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Seoul, Korea – Not many are aware, but Seoul, South Korea, is considered the Mecca of plastic surgery in the world. As a tourist in Seoul, you can’t ignore hundreds of plastic surgery billboards with gorgeous looking young and older women.
Many scholars with whom I spoke, suggested that due to the fact that Korea is a very competitive society people who look better have an advantage in the job market, especially since a photo is included with a resume for most jobs. On the wall, where the interview takes place, there are dozens of pictures of famous Korean celebrities who went through some plastic surgery procedures, smiling besides their beloved surgeon, Dr. The K-Pop, the world wide famous Korean pop culture phenomena, has definitely an impact on the young generation.
Hershe clinic, like other leading clinics, recognizes the complex concerns regarding the limited time of international patients. In one of the many corridors and rooms in the prestigious clinic, I came across a patient who was completely wrapped up with bandages. Among the medical tourists who come for a makeover to Korea are from China, Japan, Philippines Indonesia, Singapore, Burma and Australia.
It’s a common misconception to believe that they are all just the same, but among those procedures, there are significant differences that will reflect the results they will procure respectively. Basically, Plastic surgery the umbrella that involves a number of operational procedures for the skin, including reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.
With their differences cleared out, let’s breeze through some of the specific procedures under each of them.
Reconstructive Surgery: Reconstructive surgeries often include procedures for patients who have birth defects, growths or anomalies and those who have been in an accident.
These are viable options for them to have the chance to recover from trauma and regain confidence. Cosmetic Surgery: Those with aesthetic desires are likewise given these surgical opportunities.
Cosmetic Surgery makes it possible for those who, although without any anomalies, are not confident enough or are unhappy with their looks. Because these are procedures that call for different techniques, an appropriate set of training is likewise required for respective surgeons. Plastic Surgery: Physicians who specialize in plastic surgery must complete a general surgery residency plus another 2 years in the plastic surgery field, in order to become board certified.
Every cosmetic procedure is not necessarily an integral part of plastic surgery training, however it’s still 1 part out of 6 training categories a plastic surgeon is required of. Cosmetic Surgery: Unlike Plastic Surgery which only requires cosmetic surgery training as a related discipline, cosmetic surgery specialization goes beyond than just that. In the duration of the discipline, the surgeon will have received thorough training in all cosmetic procedures including the face, breasts and body as well as the non-surgical treatments – all in addition to a 3-5 year residency in a related discipline. Finding the most qualified doctor to be your surgeon will be a tedious task, but it will be all worth it once you get results from the hands of a well-trained surgeon.
If you want to inquire regarding our resident surgeon’s qualifications and specializations, please give us a call at +63 (02) 842 5173, or drop by our office at Ground Floor Unit 9 El Molito Complex, Madrigal Avenue, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines, 1780.
Rhinoplasty Surgeons: Children of War is an organization that facilitates medical care for children of war torn areas. From there, we really started to spawn the Children of War Foundation, because just by trial and error we realized the challenges that come with trying to bring a child from a foreign country internationally to the United States.
And so, even though we weren’t able as an entity to provide care for that child, that child essentially got care with another organization, but what that brought to us was, like I said, the foundation to develop the organizational skills, the connections, and really the infrastructure to be able to run an organization. RS: I was wondering what the specifics of his story are and what kind of procedures he needed. So, he came here and ended up seeing the orthopedists, the plastic surgeons at Shriners Los Angeles. DH: Is there going to be a time where, if he does well enough in school or if he has a sponsor here, he has an opportunity to go to college here, that would be great.
So, we bring them here and we say, “Who’s best suited to do the orthopedic procedure? It leads with more procedures per capita than any other nation, with over a 1 million recorded operations in 2015.

