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The number of plastic surgery procedures in the United States has increased significantly in recent years, with dramatic advancements in plastic surgery techniques and technology. If you choose a plastic surgeon in Atlanta, there is no reason why you cannot achieve an enhanced appearance the way millions of Americans are doing already.
The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, located in Atlanta, Georgia is a state of the art facility for a  range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical and non-surgical procedures. The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta offers a warm and friendly environment where patients can feel comfortable immediately and be assured of personalized care and attention from Dr. The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta is equipped to provide the best and most advanced treatments for cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgery, apart from several non-surgical cosmetic treatments.
Breast implants, breast reduction and breast lift are three major cosmetic procedures offered at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta for women who wish to achieve a more proportionate breast size.
The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta provides facial rejuvenation procedures, including surgical and non-surgical. Moms who are in need to regain their pre-pregnancy body may opt for a mommy makeover, tummy tuck or liposuction, apart from breast correction procedures.
Welcome atlanta plastic & reconstructive specialists, leading plastic reconstructive surgery practice. Advanced plastic surgery solutions atlanta' newest plastic surgery practice specializing latest techniques cosmetic reconstructive surgery.. Plastic surgery surgical specialty involving restoration, reconstruction, alteration human body. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Watch this amazing video of a tummy tuck procedure as seen from Dr McCluskey’s point of view!
Becoming a mom is certainly a beautiful experience, but the drastic physical changes that come with it are not that flattering. The range of body contouring surgical procedures offered today can help you bounce back post-pregnancy with as much ease as most celebrities do. Liposuction: In this procedure, tiny incisions are made in the skin so that a surgical tube can be inserted. Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck): More commonly referred to as the “tummy tuck”, this procedure involves repairing the muscles that are separated out by stitching them together. Breast lift: Sagging breasts, stretched areolas and disproportionate breasts are a common occurrence post-pregnancy.
Most women feel that the cost of these makeover procedures is a small price to pay to revive their youthful state and happiness.
A surgical procedure which is carried out to provide the face with a much younger look is known as facelift. You have a positive attitude and pragmatic expectations in mind for the improvement of your looks.
Hospital and surgical facility cost- This includes the fees of using the hospital premises for the operation. Prescriptions for medication- The medicines that you need to have to recover from the surgery. Surgeon’s fee- It contributes to the major part of the fee and varies from surgeon to surgeon. So, you must be careful and make sure about the authenticity and experience of the surgeon before taking the plunge.
If you are healthy and do not suffer from any kind of lifestyle diseases, have a pragmatic outlook towards the surgery and have a positive attitude to life, you are a good candidate for the operation.
Sagging skin on your neck: People with drooping skin on the neck can go for this surgery as this procedure gets rid of the excessive skin and make your neck look better.
You will be able to find a lot of qualified plastic surgeons who are specialist in the area of cosmetic surgery in and around Atlanta. Today, many people suffer from obesity and the most common symptom of this is fat deposit in the abdominal area. He has many years of experience in this field and has already performed many successful surgeries. The surgery has been developed through years of research and has been proven to be effective by countless trials. The nose reshaping surgery or Rhinoplasty is a procedure which is done to restructure the form of the nose and resolve the nasal functions. Incessant bleeding: During the operation there is good chance that some of your surface vessels may rupture which may lead to bleeding. Infection: If the surgeon is not experienced, you might have to be careful about the possible danger of your wound getting infected. Poor healing of the wound: After the operation the success of the process depends a lot on how quickly your wound gets healed.
Skin problems: You may have to go through a lot of pain and irritation after the surgery because of  the tape and bandage used to cover the area operated on. Asymmetrical nose: A botched up surgery might lead to an asymmetric nose which might look even worse than what it was before the surgery. Occurrence of scars: An unskilled surgery may lead to an emergence of scars which would need another surgery to remove. Since most people who go for this kind of a cosmetic surgery normally don’t have any issues about the costs involved. Hospital and surgical facility costs: These are the costs associated with the use of the equipments and other facilities in the hospital. Anesthesia fees: The fees that has to be paid to the anaesthesiologists for their services before the commencement of the surgery. So, the cost of this surgery depends on the type of surgery needed and the time it takes to finish the surgery and generally it costs more for a surgery that takes more time. Korean plastic surgery is known for taking the practice to a whole other level but this procedure is gaining popularity in Korea where being made fun of for a flat head is said to be common.
