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Aside from location, in general doctors with more “impressive” qualifications and experience also charge higher than someone who is just starting out. The renowned surgeon says that low-cost plastic surgeries performed by unqualified doctors—which often require more expensive corrective surgeries—does not offset the significant risk of botched results. In many countries known for their booming medical tourism, the cost of plastic surgery is only about a third of the price in the US, enticing some Americans to travel abroad for surgical enhancements without even looking at their surgeon’s background or asking if the surgical facility has been licensed.
In the US, chin implant surgery and other procedures whose sole purpose is to improve one’s appearance are not covered by health insurance. Also, there are some lenders that specifically target plastic surgery patients, although Dr. Facial implants have proven a safe, predictable, low-cost, low-risk cosmetic surgical procedure. Defined facial features, including a properly-sized chin, are considered attractive in youth as well as during the aging process. Chin augmentation, performed by a skilled and experienced board certified plastic surgeon, can be one of the most rewarding plastic surgery procedures. Chin augmentation can be done by itself to build out a weak chin, or in conjunction with other procedures to balance the face. The results of a chin augmentation can be dramatically enhanced with a neck contouring procedure.
If other procedures are under consideration such as rhinoplasty, face lift or neck lift, these can be “imaged” as well.

Liz will also show you many before and after photographs of patients who have previously undergone the procedure you are considering.
A ? inch incision hidden just beneath the chin is used to insert an extended, tapered silicone chin implant. It takes about 20 minutes to perform a chin augmentation and the procedure can be done under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation administered by our board certified anesthesiologist. Most of our patients lead active lives and want to return to their routines as soon as possible after surgery. While it can serve as a stand-alone procedure, a growing number of plastic surgeons are using it to create a more balanced feature after rhinoplasty or “nose job,” facelift, and jaw enhancement surgery.
Karan Dhir says the cost of chin augmentation—which already combined the anesthesia, facility, and doctor’s fee—is often between $3,500 and $5,000.
The general rule is that plastic surgeons in large cities where the demand for plastic surgery is higher than in “laidback” communities charge more. Dhir warns people to choose their plastic surgeon based on his qualification and skills more than anything else. Dhir warns that some have high interest rates or “one-sided” agreements that could lead to some financial woes. Harmony between the chin and other facial features is key to a pleasing appearance for both men and women. Rhinoplasty to correct the shape of the nose—or procedures to improve the jaw and neckline, such as liposuction of the neck, face lift, or neck lift—can enhance the results of chin augmentation.

As part of our unique Rapid Recovery peri-operative program, we have tailored our surgical procedures, anesthesia, medications, and post-operative massage and skincare to minimize post-operative discomfort and accelerate recuperation. Recovery after chin implant surgery is relatively quick—especially with the Parker Center’s Rapid Recovery Program. Patients who choose a chin augmentation with a neck contouring procedure are typically very pleased with the results. Liz is an expert in Computer Imaging and will make changes to your pictures, under the direction of Dr.
Parker and in your pre-op education visit with our Nurse Educator, your anticipated recovery will be discussed in detail.
Parker reviews these images the night before surgery, brings them to the operating room and uses them as an artist does sketches while sculpting. Patients can return to normal activities in three to four days and exercise in 10 to 14 days.

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