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I see numerous patients these days who are interested in replacing their aging saline implants. With stretching of the side of the breast, patients notice migration of their implants to the side (or even off their chests) when they lie down. No matter what the motivation,  very few patients who  change to silicone regret their choice.
Despite some reports in the media and paid advertisements, there is no way to increase the size of your breasts permanently and safely without surgery. Modern implants have evolved far beyond what was available when implants were first introduced. Silicone – is available as a thick gel (“cohesive gel”) that is surrounded by a strong shell. In addition, there are different shapes and textures that are available in both silicone and saline implants.
There are several different incisions that can be used to insert the implant and two different locations within the breast area itself. Whether because of pregnancy, time, weight loss or weight gain, most women experience sagging of their breasts over time with a loss of youthful firmness and contour.

Breast lift surgery (also known as “mastopexy”) can be performed through different incisions depending on the amount of lift and change in contour needed.
Breast reduction surgery is most commonly performed through either a vertical mastopexy incision or an anchor incision, again depending on the degree of droop (ptosis) and the amount of decrease in size desired.
No matter how much information we include here, there is no substitute for coming into the office for a comprehensive examination and discussion of all the various options. Now that we have a woman surgeon in Texarkana performing cosmetic breast surgery, you shouldn’t feel like you have to go to Shreveport, Tyler, Little Rock or Dallas for breast augmentation or lift. Malposition The most common, long-term problem with saline implants is that they stretch out the patient’s breast tissue and the implant ends up too low and too far out to the side.
If you are dissatisfied with the results of your saline augmentation, consider changing them to silicone.
This is especially true in patients who have textured saline implants, which are particularly prone to rippling.
How much do Breast Implants Cost?May 29, 2014by Aparna Anand A breast implant is a device that helps in enhancing the size and shape of your breasts. In some cases, their saline implant may have a warranty which can be used to help defray the cost of the revision surgery.

The implant can be made of materials like saline solution, composite filler or silicone gel. If you are considering a breast implant, it would help if you know details about the surgery and its cost.
There are surgeons who can give you a breast implant that will make them look natural and make people gawk at your figure, while there are others whose work will make the implants look obvious.
Make sure you take a look at many samples of before and after photos of the work done by the surgeons and then find the surgeon who fits your budget the best.The next differentiating factor in the price of implants is the filler used in the implants. You would only be splurging on something that has a high probability of not being satisfactory. Some surgeons include the pre-operative consultation and visits and a year of follow-up care in the same cost, while some charge additionally for this.
It is always better to secure follow-up care when you are going in for the surgery since you want that covered if something goes wrong in the surgery.Also remember that most health insurance plans will not cover for an elective breast implant surgery or for any treatment you would need for complications that arise out of a breast implant surgery.

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