Just by travelling in the metro in the mega city, you come across many young girls who look alike, with similar nose and an eyelid jobs. HERSHE Plastic surgery guarantees patient’s safety and delivers comprehensive and personalized beauty solutions by plastic surgery specialists with exceptional experience and expertise. Her English skills have positioned her into a PR job to communicate with the growing numbers of foreign patients. Many young girls wish to copy their idols, and get an eyelid job as a graduation gift from their parents.
Hence, the health centers offer an exclusive post operation care for the international patients to enhance the recovery. Later on, the medical team pointed out that he is a Russian patient, 58, who had a complete makeover…”Yes, he wished to look 20 years younger”, explained Dr.
They are enticed by a relatively reasonable fee and the high quality of doctor’s expertise. Although the terms are often interchanged, one should be reminded of their technical differences, especially Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery. With reconstructive surgery, they aren’t only given an opportunity to look good, but emotional and mental healing would be promoted so that they would feel good about themselves. A board certified cosmetic surgeon must have completed a year of fellowship training, entirely exclusive to cosmetic surgery alone. So, don’t let any under qualified physician slip through your standards and research thoroughly on whether or not your choice of surgeon actually received proper and enough training for what you are asking for. For any questions regarding plastic and cosmetic surgeries, don’t hesitate to comment them below! Hammoudeh: Working with children from war torn areas is something that when I started medical school really was not on the radar. Probably two to three years after residency completed, and that’s when the vision of Children of War Foundation really had its inception. I mean that kind of started the ball rolling, and now you enter the logistics, the politics, the finances, and we were – essentially, to make a long story short, we were able to overcome a fair amount and really secure funding, support, and care for him to come to the United States. There’s a psychological process, a social process, adaptation, schooling, and that is just one small part.
I mean yes, there is, but you know, for him to stay in the United States, you know, in the Afghan culture, he’s got a dad back in Afghanistan. Sure, there is a process, but the laws are quite complicated and you have to be respectful of the Afghan culture as well. I think that would be phenomenal, but it has to be done down a systematic approach and a family decision versus what we think is best for you, Abdul, or whoever the child is. That’s about 20 procedures per 1,000 people, putting it ahead of the US’s 13 procedures per 1,000.
Kim says that 15% to 20% of his clinic’s clients are men, and the most common procedure is blepharoplasty, or double eyelid surgery. The excellent experience and great results of Korean plastic surgeons got a worldwide fame.
Their goal being a result which is unique to an individual to achieve their natural beauty. It does arouse some protest from conservative parents; however, social peer group pressure usually trumps the parents wishes. One of the incentives Hershe offers its international patient, is a laser treatment with the post operation care provided as a complimentary service. It addresses correcting abnormalities in the body to improve a patient’s bodily functions. He and Amel Najjar head the Children of War (CoW) foundation, an organization that helps children of war torn areas receive medical care.
We were still living kind of in a small one-bedroom apartment and we were looking for ways to really, you know, have an impact, a more meaningful impact than our day-to-day routine. And then, after it got stretched, it was made long enough to support a prosthetic, so he could actually walk. Can you tell me specifically on the plastic surgery end what procedures, what operations were there plastic surgery-wise for Abdul?

A process called distraction osteogenesis for actually taking the stump of bone that was remaining and making it longer so it could support a prosthetic. He states that that the future of cosmetic surgery depends on stem cells, which can be used in skin treatments.
Eventually, they translated their expertise into a prosperous business similar to other medical tourism fields which are on the rise with the support of the Korean government. At the same time, explains Vanessa, HERSHE offers premium patient services by offering a comfortable ambience to their patients, and ensuring the best plastic surgery experience in Korea. The soft spoken surgeon who deals with plastic surgery for about 26 years doesn’t see anything special or awkward in this booming trend in Korea. While it is true that people seek plastic surgery to alter their cosmetic appearance, some seek it to help restore function to bodily parts that have been damaged.
And what happened was there was this kid in the Middle East that was a victim of one of the conflicts, and my wife was trying to get the child here to the United States for treatment. And that whole process I would say has been probably a year of treatment, probably close to four to five operations, and he’s doing phenomenally well at this point. Otherwise, you would have to do what’s called a hip disarticulation or just remove the entire leg as well, up into the hip.
And it started essentially with just an idea of how do we get this child from the Middle East to the US to undergo care. Kind of the face of, you know, conflict and, at the same time, on the opposite end, you know, how you could take a very unfortunate situation and try to make the best of it.
And now we’re in the process of starting to get the ball rolling to reintegrate the children, or for Abdul, back into Afghanistan.
The opportunities for Abdul to come back for prosthetic revisions, to replace his prosthesis, for further rehab – the door is open. And so, his left foot and left leg were shattered as well, so now you’ve got someone who essentially is not ambulatory. Then we do it, but if it’s mostly orthopedic or urologic reconstruction, neurosurgical, prosthetic eye, we help build a team around the patient.
Some see the double lid as a sign of beauty, though others argue it comes from an idealization of Western norms. So, we were actually unsuccessful in getting that first child here, but we were successful in really setting our foundation and an infrastructure for the organization, which essentially came about to be Children of War Foundation. Essentially his injuries were from a rocket blast, where he lost his lower extremity, and it was – like I said, his life was saved, you know, by one of the US soldiers that was there, and then they took him in, in Afghanistan, into the green zone.
And now you’ve got to start the readaptation and the reintegration process back to get them back home.
And if, at some point, he decides he wants to attend, say, high school or college in the United States, I think that door is always open, but that needs to come as a family decision and not us making the decision that will make us happy and say, “Okay, we brought kids out of the war zone. Everyone’s got a role in the organization and everyone does that role very well and we stick to it. The other popular procedures are nose job, breast implants, liposuction and face sculpture, mainly of the jaw.
Provided, you know, urgent care, emergent care, stabilized him, and then really just kind of left with: “Okay, now what? So, if I was going to operate on every child that we brought here, then, you know, the children just wouldn’t be getting the most optimal care.
Some women go too far and go through a complete makeover of their face structure which is a very complicated procedure and sometimes could be damaging as well. They stabilized the child, and so that soldier kind of took upon herself to try to reach out to as many organizations as possible to see what can we do for that child.

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