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1-Stop resource for health-related information and online directory of general physicians and specialists in the Philippines. In honor of the end of breast cancer awareness month, I found it an appropriate time to discuss life AFTER cancer. In a recent poll of more than 600 women conducted by Breast Cancer Care, the overwhelming majority of people who have had breast cancer (88%) said the disease and its treatment has had a negative impact on the way they now feel about their bodies. While there is no cookie cutter method for everyone, there are a few things you can do to help regain your confidence after a mastectomy or cancer therapy treatment.
It may help to look at yourself in a full-length mirror fully clothed and pick out three things you really like about yourself. Reconstructive surgery can be done in several ways, including removing skin from the upper thigh, or from the lower abdominal area in order to replace the tissue that was lost during the mastectomy. Fluid collection under the wound – one of two sorts of fluid can collect under your wound, hematoma or blood, and seroma or fluid under flap. Breast reconstruction without implants is actually a lot more involved than ‘traditional’ silicone or saline implant procedure. While tissue from the buttocks or back can be used, the standard flap technique uses skin and muscle taken from the stomach. Those who have had breast cancer and a surgical removal of one or both breasts have several options for rebuilding their breasts.
Restoring form and volume to a breast using an implant requires the insertion of a prosthesis made of synthetic material into the mastectomy site.
The most commonly used method of implant-based breast reconstruction involves preparation of the mastectomy site with an implantable device called a tissue expander.
Compared with natural-tissue breast reconstruction, there are some advantages to implant breast reconstruction.
Nevertheless, the advantages of this quicker and technically less demanding reconstructive method must be weighed against the disadvantages of later complications that can lead to unplanned re-operation and implant removal. In addition to complications that can lead to unplanned re-operation, in late January 2011, the Food and Drug Administration raised concerns about a possible link between breast implants and a rare form of lymphoma called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma or ALCL. If a woman with breast implants has no symptoms, FDA does not recommend doing anything additional. Women who see changes in the way the area around the implant looks or feels—including swelling or pain around the implant—should see a physician for evaluation. Women considering breast implants should be aware of the very small, but increased risk of developing ALCL and discuss it with a physician. Methods that use natural tissue can create reconstructed breasts that are a woman’s for life and also typically have the most natural look and feel.
When a woman undergoes a mastectomy and loses a breast or both breasts this is emotionally distressing. However, the mastectomy patient must decide what type of surgery to have and when to have it. One disadvantage of immediate reconstruction is that necrosis (cell death) involving breast skin, transplanted fat or the breast flap is more likely to occur.
When a patient needs radiation following surgery, it is better to have staged breast reconstruction because radiation can modify the look of a newly reconstructed breast as well as cause the implant to become painful, rigid, misshapen, constricted or exposed. When a woman must wait for reconstructive surgery, the surgeon can place a tissue expander into the breast which enables the remaining breast skin to stay flexible and stretched. A technique called “skin sparing mastectomy” leaves the outer skin of the breast unharmed while the breast, nipple and areola are detached. Those women who are too thin or obese, are smokers or have issues with blood circulation are advised to wait before having reconstruction surgery.
There are different ways to rebuild a breast, which the patient needs to discuss with her doctor. When choosing the tissue flap option, there can be problems at the donor site (where the skin was taken.) Hernias and muscle frailty and injury to the site may result.
The good thing about flap tissue is it behaves like the rest of body tissue and enlarges or shrinks when the patient loses or gains weight. There are various flap procedures used including utilizing muscles and tissue from the lower abdominal wall, which is called the TRAM (transverse rectus adbominis muscle) flap. The Latissimus dorsi flap approach utilizes muscle and skin from the upper back and uses skin and fat. The DIEP (deep inferior epigastric artery perforator) flap uses the same skin and fat as does the TRAM flap but doesn’t use muscle. There other flap options, which need discussed with the surgeon so the patient can make the best decision for her situation. Nipples and the areola, which is the dark area around the nipple, can be reconstructed in the end phase, when the breast has had time to heal.

