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Problem #1: Patient communication took up a lot of time and effort, but failed to produce consistent results. Problem #3: There are not enough hours in the day to churn out the high-quality content the practice needs. Solution: We brought the business up to speed with paid advertising via Google Adwords and helped the team create targeted lead generation advertisements that ultimately paid off.
Problem #6: Traffic was bouncing off the website, rather than following through and contacting the practice.
Solution: Website design and User Experience (UX) consulting guided ROXY Plastic Surgery toward a more functional, responsive site.
If you know your plastic surgeon SEO strategy and implementation could use some work, but aren’t 100% sure where to get started or how to get dramatic results like this in a short amount of time, contact us to request a free mini marketing audit, which includes a 30-minute lead strategy session with one of our expert one-to-one consultants.
How you market your practice is critical to your practice’s growth and its financial performance. Take a look at the upward trend in the chart below – it shows search volume in Google for moms that are actively searching for Mommy Makeovers – it has been growing consistently every year since 2007. Without a cosmetic surgery SEO marketing plan you are missing this growth and leaving the new business to your more savvy surgeon competitors. Out of all the marketing tactics, you will consider for your practice, SEO provides the lowest cost per lead out of any marketing whether digital or traditional.
Because people go to Google to start their search for plastic surgeons, or Mommy Makeovers, these patients are “warm leads” – they are warm because they had to type in your services into Google so we know they are interested, and actively searching; we just have to capture that traffic on your website. SEO is complex and involves many technical and non-technical skills, but in its simplest explanation, effective SEO is largely about quality content that lives on your website which addresses the needs of your new patients and the information they are searching for in Google. When someone searches in Google, Google wants to serve the most relevant and helpful content (i.e. Producing lots of quality content that resides on your website allows you to capture hundreds of different searches that otherwise you would not be able to capture. The sales cycle can be weeks, months, or even a year or more as someone gathers information about elective plastic surgery options and then finally decides on a procedure or cosmetic surgeon. A well thought out SEO strategy around plastic surgery questions your target audience has at different stages of the sales cycle allows you to capture the consumer as they move down the path to making their decision from start to finish.
This is only a very small sampling of all the hundreds of different ways people will query in Google for your services at the various stages and the information they are looking for. Without writing SEO optimized content around the questions your future new patients have, you have little hope of capturing those leads on your website and instead rely on less effective and more expensive traditional marketing tactics. Although a well thought out SEO content plan is essential, it is not the only thing that should be considered. It is one thing to have plenty of well-written content on your website that is capturing search traffic, but optimizing for conversions is about making it as easy as possible for your website visitors to complete a task or goal, such as contacting you either through a form on your website or a phone call. To make conversions happen more efficiently, however, you have to address the needs and concerns of your patients. In short, conversion optimization happens by designing your website so that it addresses your patients’ most common questions (needs and concerns), reduces their anxiety, and boosts their confidence.
Improving conversion optimization will also improve your SEO as Google will reward your site from the improved visitor engagement with your website. SEO (search engine optimization) is by far one of the single most effective marketing strategies you can utilize to grow your cosmetic surgery or medical spa practice. If you need an experienced SEO team to help grow your plastic surgery practice, please call us for a free initial consultation.
Let your Cosmetic Surgery Practice be Visible Online with internet marketing from Crazy Monkey Media. When people were asked to think about the last time they searched for health and medical information, as well as doctors or other health professionals: Seventy seven percent (77%) said that they began at a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. And here’s a fact that you can’t botch up: Fifty-two percent (52%) of smartphone owners gather health information, as well as information about health-related services, on their phones. One of the great advantages of internet marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons is that it gives you high visibility online. Eighty percent (80%) have looked online for information about health topics, such as specific diseases, treatments, or procedures. Thirty four percent (34%) have read someone else’s commentary or experience about health or medical issues, such as cosmetic surgery, on an online news group, website, or blog. Twenty five percent (25%) have watched an online video about health or medical issues, such as cosmetic surgery procedures.
Let us help you build and expand your brand across many different marketing channels with our internet marketing for cosmetic surgeons. Local Buzz service is about generating “buzz” around your business in your local target area. As an successful healthcare interactive marketing agency and web design firm, our goal is simple. The Goodness Company is pleased to offer the following marketing services to help you build a world-class cosmetic surgery practice. When it’s time to take your plastic surgery practice to the next level, trust The Goodness Company, strategic, proven leaders in cosmetic surgery marketing.

