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The threadlift was an excellent choice for this patient as it gave her a refreshed, youthful appearance without having to go under anesthesia. Patients depicted in our Thigh Lift gallery have provided their written consent to display their photos online. A state-of-the-art new product called Silhouette Soft is used to immediately lift and maintain the lift, giving a natural rejuvenating effect on the lower face.
It is particularly effective for treating sagging jowls and to improve and define the jawline. This product is re-absorbable and hence has very few complications compared to older generation thread-lifts. There are no cuts and the procedure is performed in 30 minutes by needle insertion under local and topical anaesthetic. The down-time is minimal – however we recommend about 4 days to settle down any visible dimple areas and minor bruising that can occur.
The procedure can be performed by itself or can quite often be combined with injectable treatments such as Botox and fillers.

This patient, pictured 4 days post op in the after picture below, wanted a rejuvenation of her face without the longer down time associated with a traditional Facelift. Patients depicted in our Threadlift gallery have provided their written consent to display their photos online.
Below are selected before-and-after photographs showing the dramatic results of various aesthetic and cosmetic procedures.
Therefore the procedure is charged for in pairs – one pair costs R10000, two pairs cost R15000 and three pairs cost R18000. She still has some minor bruising, but the dramatic difference in appearance that she has in just 4 days is quite remarkable. She wanted to have more defined features in her midface, but did not want to go under anesthesia, a requirement of the traditional facelift. Rodriguez lifted the midface area with Contour Threads, but the procedure also gave her some benefit in the eye area. The patient is shown here 10 days following her procedure and her results look very natural.

Rodriguez has performed thousands of Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgeries during his 25+ year career. It consists of small cones on a thread which immediately lift and then are replaced with the body’s own collagen to maintain the effect for 18 months and beyond.
The patient wanted a rejuvenation of her face but did not want the longer down time associated with the traditional facelift. There is no dissecting of the muscle, thus the procedure is tolerated well under local anesthesia.

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