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Check “Gywneth Paltrow Plastic Surgery Before and After”, though she denied previously and said she ever had plastic surgery or botox, but I find some pictures to prove she is lying!
Gywneth Paltrow, the 39 year old beauty said that she refused to use botox injection, A silicone or other plastic surgery. It is general observation that as people age around 30 or so, they begin to experience problems like wrinkles, crow’s feet, eye bags, hooding eyes or under eye dark circles. Blepharoplasty which is known to remove under eye bags and overturn the process of various eye-related problems has now been replaced by newer techniques like laser blepharoplasty and various other eyelid rebuilding techniques involving application of laser.
The latest laser eye bag removal surgery or the modern blepharoplasty is a union of new laser with non-surgical skin revival technique which helps in rejuvenation of eyelids and also removes eye bags without any problems. This technology is quite advantageous as it assists in removal of the eye bags with wrinkles and makes the skin look more refreshing. By making an incision with the help of laser on the inside area of lower eyelid (also known as the transconjunctival blepharoplasty), you can get away from the visible scar which was made in the conventional blepharoplasty.
Transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty- Involves discharge of arcus marginalis and grafting or repositioning of fat to eliminate the eye bags and the dark circles. Lux2940 Fractional Erbium Laser eyelid skin peel-Involves removal of sun damage, wrinkles and stiffens the skin of lower eyelid. In the first step, loose skin is eliminated and canthal ligament comes into notice which protects the lower eyelid via the upper eyelid cut, so that it may be stiffened. In the second step, the incision is actually made on conjunctiva which avoids any visible scar and the shape of eyelid is not disturbed too. In the third step, the canthal ligament is tightened by a stitch (a technique called canthopexy) and the lower eyelid tissues are shrunk too.
The fourth step includes the complete rejuvenation of the eyelids with the help of a high-tech method called Lux2940 Fractional Erbium laser eyelid peel.

Blepharoplasty happens to be one of the most famous cosmetic surgery eye bag removal techniques. In case of upper eyelids, an incision is done in the natural fold line that is present just 1 cm higher than eyelashes. In case of lower eyelids, an incision is done below the eyelashes which extend to around 1 cm outwards up to the region of crow’s feet followed by lifting of the skin upwards and to the exterior, mildly straining the region and finally overlapping the skin that has been removed. The complete procedure of cosmetic surgery eye bag removal takes around 1.5-3 hours to get completed.
You should have the full information about the surgery before you go for it so that you have an idea about what changes you may achieve once it is done. Soon after this surgery, the surgeon may apply some ointment on your eyes and cover it with a bandage so as to lubricate the eyes. Recovery period differs from one individual to another and it is highly advisable that the patient should take great care in the first week after the surgery has been done. Many pictures online said this is Gywneth Paltrow boob job before and after, but the truth is the second picture with larger breast is when she is pregnant! This method also evades the possibility of any difference in the structure of lower eyelid. In the conventional blepharoplasty, the lower eyelid generally weakens and turns downwards (a situation called ectropian or the hound dog eyes or sad eyed appearance).the modern technology avoids this trouble. Eyelid surgery is a process which is used to remove fat which is usually present with excess muscle and skin on the lower and upper eyelids. These incisions may extend up to crow’s feet or even laughter lines which occur at the outer curves of the eyes.
During the surgery a general anesthetic is required and it also involves an overnight reside at the hospital.

This surgery brings with it a number of positive effects which not only makes you look good but also generates self-confidence in you. In first two weeks, you may experience feelings of swelling and bruising, although, the major portion of swelling generally collapses after the first ten days. Non-surgical techniques like Botox and equipments like Aluma radio frequency skin tightening device help in improving and preventing skin aging troubles around eyelids like crow’s feet and wrinkles, although, eye bags removal needs surgery.
Moreover, in this case, it is achievable to discharge the arcus marginalis and hence eliminate the eye bags and the dark circles. The procedure she had is known as double eyelid surgery, which where skin is removed from the bottom and upper eyelids to make you eyes appear bigger.
This surgery helps in lifting the baggy upper lids which, in turn, reduces the puffiness of eye bags that are generally seen below the eyes. During this process of making incisions, your surgeon separates the skin and muscle from the subcutaneous sheets and removes excessive fat and also trims the baggy skin and muscles. In some cases, though, it is just a 1-day procedure if it includes the fixation of upper eyelids only. Blepharoplasty has a refreshing effect on eyes and you may feel that your eyes are more relaxed than before. The procedure of blepharoplasty can be operated alone or in combination with other kinds of plastic surgeries related with face like facelift.

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