We owe the success of our current program to our past partners and we consider The Goodness Company to be a good friend.
The Goodness Company has been dedicated to quality marketing solutions for businesses who demand the very best. When a prospective patient is looking for information about Liposuction or Breast Augmentation in your local area, they are most likely to start their search on Google.
In fact, the Plastic Surgeon they decide to go with will probably be the result of their online search. Simply put, your prospective clients go online, search for specific treatments in specific areas, and if you show up on page one of Google, you have an opportunity to generate a lead. If your Plastic Surgery website and Google Plus Local Business listing are not ranking high in the search engines for the right keywords you are missing opportunities to generate more leads! The question that must be answered is, why are you not ranking on page one and what can you do about it? You can optimize your website, Google Plus Local Listing, and create compelling content to grab what are known as organic rankings in the Google local search results. How will Local Goldmine help your Plastic Surgery practice generate more leads using Local SEO? First of all we never talk about cost or strategy until we have completed a Local SEO Analysis.
Unless you have multiple locations, Google will only display your Google Places listing in the city your address is in. Using what is known as hyper-local marketing we create an online presence in all of your local search areas and ensure that your local landing pages appear on page one for your target cities and neighborhoods. The truth be told, our keyword analysis has found that many prospective clients will search for a specific procedure online.
Combine your specific procedures with hyper-local search marketing and you will have a powerful local search presence that generates leads. Competition for plastic surgery related keywords is too fierce to just do what everyone else is doing! While so many SEO companies are stuck in the rut of doing the same thing, you need to step out and do things differently if you want to overtake your competition online. With 16 years of local search engine optimization experience we look to the future and what is working now, not last year!
Dominating page one of Google for the best keywords requires that you do things that Google likes and rewards with high rankings.
Video is the fastest growing online medium because searchers prefer to watch video and will take action! Have you thought about turning your “before and after” photo galleries into ”before and after” videos and putting them on page on of Google? The fact that you are here indicates that you are ready to look at your options regarding Local Internet Marketing for Plastic Surgeons. Too many SEO services offer cookie cutter SEO packages that may or may not work for your business or location.
Local Goldmine offers Local Internet Marketing and Small Business Website Design services across the USA and UK.
Grawe’s manual lead management process and introduced them to marketing automation software that would help follow up with existing patients and nurture prospects. Grawe branch out and make waves on newer social networks like Instagram and Snapchat to set her practice apart from the masses and connect with new audiences.
Grawe put together two eBooks, assisted with SEO-friendly copywriting, blog marketing, and press releases to keep a continuous stream of informative content flowing.
We acquired high-quality backlinks, built up local citations, optimized website and blog posts and placed keywords in strategic locations to help her sites get discovered.
We created custom contact forms and optimized landing pages that targeted a particular procedure or service to increase conversions. You’ll walk away with free advice on effective plastic surgery marketing strategies, as well as actionable tips to grow your practice, increase leads and acquire new patients fast.
Our in-depth understanding of marketing these particular industries has helped us get the best results for our partners. However, because many cosmetic surgery procedures are elective and not covered by insurance, new patients are not finding you through insurance directories. Plastic surgery SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most important marketing tactics you can implement in your practice.
Compare that to traditional marketing efforts such as print, radio, or TV – none of that advertising is pre-qualified, and the waste associated with those forms of advertising are huge. Someone just starting their research into possible plastic surgery options has very different needs than someone who has gathered all the necessary information.
A well-developed plastic surgery SEO plan will incorporate content that ensures your website can capture this traffic in Google at each phase of the customers’ journey. Reducing friction and resistance in this process for the customer while on your website is important. The goal is to reduce the hesitations new patients might have with your practice and grow their confidence that you are the right plastic surgeon.

This happens through effective design and layout of your website along with endorsements and trust marks from other organizations (i.e.
If the selfies on social media say anything, it’s that people want to literally put their best face forward. We place your key information in many different online channels for maximum exposure and visibility. There’s a lot you can do to make your cosmetic surgery practice more searchable and accessible online.
Following are just a few of the internet marketing and digital media services we provide to the cosmetic surgeon industry. It is how potential customers, clients and patients decide whom to choose to do business with. They want to be educated about procedures, safety and pricing and hope to find the best surgeon or cosmetic surgery center to fit their unique needs. Our job is to help you attract and earn more patients through effective online marketing, advertising and public relations. With more than 20 years of marketing success under our belts, we’re confident in our approach to help plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical spas (medispas), & LASIK surgeons drive more patients from the internet and other proven marketing venues.
The dirty little secret Google does not want you to know is that only around 12-15% of searchers click on paid ads.
It is amazing how many SEO services are ignoring prime and very valuable keywords that describe your services.
Let’s forget about cost and strategy for now and take a hard and detailed look at what your present situation is.
Before you can effectively move forward you must know what your strengths and weaknesses are. That’s why it helps to work with a marketing consultant who specializes in plastic surgery marketing and can turn around wayward results, boosting conversions, and implementing the latest marketing automation, lead management, and marketing tools. We also recommended the use of videos on YouTube and RealSelf to put a more personal spin on their social media marketing.
Should you need more, we’d be happy to form an ongoing partnership for continuing your plastic surgery marketing success. Instead, they are searching for your services online – the customers go to Google to do queries. This means that the majority of them are going directly to Google and searching organically (non-paid) for plastic surgeons. The cost per lead of acquiring a new plastic surgery patient is often 10 times higher through traditional marketing versus SEO.
If your website does not have good content, but your competitors do, then they will get the search traffic from Google, not you!
A new patient early on in their discovery process may have more questions about safety and risks, insurance and financing questions, or best procedures for their particular case. If not, all those people taking selfies will call someone else, from the same phone they are taking the selfie on…you must be mobile. The Goodness Company has worked with many of the top cosmetic surgery centers around the world, providing valuable advise, critical marketing tools and executing successful marketing campaigns that produce dramatic results. A winning brand, powerful website and relevant public relations efforts will give you the competitive edge you need to communicate and differentiate your brand from your competitors. We have a super powerful technique that none of your competition is using and we guarantee it will put you above them in Google when implemented.
Like many busy plastic surgeons, she was trying to do it all herself and still run her practice.
Targeted email marketing campaigns based on prospect interests and online lead management would ensure that no fresh opportunities to connect were lost. With the penetration of smartphones, it’s just too easy for a possible new patient to go online to find plastic surgeons, read reviews, and learn more about each practice.
A new patient who is closer to their decision and spent considerable time gathering information will query for different topics – we refer to this as a sales cycle or sales funnel.
You are missing up to 50% of your potential traffic if your website is not mobile or mobile responsive. The blogs were short and promotional and didn’t connect with readers in a meaningful way. We also employed monthly newsletters and the creation of a lead-generating eBook: 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Breast Implants and 6 Hair Transplant Myths Solved. Additionally, the mobile services you can tie into will allow you to engage your prospects with text messages, special coupons, appointment confirmation and reschedule, and more.

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