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But I can’t get this story, I Can’t Stop Looking at These South Korean Women Who’ve Had Plastic Surgery from a couple of weeks ago out of my head, so I had to comment on it. South Korea is the world’s busiest country for plastic surgergy, especially for women. Check out the Korean Plastic Surgery Tumblr blog, which posts an sickening array of before and after photos of Koreans who are unhappy with their appearance. I’m just saddened that so many young people are willing to manipulate their faces because they have to, to get a better job, or get into a better school. Sure, we all have grown up with the need to conform, to have the latest hair style or the right clothes. I don’t have an answer to this problem, and any way to stop the South Korean society from putting this kind of pressure on the next generation. If, in a decade, everyone in the workforce in South Korea has the same, plasticky beautiful look, it’ll just be creepy as hell.
Maybe not as creepy as the thought of Kim Jong Un conquering the world, but creepy nonetheless.
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Getty ImagesAs technology improves, plastic surgery is getting cheaper, safer, better, and more popular around the world.
Nowhere is it catching on faster than in South Korea, whereA one in five women in Seoul have had some type of procedure, according to a 2009 survey by Trend Monitor.
It has become so common in South Korea that most of the stigma regarding surgery has dropped away, and celebrities and beauty queens openly discuss treatment. Many Koreans want the same look: Light skin, tiny nose, wide eyes with double lids, and a small face with a V-shaped chin.
Model Kim Tae-Hee, who is thought to have had work done, is one of the most requested faces at plastic surgery offices. One of the most popular reality TV shows is "Let Me In," on which contestants share sob stories of being bullied and picked on before a team of experts "fixes" them.

Eyelid surgery to create a double lid and nose jobs to lengthen and thin the nose are the most popular surgeries.
They may seem to conform to Western standards of beauty, but surgeons and patients deny this claim. Plastic surgery has become so popular that it's not uncommon for Korean high school girls to go under the knife. The Miss Korea 2013 contestants were mocked in the media for looking so similar a€” with suggestions that some had had plastic surgery. Of course all plastic surgery comes with risks, including permanent facial numbness or even paralysis.
It's widely accepted in Korea that gorgeous women will do better in life: They'll find a husband, get the job they desire, and have people treat them better.
South Korean men are also targeted by clinics, with ads saying they will find a wife and get hired if they look more handsome. Korea has gained a reputation as a plastic surgery mecca, where South Korean doctors are all highly trained and have access to the latest technology. Plastic surgery is so lucrative that Southern Seoul has a "beauty belt" where clinics are all clustered around subway stations in upscale districts such as Gangnam. Surgery plus there hair is also done up right, as well as makeup and a little air brushing on top of it. Some of these young people have pronounced jaw deformities which required correction, good for them they can now face the world with some confidence. By some accounts, 20% of South Korean women have had some form of cosmetic work done on their face, with eyelid surgery to add a fold being the most popular cut. Shaving your jawbone to make a narrower cheek and chin, and slicing your eyes to add an epicanthic fold are serious manipulations of your natural body.
I’ve been living in Korea for almost 8 years and I am pretty sure 80-90% women, 20% men did PS. But when the Standard for Beauty is judged by the Caucasian role model…I guess this is what happens. Critics claimed that it was an unfair advantage, while Yu-Mi countered, "I never said I was born beautiful." She kept her crown. Instead of where did you get your designer handbag, people might ask you where you got your chin or your nose.

At the end of the show, they parade down a runway to unveil the new look to a live audience.
In fact, it's believed that the earlier you do it, the more "natural" it looks as you grow into your features.
Known as "double jaw surgery," it was originally developed to repair facial deformities, but is now used to achieve a slimmer jaw line.
Due to an increase in popularity, there are now male-only clinics like Man & Nature in Gangnam. Many of the photos appear to be proud examples of plastic surgeons’ work posted as advertisements to lure in more customers. I remember how I felt when I considered plastic surgery and never in a million years would I imagine people in Korea wanting this for themselves. I can understand why these surgeries are so popular, though I wish that weren’t the case. To be unique, special, admired, envied and different is driving this, I think it would benefit all of us if we turned away from the popular cultural media machine for 30 days and see how we view ourselves and others through the filters of our own mind and hearts, not something created by the pop media hype machine.
A combination of malnutrition during pregnancy, and exposure to toxic chemicals and drugs, is the cause of these facial deformities, which are extremely common in modern societies, but do not exist at all in primitive hunter-gatherer societies, who are never exposed to chemicals and never eat processed foods. It is sad, but I don’t think the issue is as simple as lack of intelligence causing a misguided search for beauty. There are many other deformities of the body that are caused by malnutrition and chemicals, not just facial deformities.
A lot of men and women are getting their jaws shaved down for a more petite and less prominent look. I heard many Korean girls saying they bought extremely expensive bags (chanel, louis vuitton…) for their money they got doing part-time jobs. I don’t know how to describe their obsession, but as my professor on Korean stuides department says, in all modern Korean culture there is a seed of confucian familism, that changed to collectivism.

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