The procedure involves a small incision and the application of bone cement, yes bone cement, to the skull to give a rounder appearance while adding around 80 grams of weight to the patient’s head in an apparently relatively fast procedure. Rhinoplasty or a nose job is a plastic surgery which is carried out on your nose in order to change its shape, size and alignment in relation to your upper lip. During the process of carrying out the surgery, the cosmetic surgeon slits the cartilage and bones which support the nose. Although Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult cosmetic surgery procedure, it has become fairly popular, especially among the actors in the film industry.
Correct birth defects: Many people were born with a nose which has certain defects like flattened nasal bridge and cleft nose. Provide relief from breathing difficulties: A patient who has difficulty in breathing can get relief by this procedure as it opens the nasal passage and correct the abnormalities. Improve the shape of the nose: The tip of the nose can be altered by Rhinoplasty which improves the whole look of your face. So, although risky, many people do go in for this operation because for them, looking good matters a lot. You may have heard over the weekend that Bruce Jenner, the former olympian and Keeping up With The Kardashians star, has been looking to get a laryngeal shave as reported by TMZ. A laryngeal shave, or tracheal shave is a procedure common in the transgender community as it involves shaving down the Adam’s apple to give a flatter and more feminine neck. The procedure involves making a small transverse incision and gently shaving the cartilage to flatten the appearance of the Adam’s apple, however it can not be completely removed as the cartilage is required to protect the vocal chords. If you have questions on this or any other procedure performed by Dr McCluskey, let us know!
The interent is buzzing about Kim K’s revealing IG pic, a post partum selfie that highlights her assets.  If the rumors are true, and she actually gained 70lbs during her pregnancy then this post-baby body would be nearly impossible to achieve this quickly. Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty is a surgery carried out by a cosmetic surgeon which is done so as to tighten the muscles around your tummy to make it look good. There are mainly six different fees generally associated with this procedure and it can vary based on the plastic surgeon’s experience, the geographic location and the type of procedure used. Anesthesia fees: It is the fees that the anaesthesiologists charge for their services before the surgery begins. Medical tests: Although there are not many tests that needs to be done, but still there is a charge for the ones which are supposed to be carried out. Hospital and surgical facility costs: These are the costs associated with the use of the hospital facility like the operation room, recovery room and for the other equipments used. Post surgery garments: The patients are given clothes that they can wear after the surgery is done which they can use till they get discharged. Prescription for medication: There may be a chance that the patient might need some medication post surgery to recover quickly from the procedure.
So, if you see the long-term results, having this procedure done can be very useful for persons who need to gain back their self-confidence. Located at 5825 Glenridge Drive NE, the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, and particularly the care of Dr. To underscore this commitment to doing business in this manner, the company’s management team contacted the professionals at Meridian Signs and Graphics for an interior signage makeover. Branding the office ensures that patients recognize the physician’s commitment to superior patient care and advanced treatment protocols.
The lobby sign presents the logo and clinic name with one-inch-thick black signage foam to which we attached brushed aluminum faces.
It does not matter whether you have practiced medicine at your office since the 1970s or just moved in recently. Contact our graphic artists today to discuss signage makeovers for Atlanta surgery centers and signage suite changes for all kinds of physicians’ offices. The Plastic Surgery Institute is a premier practice in Atlanta, equipped to provide innovative and advanced procedures in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as well as non-surgical aesthetic solutions.
New patients can review the section and learn about the qualifications, training, and recognition achieved by Dr. For more information on treatments and procedures offered offered by Atlanta Plastic Surgeon, Dr.
Buttock implant surgery is a procedure designed to augment the size, shape, and appearance of buttocks to make them more aesthetically appealing.
Buttock augmentation may not only involve implants, but may also be performed with autologous fat transfer from the patient’s own body.
The incision to insert the implants may be located toward the top on both side of the upper buttock, or toward the bottom in both of the gluteal creases.
