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Megan Fox before plastic surgery – Although already have children, Megan Fox still look beautiful and sexy. Wallpaper #11 of 23 - Check out these pictures of Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery.
27 year old Megan Fox is an American actress and model, who started her career in 2001 with small television and film roles.
After taking a look at Megan Fox’s before and after photos, we think some of that beauty should be credited to her plastic surgeon who did a wonderful job of enhancing her already captivating beauty and did not leave a tell-tale sign. However, celebrity gossiper are refusing to believe that she has not gone under the knife, Some of her fans are also disappointed with her for ruining her beauty with artificial beauty enhancing cosmetic procedures.
The star has been at the center of Botox, nose job, and breast implants rumors for some time now.
Sushma updated May 29, 2014Isn’t it just obvious from her before and after photos – Megan fox plastic surgery is absolutely possible. When, the Megan Fox plastic surgery rumors began to spread, the star decided to rubbish the claims and responded by posting a series of photos on Facebook which showed her making various expressions to prove that her face is not frozen from plastic surgery.

Experts are confused and say that it is difficult to prove anything – whoever did these procedures on her seems to have done a very good job of concealing it. More than her acting talent, she is well known for her beauty and sensuous body, and is considered as a modern sex-symbol. Matthew Schulman exclusively shared his opinion to Radar about Megan Fox plastic surgery news. As far as plastic surgery goes, she got a nose job right after high school and didn't get breast implants until 2010.
He told that Megan had got different looked after having some procedures, including a nose job and fillers injection too.Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before and AfterMegan Fox Nose Jobthe sign of nose job (rhinoplasty) was seen obviously from her face. There was nothing wrong with these 2 procedures, but the Botox injections were what hurt her. When some pictures sufaced of her face looking odd, people immediately assumed that she had gotten Botox. To combat these accusations, Megan Fox released a series of photos where she scrunched her face in odd positions.

Here, she's furrowing her forehead to try and proove that she still has a natural range of motion in her face.
This is an obvious work of a nose job.Fillers injection Beside changing the shape of the nose, Megan also might use fillers injections. She might want to have sexier lips in order to make her face prettier.  While, the shape of the cheek made her face looked a bit different. It seems, the Lady who took a role as April O’Neil in TMNT got breast implants and botox injection too.

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