If at all possible, the reconstructed nipple and areola match the nipple and areola on the natural breast.
When the area is tattooed this makes the new nipple match up with the color of the nipple on the other breast.
Insurance companies are required to pay for breast reconstruction following a mastectomy based on federal law, and this includes surgery on the opposite breast if needed. Jamie Pratt writes for The Breast Cancer Society, Inc.  a comprehensive resource guide covering breast cancer information, statistics, facts and other pertinent information.
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Breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy can help you return to a normal life following your successful breast cancer treatment. After a battle against breast cancer, all many women want is to get back to their normal lives. Women who have lost one or both breasts to breast cancer can regain their figure and their old selves with breast reconstruction. The breast reconstruction procedure that we perform here in Savannah is known as DIEP flap reconstruction. Your Coastal Empire plastic surgeon will discuss the details of breast reconstruction plastic surgery during your consultation in one of our convenient Coastal Georgia or South Carolina offices. Own tissue generally provides a natural breast restoration without sacrificing a woman's muscles in the process. The aim of BRA Foundation (formerly known as the Didyma Foundation) is to share the best and most current information for cancer patients facing breast reconstruction. Please contact Rogerio by either phone or email in order to arrange a consultation with a breast reconstructive surgeon. For anyone who has been through the process, or knows someone who has, you know that breast cancer is not only physically taxing, but also an emotionally draining disease as well.
While it may be uncomfortable, Research has shown that the sooner you confront the physical changes to your body, the easier you may find it to gain confidence in the way you look.
While it may seem like a silly exercise, coming to terms with your new appearance is the easiest way to feel more confident. However, it is important to move forward, celebrate you, your health, and all life has to offer you!
What’s more, like all main invasive techniques, it carries the risk of several serious complications, including poor healing, bleeding and even infection. Using free flap method or tunneling or, body fat, muscle and skin transplanted from the stomach to patient’s chest area. In case the woman doesn’t wish silicones, she can opt to have breasts reconstructed with her own tissues through what’s usually referred to as a flap procedure. Implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are filled with either saline or silicone gel.
Preparation of the mastectomy site is necessary as implants used in reconstruction cannot simply be placed directly below the skin in the space created by the removal of breast tissue. Of all methods of reconstruction, implant-based reconstruction typically requires the shortest period of hospitalization. Data show that approximately 40% of women will require unplanned re-operation within just 5 years of their initial surgery. The FDA is actively investigating this possible link, however, preliminary data suggest that women who have breast implants have been developing ALCL much more frequently than women who do not have breast implants. Women should continue monitoring their implants and obtaining regular breast screening evaluations. Our practice specializes in the most sophisticated natural-tissue reconstruction procedures that are appealing alternatives to implant reconstruction for many women. The physical change to the body is quite obvious and can be shocking to the mastectomy patient. Radiation can also result in acute fibrosis or reduction of the fatty tissue used to build the new breast. This method increases the likelihood of a good cosmetic result when reconstruction is done.
Perhaps a plastic surgeon is not taking part in the mastectomy or the woman isn’t fully apprised of reconstruction options at the time of surgery. Patients need to know that reconstructive does restore the look of the breast but not the feeling in the breast.
Breast implants can be inserted or the patient’s own tissue flap -which is a piece of the patient’s skin, fat and muscles taken from the back, stomach or other parts of the body – is used. The implant is filled with sterile saline (salt water.) Another choice is silicone gel-filled implants but this type of implant has had leakage issues in the past.

The plastic surgeon can make the remaining breast look very similar to the reconstructed breast, so they match in appearance. Learn more about their cause and join the community that has already helped thousands of breast cancer patients and survivors. Our reconstructive breast surgery has helped to empower many breast cancer survivors looking to put cancer completely behind them. Our reconstructive procedures are always designed to meet your own specific needs so that we are able to achieve beautiful, natural looking results. Service areas include: Savannah, Atlanta, Hinesville, Statesboro, Rincon, Pooler, Richmond Hill, Wilmington Island, Augusta, Hilton Head Island & St. Forums, online organizations, and groups promoting local breast cancer survivor unions are all quite prominent online. After she goes home, a woman should expect some bruising, soreness and swelling for 2 – 3 weeks.
These complications, on the other hand, should they occur, can be treated at the medical center. As soon as the flap of body tissue has been transferred, the doctor shapes it into the contour of a breast. This solution includes moving healthy tissue from one area of her body to the chest using one of two techniques, free flap or tunneling.
Because there is no “donor site” from which tissue is borrowed, there is no additional scar elsewhere on the body and no need to heal at a second surgical site. According to information published by a one of the major manufacturers of breast implants, “Breast implants are not considered lifetime devices.
Nevertheless, such methods may not suit every woman who is considering breast reconstruction. However, newer silicone gel-filled implants utilize a thicker gel that doesn’t leak even if the implant bursts.
Meghan McGovern performs a variety of reconstructive surgical procedures to satisfy our patients' individual cosmetic or reconstructive needs. The procedure can be performed immediately after a mastectomy or can be spaced out over a period of time. Treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone drugs can leave a woman with many physical and emotional changes to deal with.
For many, breast reconstruction surgery is a way to help regain your confidence and restore your body to a more natural appearance.
On the other hand, in case the fluid collection is not small, the doctor may perhaps have to drain the area using a surgical needle & syringe. Flap surgeries leave additional scars on the woman’s stomach, buttocks or back and require a longer hospital stay when compared to implant procedure.
The doctor can use tissue from the back and even from the buttocks in reconstructing breasts, if the abdominal flap isn’t an option. Using free flap method, the patient’s tissue is disconnected from the original blood supply and next reconnected, with micro-surgical procedures, to an existing blood supply in the chest area.
If unsure, take some time following the surgery, discuss it with your doctor and family members, do independent research, and decide what the best choice is for you.
A full complement of reconstructive surgical procedures are performed to help her patients return to a normal and functional lifestyle. Some women feel that breast reconstruction enhances their quality of life and helps them to feel more confident overall after a mastectomy. Using tunneling method, the transplanted section of body tissue is attached to its original blood supply. Breast reconstruction without implants will leave areas of numbness where the procedure was done.
The doctor tunnels the section of tissue under the patient’s skin and places it at the reconstruction area.
In a relatively small number of situations, the use of a tissue matrix may make it possible to undergo reconstruction with a breast implant in a direct-to-implant procedure that avoids tissue expansion. Tingling sensations or numbness – a patient may perhaps feel these sensations since the part of the nervous system have been affected.
A woman may feel tightness as well as numbness, instead of feeling pain where the tissue was taken.

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