The cosmetic surgeon may perform the butt augmentation procedure under general anesthesia or IV sedation, as per the circumstances in a given case. The surgeon will have to make a careful analysis of the middle and lower buttock area in most cases because the implants will not fill out these areas. The patient will be required to wear a support garment for about two to three weeks following the butt implant surgery. Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon to improve the appearance of eyes and achieve a rejuvenated look. Before and after photos for eyelid surgery refer to the set of pictures of a previous patient who has undergone this procedure. Many patients seek consultation from a plastic surgeon about blepharoplasty, but everyone may not have very clear aesthetic goals or may have only a vague idea of how eyelid surgery may help improve their facial appearance.

With the help of eyelid surgery before and after photos, the patient is in a much better position to understand what kind of improvements or corrections can be achieved with a particular type of blepharoplasty. One of the keys to success in a procedure such as eyelid surgery is to ensure that the patient has realistic expectations from the outcome.
Before and after pictures can help ensure that the patient has an accurate understanding of the procedure and realistic expectations from the results. Sometimes a cosmetic surgeon may provide digital versions of blepharoplasty before and after pictures on the practice website. Eyelid surgery, clinically known as blepharoplasty, is a procedure performed by a plastic surgeon to improve the appearance of lower eyelids, upper eyelids, or both. Loose skin and wrinkles and folds around the lower eyelids can be reduced with lower eyelid blepharoplasty.
If the upper eyelid contour is disturbed, causing vision limitations, upper eyelid surgery can be used to correct the condition. Droopy lower eyelids, which show the white below the iris, can be corrected with lower eyelid surgery. Adults having healthy facial tissue and muscle, and needing enhancement of the appearance of eyes, may be fantastic or appropriate candidates for eyelid surgery. The patient should have clear goals, positive outlook and realistic expectations in order to achieve satisfactory results. The cosmetic surgeon may decide to perform eyelid surgery under general anesthesia or IV sedation, depending on the circumstances of the case.
He will try to conceal the incisions within the natural structures of the eyelid region so that scars do not become obvious later on. Lower eyelid anomalies may be corrected with an incision that is made just beneath the lower lash line.
Eyelid surgery results will appear gradually as the bruising and swelling resolves to show up a well-defined eyelid and surrounding area.
Nose surgery, nose job or rhinoplasty is a procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon to improve the appearance, shape and size of the nose and make it more proportionate to the face.
Before and after photographs refer to the set of pictures that show a patient’s appearance prior to the plastic surgery procedure and after the procedure. With the help of before and after pictures of a previous patient, the surgeon will be able to show the real outcome that can be expected with rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty before and after photos can help a new patient understand what kind of changes can be achieved with nose implants, reducing the size of the nasal tip, altering the shape of the nose bridge, and other alterations. Sometimes a patient may misinterpret what the procedure can achieve, and then feel disappointed with the final outcome even when the results are actually very desirable. Sometimes a plastic surgeon may also make the before and after photos for various procedures, including rhinoplasty, available at the practice website. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), about 14 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the country last year, ranging from Botox injections to buttock lifts, and from breast implants to nose jobs. Breast implants, chin augmentation, and Botox injections have been among the most popular treatments as per the figures collected by ASPS in recent years. McCluskey is a plastic surgeon in Atlanta that performs various major and minor cosmetic surgeries. Breast augmentation is provided with both silicone and saline implant options, depending on the patient’s needs. The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta is equipped to provide thigh lifts, arm lifts and other body surgeries to restore a more attractive and youthful figure.
To learn more about the procedure see Dr McCluskey discuss each step here and see the beautiful before and after photos here!
Be it sagging breasts from breast-feeding or unwanted fat around the tummy, the body undergoes noticeable changes post-pregnancy which take away the youthful demeanor of the body. Unlike the never-ending grueling weight loss programs, a plastic surgeon can sculpt your body back to its youthful shape real quick.
It also involves removing excess tissues in the tummy area so as to tighten the skin and give it a smoother and firmer look. While they naturally reduce in size over time in most cases, some of them continue to be oversized. The nature of surgical procedure, plastic surgeon’s experience, nature of the surgical facility, are few of the factors that affect the overall cost. You will keep on getting older, but a face-lift will ensure that it does not show on your face. You will be able to find a lot of qualified surgeons who are specialist in the area of cosmetic surgery in and around Atlanta.
