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Liposuction is a surgical treatment by which a cosmetic surgeon eliminates excess fat from the beneath of the skin by inserting a hollow tube termed a cannula which is assisted by a suction equipment known as an aspirator. The first liposuction method was introduced in 1974, since then many liposuction techniques were designed and many changes have been made. There are various strategies that each comply with this standard procedure, but they differ by the form of anesthesia used, the insertion of fluids, and also the incorporation of mechanical equipment used to break-up the unwanted fat. Liposuction techniques may be classified by the amount of fluid injections and by the device that the cannula operates. A high amount of fluid is injected straight into the tissue which is going to be eliminated. The super-wet technique is the same as the wet technique basically the amount of fluid is increased to equivalent of the amount of fat eliminated.
In this method a special cannula produces high speed vibrations to loosen up the fat cells, making them much easier to suck out.
With this technique the cannula is installed on a fiber optic which guides laser light to create thermal heat in order to dissolve the fat in the treated area therefore making the fat easy to eliminate. This technique can be used to eliminate small to medium sized pockets of fat, typically on the facial area.
The advantage of these new techniques over standard methods are less significant incisions, shorter healing periods, significantly less risks and potential side effects, as well as quicker outcomes. Terms such as suction lipectomy, lipoplasty or liposculpture are various names for liposuction.
There are four standard forms of liposuction techniques using fluid injections: dry liposuction, wet technique, super-wet technique and tumescent Liposuction.

Wet technique is classic liposuction method during which fluid is injected inside the area between the muscle tissue and fat tissue to separate them. This process is additionally physically less exhausting for the doctor because the cannula aids in the mechanical motion, instead of moving the cannula by doctor, the movements are mechanized to maneuver backwards and forwards by itself. However, a surgeon uses a specific cannula which  produces ultrasonic vibrations to break up the fat cells and also to liquefy the body fat. It uses tiny fan shaped water beam to break up the fat structures and taken out by the cannula. On the other hand, the final result of any liposuction methods depends on the competency, the skill and the practical experience of the cosmetic surgeon. The method is used to eliminate extra fat from specific parts of the body and it also includes contouring and sculpting of the entire body or specific area fat reduction. Often, surgeons incorporate various liposuction methods during the procedure, because the mix of different techniques usually results in much better final results. The injected fluid destroys the fat cells and additionally minimizes loss of blood and bruising. This method consists of the injections of three fluids: saline (to help in the suction process), lidocaine (as anesthetic medication) and epinephrine (to reduce bleeding). This technique might be recommended in situations where the fat is fibrous and in zones in which there is scar tissue from previous treatment.
This technique is chosen in body parts in which the body fat is much more fibrous, for example, the back or on the chest. It may take quite a while to eliminate the fat cells through the smaller sized cannulas which are used in microliposuction even though only small area is treated.

No matter which method you end up picking, make sure you choose a skilled and also well-trained doctor who has performed the procedure successfully on numerous patients.
Most typical parts that require liposuction are hips, abdominal area, thighs and legs, buttocks, knees, lower back, ankles, jowls, neck, cheeks and also upper arms. The large amount of fluid at the same time sets apart the muscle tissue from the body fat that makes it simpler for the cosmetic surgeon to maneuver the cannula around and therefore it will be much better to eliminate the fat. The suction tube or cannula is placed through creating a very small incision in order to “vacuum” the fat cellular material.
Some methods could possibly be risk-free as compared to others, check up with your plastic surgeon which liposuction technique will be the most effective for your expectations, desired goals, and also personal issues.
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Because the area is just regionally anesthetized with the lidocaine, the patient will be able to sit down or even take a position that makes it less complicated for the doctor to ensure the contours are even and smooth. The doctor moves the tube forward and backward to break down the fat cells and after that the device sucks out the extra body fat.

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