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Our massage therapists are professional massage therapists licensed by the state of Florida and they all have South American techniques instilled in them which guarantee you will see results from your treatments.
In CS Post Lipo Massage we also offer Fat Reduction treatments, Lymphatic Drainage massages, and also Cellulite treatments.
Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage massage is also called lymphatic massage, lymph massage, post liposuction massage or post-lipo care. Lymphatic Drainage is a therapeutic procedure designed specifically to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The lymph system is a slow-moving system of vessels and lymph nodes that is supplementary to the body's system of blood circulation. Dream Spa Medical Utilizes a combination of Ultrasonic Cavitation technology and manual techniques to perform the Lymphatic Drainage Treatment.
Ultrasound also helps reduce inflammation in the affected areas and the lymphatic massage serves to drain all the retained liquid from those areas.
Usually, after a liposuction, a large-scale restorative procedure has to be performed so as to provide proper post-liposuction care and optimize the results of the initial procedure while treating the liposuction side effects.
We are fully equipped with the latest technology in esthetics that help the treatment process. Any person that submits themselves to a cosmetic surgical procedure will experience great levels of inflammation as a side-effect of the work performed in that area.
By stimulating the lymphatic system through this treatment, the body helps drain puffy, swollen tissues, supports the body's immune system, helps the body heal from surgery, and carries away excess fluid, waste, virus and toxins. Therefore, new specialized massage techniques have been unveiled to ensure that all these can be achieved in the most appropriate way, and LDM (Lymphatic Drainage Massage) after liposuction is one of those methods.What is the Lymphatic SystemOf course, you may be wondering what does the lymphatic system has to do with a liposuction and LDM.

Due to the importance of this kind of treatment we decided to open the doors of our service in Miami. Post Surgical Lymphatic Drainage is good for detoxification, edema, pre- and post-plastic surgery and post-liposuction. The process of lymphatic drainage allows for your body to release that liquid accumulated under the skin and in turn reduce your healing time and diminish pain. The lymphatic system is an integral component of the circulatory system and incorporates a network of vessels which transfer a fluid called lymph; this fluid flows in only one direction (upward, towards the neck) within the system. It can also help with cellulite treatments, fibrosis (lumps that form under the skin about one to two weeks after a surgical procedure), scar tissue, spider veins, and reduce swelling after cosmetic facelift or blepharoplasty.
LDM is a natural and highly reliable method for delivering a much less painful and significantly shorter recuperation time by exactly flushing the lymphatic fluid (which, as mentioned earlier, has been produced in massive quantities after the liposuction) out of the body.
The end goal of this technique is to purify the patient’s body as well as to lessen the edema after a lipo surgery.The LDM procedure works by mild gentle stroking to the central lymph fluid processing areas of the body as well as by pumping of the lymph nodes, causing the concentrated fluid to drain.
Actually, despite the fact that the technique is aimed at the dynamic drainage of the fluid, it can be a quite pleasurable experience for the patient.
Usually, a series of 4 to 6 LDM treatments are required in order to remove the excess lymph fluid and totally alleviate the swelling and discomfort.
These sessions should better be spread in a period exceeding a whole month, or maybe lasting for two months.
Yet, even a couple of LDM treatments can have a truly positive impact on the patient.BenefitsThe benefits of this method are multiple. The amount of pain sensed, the swelling and the bruising are also greatly limited, promoting a trouble-free recovery.

Innumerous users’ reviews state that they were astounded both by the gentle and relaxing LDM technique and the results it eventually delivered.CostAnd what about the cost of Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatment?
Well, it is quite affordable as most clinics offer a typical one-hour session for approximately $90-100. Obviously, by securing a package of multiple sessions, you can further limit the expenditures. Still, a systematic research is needed as the exact charging cannon be closely calculated, since it depends on several variables, for instance the many different schools which perform this technique.Our AdviceLymphatic Drainage Massage can improve the recovery process (though many surgeons mention that LDM is not necessary)! Since performing an operation like this entails in-depth knowledge and constant training, not every doctor is capable of accomplishing it effectively. Thus, make sure that you go through as many testimonials as possible and ask for references prior to eventually selecting the doctor to perform the operation. After all, it is not only the technique that matters, but also the skill of the practitioner is a factor of equal significance.PS: Before Opting for an aesthetic procedure please read our article on the Ethics of Aesthetics to help yourself decide responsibly! My advice to anyone that will be going true a liposuction is to do a research, about LDM in your area.
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