He has also improved the procedure through his own observations to make it safer for patients. In this procedure, the fat is surgically removed and the skin is restored to its original condition. It has allowed many patients to reduce their weight and return to a normal and healthy life. While it is possible for some people to solve the problem of obesity by exercise and by regulating their diet, it is not possible for everyone to do it. This procedure, normally carried out by a cosmetic surgeon, costs a lot and involves a lot of risks. Before the surgery is carried out, you will have to sign the consent form to make sure that you are fully aware about the possible complications that can occur in the process of surgery.
However, for the general public it is important to know where they can get it done cheaply and the overall average cost. These slits are made on the inside portion of the nose so as to make the surgical work done invisible to the others.
Bruce Jenner is not undergoing gender reassignment surgery but has apparently had issues with how his trachea looks and wants to rectify the issue. The procedure involves the removal of extra fat and skin from the lower portion of your belly and by tightening the abdominal muscles. Paul McCluskey, is the destination of those searching for expert reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. For Atlanta doctors’ offices, this is an effective manner of branding a clinic or general practitioner’s office. This combines the chic appearance of metal with the attention-getting properties of a thee-dimensional display.
The trick to upgrading your office’s overall look and feel is the clever combination of signage elements that have the power to change your space’s look virtually overnight. Dramatically change the atmosphere of your waiting room with whole-wall murals that depict scenery, shapes and colors, or specialty images germane to your practice. Choose from acrylic, metal, foam or vinyl wall graphics to create a sign that is modern and invokes images of avant-garde medical treatment methods.
Ensure that patients easily find the treatment room, restroom or specialty office that you sent them to. More and more surgery centers and physicians’ offices now display banners that educate patients on the latest advances in your medical specialty. Do not be afraid to highlight awards you earned and volunteer work recognition your physicians have received. We gladly incorporate the artwork that you already have or help you to re-brand when you want to enhance the look of the style elements a little. It highlights the strengths of the practice in terms of the plastic surgery skills and expertise of Dr.
McCluskey, who is the founder and medical director of the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta. New patients can quickly identify the procedure they are looking for, and find in-depth information about it on the website. However, for patients who need more pronounced buttock enhancement, or if they do not have sufficient body fat to spare for transfer, butt implants may be the most suitable option. McCluskey likes to provide customized butt implant solutions to his patients in Atlanta, GA and nearby areas.
Other incision choices may also be discussed with the patient, depending on the specific condition in a particular case. The upper buttock, mid buttock and lower buttock areas are addressed individually to achieve optimal gluteal harmony. Complementary procedures may be necessary in some cases to achieve the ideally desired shape of buttocks. Full effects of the procedure will become visible in about three months when most of the swelling is over, and the implants have firmly settled into their targeted position. The set includes images of the patient taken prior to the procedure and after the procedure at multiple stages.
The surgeon can use before and after pictures during the initial consultation to educate the patient, and help them make an informed decision about the treatment. McCluskey makes sure that his patients in Atlanta, GA and nearby communities are properly educated and informed about blepharoplasty and other treatment options. Before and after photos can play an important role during the initial consultation stages, and help address various doubts and queries that the patient may have about the surgery. Sometimes the patient may misinterpret the explanations of the plastic surgeon, and form wrong expectations about the procedure.
Most satisfied patients in the end are usually the ones who have a very clear understanding of the procedure and what it can or cannot do for them. Anyone who is looking for useful information about blepharoplasty may simply access the photos online, and gain a better understanding about the procedure even before visiting the surgeon’s office for a consultation. The goal of the surgery is to provide a rejuvenated appearance to the area around the eyes in order to make the face look more youthful, and the eyes more rested and refreshed. The patient should be a non-smoker or have the commitment to quit smoking several weeks prior to the surgery.
Droopy upper eyelid condition can be corrected with an incision that enables the surgeon to reposition the excess fats, tighten underlying muscle and tissue, and remove excess loose skin. These pictures are used by the cosmetic surgeon to explain various aspects of a surgical procedure to a new patient.
It helps a patient make an informed decision regarding whether to go ahead with rhinoplasty or not. This situation can be avoided by the cosmetic surgeon with the help of before and after images.
