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Urolift, an innovative treatment for enlarged prostate in men with BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) was recently approved by FDA after rigorous evaluation. Randomized controlled studies published in the Journal of Urology and submitted to the FDA have shown a durable benefit for >2 years after procedure with minimal side effects and high patient satisfaction. Urolift is appropriate for men with enlarged prostate and urinary symptoms who do not want to take daily medications or who wish to avoid the side effects associated with other treatment options for BPH such as TURP, Greenlight laser and Flomax. Urolift has very good efficacy for men who are good candidates for the procedure based on a thorough evaluation. We offer personalized treatment options for BPHA for men with symptoms of enlarged prostate. Evaluation and treatment of enlarged prostate and difficulty with urination as well as frequent urination by an experienced top urologist in NYC. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
This presentation was developed under the guidance of Sue Fiddler, MD, Faculty, Family Medicine Residency Program, and Neil Skolnik, MD. Alex Shteynshlyuger, a board certified urologist and specialist in treatment of enlarged prostate and complex urinary problems using minimally invasive approaches.
A Urolift for BPH is unique among treatment options for BPH in that it does not cause sexual side effects based on the studies reviewed by the FDA.

A It is most appropriate for men with obstructing prostate with mild to moderate enlargement. Men traveling from other states and countries, can usually return home the next day after the procedure. A It is important for us to evaluate each potential patient to make sure that Urolift is an appropriate treatment option for each man considering it. Instead, Urolift compresses normal tissue that blocks the urethra which results in a patent, wide, urethra and improved flow. A  New York Urology Specialists works with many insurers on individual basis to obtain insurance coverage for patients who desire Urolift Procedure for BPH. The biggest benefit is my leaking has been reduced to the lowest amount in almost 10 years. A A He is one of the first urologists in the US and NYC to offer Urolift as a treatment for enlarged prostate.
Some men with more severe urinary symptoms including urinary retention may be candidates for Urolift. Alex Shteynshlyuger is among first urologists in New York Metro area to offer this advanced treatment option for his patients. A Read about our patient selection criteria for Neotract Urolift System for BPHA and detailed explanation of who is a candidate for Urolift procedure.

A  On the image below you can see the net result on the urethra and prostate before and after Urolift treatment. A When Urolift does not achieve desired results, other treatment options after Urolift procedure are available. At New York Urology Specialists we offer affordable options for treatment of enlarged prostate including Urolift procedure for men without health insurance or those who are traveling from other countries for Urolift procedure.
A Select men with urinary symptoms as a result of prostate cancer may also benefit from Urolift. A Procedures such as Microwave, Greenlight laser and TURP can be performed for patients who fail Urolift therapy for BPH. Overall cost of urolift procedure is comparable to medical therapy and other treatment options over 5 years.

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