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Located in Miami, Florida, Imagos Institute of Plastic Surgery was created to manage and enhance every aspect of your image.
We strongly believe in establishing trust and feel that it is the foundation of any strong relationship. By introducing a new cost structure, coupled with an easy-pay financial plan, those who have put off having quality cosmetic surgery can now do so with ease of mind.
At Imagos, we like to emphasize that our reason for being is to give all those who would like to change the imperfections nature has given them an opportunity to do so. We are a design studio focused on understanding the relationship between people and the built environment. Design is more than philosophy; ita€™s creating spaces that support human needs and desiresa€”our passion.
For over 12 years, Victoria has enjoyed diverse exposure to a broad-range of Interior Design projects from healthcare to high-end residential and places-of-worship.
Charly has over 20 years of experience in Architecture in the specialty of multi-family and residential design and construction in Texas.
Christina moved coast-to-coast for design school earning her degree from the Design Institute of San Diego. Meet our staff at the following industry events, speaking engagements and social functions. View Photoshop files, Illustrator graphics, HD videos & morea€”all from Google Drive, no download required.
Our staff of highly skilled nurses, board-certified anesthesiologists and friendly administrative personnel is here to guide you every step of the way during your aesthetic transformation.

The decision to undergo elective cosmetic surgery is a very important one and should not be undertaken lightly. Perez-Gurri, MD, the Institute has served thousands of patients from wide ranging areas of the country, as well as South and Central America.
Perez-Gurri performs all procedures at his fully accredited surgical suites, which meet the most stringent requirements of safety. Your complimentary individual consultation at Imagos will determine what it is you would like to have done. Remember that part of the beauty associated with Imagos is the affordable cost of changing your image.
Dedicated entirely to healthcare design, Ana is an interior designer with a passion for Evidence-based Design, using research as the basis for creating beautiful spaces that heal and promote wellness. As a result, she has an impressive understanding of finish materials and product knowledge. After relocating to San Francisco, his portfolio grew to include general commercial and healthcare tenant improvements.
As a child, she pursued ways to help people feel comfortable and happy in their environment, eventually seeking a career in Commercial Design. Our job is to help you realize your dreams by offering the latest advances in the field of cosmetic surgery and image enhancement. As such, you must be confident in not only the operating surgeon but in the facility and personnel which you have entrusted with your care. The surgical suite is staffed with board-certified anesthesiologists to help reduce the risks associated with anesthesia.

The feasibility of the procedure, and your realistic expectations, are equally important as the technical skill involved in achieving the desired effect.
In her free time, Ana works as a volunteer to bring affordable healthcare to those in need through local fundraising activities. Christina is an innovative designer who cares deeply for the health and happiness of others, and the planet. However, we realize that beautifying the outer you is no assurance that the inner you will be altered to match. Perez-Gurri has been recognized as one of the leading Miami plastic surgeons, and he offers a complete array of treatments for the body, breast and face. Some of the individuals who seek his help more often include Miami breast implant, rhinoplasty and facelift patients. Perez-Gurri and his team understand that many patients feel apprehensive about pursuing surgical treatments. This is why they assist patients with any concerns that may arise prior to or after their surgical procedures, and always honor their patients’ privacy and dignity.

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