Digital versions of these pictures can be provided on the website, which are freely accessible by everyone.
The procedures have become safer and more effective, resulting in a higher rate of patient satisfaction.
Male procedures too are on the rise, with a growing number of men opting for eyelid lifts, nose jobs, and breast reductions. The facility ensures equal amount of care to every patient, irrespective of the size or nature of treatment sought, or whether it is a new patient or a regular guest. McCluskey has been chosen by many local patients in and around Atlanta who are in need of treatment.
Breast reduction is available for both women and men, while breast lift is available as an independent procedure or in combination with breast implants.
As Chief Resident, his breast reconstruction research was published and presented at a local and national level.

While women earlier, learned to live with these changes as a natural course that the body takes, the advanced surgical procedures available these days have allowed moms to enjoy the best of both worlds! It involves removing the excess tissues and tightening the loose skin to give it a fine contour. This sort of cosmetic surgery enhances the shape and size of the face by getting rid of the excess facial skin. For many people, this may lead to an increase in self-confidence and would reduce the anxiousness of getting older. There are plastic surgeons who offer their patient financing plans, so make sure that you check those in detail.
On the other hand, facial flaws are very difficult to hide as people are too quick to notice them. He recommends the procedure for anyone who is unable to reduce his body fat despite exercise or diet changes. It is best to get the procedure performed in middle age as it is not recommended for children or for the elderly. The plastic surgeon who usually do this procedure are very skilled and is paid a lot depending upon experience and past successful work. Chances are you probably haven’t given it a second thought but apparently in Korea this has become all the rage. This procedure is mostly conducted by a plastic surgeon and it permanently enhances the nasal contours. In certain situations some portion of the bone or cartilage is removed totally, or some tissue is added as per the needs and requirements. This procedure is very popular among young mothers who have gained a lot of fat around their belly as a result of their pregnancy and the generally overweight persons.  If you are planning to get an Abdominoplasty done in Atlanta, make sure you contact Dr. The staff focuses on friendly patient care while the techniques employed by the surgeon rely on progressive technology. For the exterior, we used painted PVC dimensional letters that we mounted directly to the wall. These wayfinding signs should mimic the lobby sign in material usage and overall appearance.
McCluskey and his team of trained professionals, the state of the art surgical equipment and facilities, and a commitment to provide personalized care and attention to every patient.
Paul McCluskey is an experienced plastic surgeon for butt implants procedure in Atlanta, GA. The implants are concealed so well after healing that no one can notice their presence from outside. Patients can choose between various implant options, including round or oval shapes, solid or cohesive silicone, and smooth or textured surface.
The implants are primarily designed to augment the upper buttock and some portion of the mid buttock during gluteal enhancement. The results with butt implants are long lasting in most cases and the client is satisfied about their fantastic new appearance.
Paul McCluskey is an experienced plastic surgeon providing this surgery to his patients in and around Atlanta, GA. The cosmetic surgeon can make use of these images as an important visual tool to explain various aspects of the eyelid surgery to the patient. The patient may be unsure whether to opt for upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery, or a combination of the two. This can lead to disappointment for the patient later on, even though the actual results may turn out to be that impressive.
McCluskey evaluates the patient’s general health condition and aesthetic goals before recommending upper or lower blepharoplasty. People with serious eye ailments may not make ideal or outstanding candidates for this procedure.
McCluskey ensures that his patients in Atlanta, GA and nearby areas receive effective treatment in the safest possible manner. Redistribution or removal of excess fat in the lower eyelid can also be done through a transconjuctival incision. The plastic surgeon will usually recommend lifelong sun protection to retain results for a longer time. If the nose has suffered aesthetic or functional abnormality following an injury or a previous surgery, rhinoplasty may help improve the condition.
Rhinoplasty is a highly nuanced procedure, and it can be difficult for a patient to visualize how it will impact the facial appearance, profile, and facial harmony. Many patients have only a vague idea of what rhinoplasty may be able to achieve in terms of facial aesthetics for them.
The patient can understand exactly what the nose job surgery can or cannot do to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the face. A potential patient can simply view the pictures online within the comfort and privacy of their home or office, and obtain a better idea about the overall procedure.
