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Learn more about our physicians and scientists - their training, research, and areas of expertise. UT Southwestern's intranet (myUTSW) - our primary resource for existing students, faculty, and staff. Step through this portal to enter our Library - home to thousands of journals, books, and other resources.
Learn how UTSW addresses its three missions a€“ education, research, and patient care a€“ on our main external website. Each member of our Plastic Surgery faculty has completed extensive training and adheres to a strict code of ethics.
We offer a highly individualized approach to both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, to achieve safe, effective results. In addition, our team of licensed skin care specialists and massage therapists provide a broad spectrum of services, such as specialty facials, chemical peels, permanent cosmetics, and lymphatic drainage massages.
At the Plastic Surgery Clinic we pride ourselves on our ability to  cater to each individual and listen to specific needs of each patient.
Our highly trained and board certified staff have the experience and the knowledge to make your aesthetic transition possible. Practice Philosophy:The Plastic Surgery Clinic strives not only to change the way you look but to change the way you feel as well. Even after the procedure is completed we strive to make sure that you are satisfied with your results through follow-up visits and the special care that you have grown to trust. Yoskarn Clinic is conveniently located in Rachadamri road, close to famous shopping and business facilities in Bangkok. Bumrungrad International Hospital is an internationally certified, multi disciplinary hospital.

Yanhee International Hospital is a 15-story hospital located in Bang-O, Bangphlat, a district in the northeastern of Bangkok. He is really very thorough with his explanation about the procedure and I’m happy to have the surgery with him. To ensure the best web experience, please upgrade to the latest standard browser for your computer.
We are dedicated to providing world-class care for both adult and pediatric patients, conducting research that is transforming surgical techniques and patient safety, and educating the next generation of plastic surgeons. Procedures range from cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries but also to sophisticated skin care techniques. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery can boost self image and give confidence that can help you to be the person that you have the potential to be.
The clinic offers all the latest cosmetic and plastic surgeries with the latest and advanced technologies. It has earned the JCI certificate and has many other international accreditations, awards and recognitions. We have published thousands of articles, papers, and books, chaired national and international symposia on all aspects of plastic surgery, and are highly recognized for presenting groundbreaking findings.
From the moment you walk in our clinic we will devote our time and effort to listen to your specific needs and desires. Professor Kunachak is a highly experienced, prominent plastic surgeon in Bangkok who leads the Yoskarn Clinic, is a dedicated person to provide best cosmetic surgery.
I’m really happy with the result of the surgery so I booked for my mini facelift with him next month. Facelift, forehead lift, nose, ears, eyes, body, lips, skin treatments, hair restoration, female breasts, Aesthetic Dentistry, Skin Treatments, Genital Surgery and many more cosmetic surgeries are done here in Yoskarn Clinic Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center.

A comfortable, safe and relaxed atmosphere has been created in the clinic to provide the utmost service of cosmetic and plastic surgery. With advancing technologies and sophisticated procedures these differences look only to become even more pronounced.Actual Physical Changes?The signs that we are starting to see of this are witnessed both in terms of weight and also by the recent uptake of plastic surgery and anti-ageing treatments. Obesity is a problem in most developed countries, notably the US and the UK, however many in these countries are also getting slimmer. With small nips and tucks or injections that people don't notice, people are managing to change or preserve how they look without having tell-tale signs of obvious cosmetic surgery. For those who can afford it, plastic surgery and non-invasive treatments will become normalised, in which case there will be a raft of men and women who look younger for longer. Those even more impoverished will likely be more overweight and genuinely age faster, in which case the difference in looks will be greater still.Plastic Surgery as a Key Signifier of WealthPlastic surgery will probably have the most impact on the difference in physical appearance, as it is possible to stay slim and healthy without intervention. That said it's likely that surgery to control weight will become more commonplace too, making it even likelier that those who are well or comfortably off will look better for longer. This time perhaps it will be the most ingrained - not merely superficial but permanent. Chief editor and author at LERAblog, writing useful articles and HOW TOs on various topics.
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