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This is a much earlier photo thatA you can see Beyonce has done nose job and her nose a little smaller and pointier. In fact, Beyonce did rhinoplasty surgery between 2003-2004 and it seems she also undergone moreA rhinoplasty surgeriesA surgeries to refine her nose.
It’s also rumored that Beyonce did regular liposuction to reduce her butt size and getA stomach and thighs abs, to make her curvyA and fit. It’s rumored that Beyonce undertook botox injection on a regular basis because sheA seemA had no wrinkles! Rihanna Plastic Surgery, Nose Job Before And After Rihanna Plastic Surgery, Nose Job Before And After in Musicion Rihanna Plastic Surgery, Nose Job Before And After Everybody does know her. While we're all for gawping at celebrity surgery (thanks Lil Kim), we're not entirely convinced over the reports Beyonce has had a nose job.
Various gossip sites are whispering about whether the Destiny's Child singer has gone under the knife to fix her nose, after pictures of her at Sunday's Super Bowl appeared to show her with a more petite snout.
However, while the pics may look daming, we think it could just be a trick of the light, as Bey's nose was looking normal in various other snaps taken on the night. Adele is an English born singer-songstress with an angelic voice and a boat load of musical achievements to her name. I can vouche from experience that upon weight gain and loss my nose changes in size significantly.
In fact, Beyonce has done plastic surgeries including nose job, lip reduction, breast implants and skin lightening, but unlike the rumors that Beyonce obcessed with botox, beyonce seems didn’t do botox. While the right boob seems more round and fake which seems not the result from the weight gain!

It’s too obvious that you can see her natural dark locks became very lighter with fairer skin tone. She really didn't need the plastic surgery and her nose looked better before the rhinoplasty.
The countless before and after pictures suggest that she got a nose job, but it’s not for certain. Like Marilyn Monroe she will probably deny it all her life but her autopsy will reveal the truth. Since her rise to superstardom, the young soul singing starlet has undergone a major transformation, most notably her weight loss of 50+ pounds.Along with a few hair extensions, stick-on lashes, and the addition of a professional makeup artist, there is one other feature of Adele that has also changed.
But it’s still in controversy as smart makeup can also make lipA A look more defined or thinner, and some others believe it must be as a result of plastic surgery.
In fact, she had personal trainer ans on strict diet which made her look so young and no wrinkles, and she is not too old! I can’t believe how many people have emailed me asking me if I had a nose job and where I had it done! I don’t think this would work on the bridge of your nose, but the softer tip seems to be a bit more flexible! In the before and after photo of Scarlett Johansson's rhinoplasty her nose looks much smaller. At least it appears that way.Adele Before And After Nose Job Plastic Surgery?Plastic surgery rumors are running rampant after a series of before and after photos hit the internet, showcasing Adele in 2008 with a pudgier looking nose. When compared to her current day photos, the tip of her nose appears to be much more defined and sculpted.Did Adele opt for rhinoplasty surgery, or is her narrowed nose a direct result of the significant amount of weight she has lost, or perhaps the work of a really good makeup artist?

I did add a little foundation that was lighter than my skin to also exaggerate how contouring makes a difference, so it should make my nose appear even larger than it is! But you must admit, there is a pretty drastic change in the shape of her nose in before and after pics.Adele Weight Loss, Makeup, or Nose Job Plastic Surgery?Among spectators and speculators, there is no clear consensus leaning a certain direction.
She is simply a supernova, if you dare to say.Yet, a rumor spreads the gossip that the singer has undergone some plastic surgery. Nose job, weight loss, or any other explanation regarding these before and after comparisons.
And overall, the newly shaped and more refined nose of Rihanna just makes the star shines even brighter.
Yet, the actress herself denies of having undergone any surgical procedure to enhance her look to be even more attractive saying that undergoing such procedures may endanger her.
It will not always result satisfyingly she adds.New  Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery, Nose Job And Breast ImplantsNow that you have seen the difference on her nose before and after what is so called rhynoplasty, and that you have known that the star herself has denied that she has done any surgery, which one will you believe?
Millions of fans all over the world are looking forward to seeing her being stunning, perfect and sexy.
Besides, the rumor saying she has done rhinoplasty is quite inconclusive in the way that there is a possibility of natural change on the nose.
Besides the nose change is quite subtle and people can hardly say whether or not it is the results of some nose job.

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