Apart from cosmetic surgeries, the number of reconstructive surgeries is also growing, with 5.5 million treatments performed in 2011. Patient satisfaction and patient loyalty that the practice enjoys is the biggest reward for Dr. If the patient just needs minor corrections, he may recommend rhinoplasty, brow lift, or eyelid lift.
McCluskey received a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors from Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. He was privileged to be chosen for a highly competitive Plastic Surgery residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Breast reduction procedures involve removing the excess fat tissues and tightening the skin. As we start aging, the signs of aging also begin to appear and these can even make us look older than our real age.
The procedure is currently available only in a few locations and has already benefited many people. This surgery is also done to open up the blocked nasal passages which is generally caused by collapsed or crooked bone or cartilage. After the rearrangement of the bones and cartilage, the skin is relaid over the new structure of the nose.
It gives the entryway an upscale look by mimicking a process that would take hundreds of dollars – if not thousands – to get it done via direct glass treatments.
For the surgery sign, we created clear acrylic sign panels with beveled edges that feature a second surface print. The website home page also dwells upon the high reputation and trust that the practice enjoys among the patients for a full spectrum of cosmetic, reconstructive and non-surgical procedures. McCluskey’s areas of focus, which include aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, nose, breast, and body. He has also authored several articles for peer reviewed journals in the area of cosmetic and plastic surgery. The blog provides regularly updated information about various new procedures and developments in the area of plastic surgery. He may recommend this procedure if the patient needs to increase the buttock size, improve the contour or correct disproportionately sized buttocks.
The implant is usually placed beneath the buttock muscle and layers of fat to ensure that it stays firmly in place. In some cases, the surgeon may also recommend brow lift along with blepharoplasty for a more comprehensive outcome.
Paul McCluskey is an experienced cosmetic surgeon to perform this surgery for patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding communities.
McCluskey provides rhinoplasty before and after photos to his patients in Atlanta, GA and other areas. This can place the patient in a better position to make an informed discussion with the surgeon during the initial consultation. McCluskey is passionate about providing the latest and best solutions to his patients so that he can help perserve their beauty and youth.
McCluskey can provide the best treatment options in cosmetic surgery for every patient, depending on the goals they may have for improving their face, body or breasts. He followed it with a medical degree from the University of Mississippi and completed an internship in Anesthesiology.
In Dallas he trained alongside world-renowned leaders and innovators in the field of cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery. Many a times, it is combined with breast implant procedures to add more volume to the breasts.
This improves the patient’s skeletal stability, lung function, physical functioning and sleep patterns. To attain the best result, it is frequently combined with other additional procedures which address the eyes, cheeks, forehead and brows. To achieve the best results, you might want to get a face lift done first and then go for the treatment of your skin.
To solve this problem, there is a surgical procedure which is carried out to provide the face a much younger look, it is known as facelift. It can be performed by plastic surgeons and produces the desired results almost immediately. In some case, a splint might be needed to support the new shape and size of the nose till the time it gets healed.
He completed a five year residency in General Surgery, followed by a plastic surgery residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. In most cases, the patient does not really sit on the implant because it is placed slightly higher than the bones that are used for sitting. McCluskey makes use of blepharoplasty before and after photos to explain what the procedure can or cannot do for the patient. Paul McCluskey is an experienced plastic surgeon providing rhinoplasty treatment to patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas. As a committed plastic surgeon, his first goal is to educate his patients about the procedure as far as possible so that they understand what rhinoplasty can or cannot do for them. McCluskey tries to ensure that the latest rhinoplasty before and after photos are made available to his patients in Atlanta GA during the initial consultation.
Dr McCluskey has been honored for his efforts as a teacher of residents and medical students, and he was a multi-year recipient of Resident of the Year awards. The safety and success of your face-lift operation depends a lot on the experience,skills and past successful surgeries of your plastic surgeon.
You will have to refrain from smoking as tobacco raises the risk for tissue and skin damage and might defer the process of healing.
It is essentially a surgical procedure that trims the fat in the abdominal area and makes the patient look slimmer.
Your skin may feel dry, rough and numb which may last for some time but this is perfectly normal after the surgery and wont bother you much.

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