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Plastic surgeries have been an interesting arena of gossip and there are some botched up surgeries of bollywood celebrities that just cannot be forgotten. This former Miss World might have won the crown but she still wanted to tweak her features after entering Bollywood. If you look at the older pictures of Shilpa Shetty, you wouldn’t be able to help but wonder ‘If she can look hot then so can I”. This pretty lady looked just perfect before her plastic surgery but she felt the need to experiment and tweak her gorgeous features. One of the worst bollywood plastic surgery disasters we’ve seen, you almost end up feeling bad for Koena Mitra. When Kangana was seen sporting a bikini in an upcoming movie, her enlarged assets were bound to create some drama in bollywood.
Shruti Hassan was all over the tabloids for getting plastic surgery for her cheeks and nose awhile back.
One woman who is giving Sri Devi a run for her youth is Hema Malini, albeit with the help of botox.
So those were out top 10 shocking bollywood celebrities plastic surgeries before and after!
We believe that its an individual’s choice when it comes to going under the knife but you should also own upto to it and admit it rather than denying interview after interview with silly excuses.

The bollywood actress looked way different from her current sizzling self earlier and her nose job gave her more defined features. This was one of the biggest Bollywood plastic surgery fails!  Anushka tried to cool down the heat by writing an open letter on Twitter but nope, nobody bought it. This courageous lady came out and told everyone about her experience of surviving a disastrous nose job. It is said that she had undergone a breast enlargement surgery to survive the rat race and she most definitely plumped up her pout. In the initial days of her career she had gotten a nose job.  She claimed to be on a vacation but other sources claimed that she went to go under the knife. However, in order to stand out from the crowd of girl-next-door girls, Minissha Lamba underwent plastic surgery. Of course, Botox has its own side effects and you can definitely notice how expressionless she has become over the period of time. Before plastic surgery, she had more of traditional Indian nose with a slight hump on the bridge. In this day and age of technology, with cameras capturing celebs from every angle and distance, how can they think that they can get away with denying about the plastic surgeries.
No doubt her body is her biggest asset but we can’t help but notice the stark difference the rhinoplasty made to her face.

She’s got a nose job done to make her nose sharper and thinner over the years and there also have also been rumors of her getting botox to look younger. Anyhoo, let’s have a look of the 10 popular plastic surgery disasters of Bollywood celebrities with before and after pictures! Even the doctors gave up and said that only medicine and prayers will work.” she recalls with a shudder. She famously said “A doctor can give you what God hasn’t.” Its almost impossible to find Rakhi Sawant’s before plastic surgery pictures on the net but the work is very apparent making her look fake and too plastic.
She might be very pleased that God blessed her with a very attractive and natural appearance. Some people think that Shruti Hassan looks better after her nose job while others don't. The 29 years old actress was said having  a nose job (medically known as rhinoplasty) on her face. Her new nose even made her appearance looked more perfect.What do you have in mind about her appearance?

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