of liposuction, which does not make use of harmful sedatives or tranquilizing drugs. Other factors that can have an impact on the healing time are the patient’s tolerance to pain and the size of the area operated. A week after the liposuction procedure you can expect some side effects like bruising, swelling and numbness. There is no replacement for personal medical treatment and advice from your personal physician. The only difference between laser liposuction and tumescent liposuction is the addition of laser energy after tumescent local anesthesia. It is important that all patients wear the same panties to minimize the chance of identifying patients or surgeons by the appearance of panties used for before and after photos.
Elastic skin will shrink to the smaller dimensions after the fat is removed, but the amount of shrinkage varies widely.
For purposes of full disclosure, the study was funded by Smart-Lipo, and the author of the publication is a paid spokesperson for the Smart-Lipo machine. At three months, for the side undergoing tumescent liposuction, the reduction ranged from 2 to 23%, and for the laser liposuction side from 7 to 23%.
The average reduction in surface area was 13% for the tumescent liposuction side and 16% for the laser liposuction side. I know he will do the job right, even if all he has is pliers, because I trust him, and I know he’s not going to stop until the the job is done correctly. A tumescent technique was used to facilitate fat removal and reduce post operative bruising and soreness. After undergoing the surgery any weight that is gained by the person undergoing liposuction will not cause any trouble to them. At times, liposuction can also cause organ damage, countering irregularities and development of excess skin.
Usually, most patients recover from the side-effects in less than a week and they are able to move normally and may even return to work without any major discomfort. Some people may notice loose skin surrounding the operated area which can take some time to tighten. There are exceptions to this rule, and I have had patients who have had dramatic skin tightening after tumescent liposuction, but this is the exception rather than the rule.
Here is more about it:What is Tumescent Liposuction?The term ‘tumescent’ actually means ‘firm and swollen’, while the tumescent liposuction refers to a certain method of liposuction surgery in which a huge amount of subcutaneous fat is sucked out by applying local anesthesia only. The side-effects of liposuction is usually more severe in men when compared to women, especially with the male has not consulted a specialist before going ahead with the surgery. In contrast, advocates of tumescent liposuction are not convinced that lasers add any benefit to liposuction.
Since we don’t yet have a reliable skin shrinking ray, the excess skin needs to be surgically removed. The ranges of results are similar, and completely overlap, so lets look at the average result.
In this a case a disclaimer regarding the funding of the study and the relationship of the author to the company were provided.
Safe, predictable and uncomplicated tumescent liposuction is still the king of liposuction.
The technique makes use of a large volume of highly diluted lidocaine  as well as epinephrine which, when injected into the subcutaneous fat present in the problem areas of the body, makes them firm and swollen i.e.
Some of the problems that men could face include friction burn, excessive loss of fluid and lumps in the body.
LaserLipoRCT is a scientific study which will provide objective evidence to help resolve this controversy. Tummy Tucks, Body Lifts, Facelifts and Eyelid Lifts all tighten skin by surgically removing the excess. In this case, a framing editorial would certainly have helped frame the weight of the evidence.
This study is designed answer the question: "Is there any evidence that laser liposuction is superior in any way to simple tumescent liposuction?". It takes a year for the body to fully heal from injury, so a minimum of one year’s follow-up is required. As a result, no narcotic or tranquilizer is needed for this treatment.How Does It Work?At first, an effective injectible is prepared by combining loads of diluted lidocaine (a popular local anesthetic) and comparatively lesser amount of epinephrine (a common vasoconstrictor that shrinks blood capillaries significantly). It is pushed into those parts of the body, which contain additional fat tissues and need to be treated.The numbing solution goes into the fatty layer and makes that tight and swollen, which is necessary for better contouring. But make sure that you do not resume strenuous activities within 1 month as it might delay the healing process.Risks and Side EffectsTumescent liposuction comes up with some rare as well as minor complications.

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