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Her before and after photos bring out a clear difference on who she is now compared to who she was back then.
The cheek implants may have done her some little good in terms of giving a fuller and more mature look. Following Elvis Presley’s death, Priscilla Presley went unheard off until this disastrous plastic surgery brought her back to the lime light for all the wrong reasons. Actress Minka Kelly starred in “Friday Night Lights,” a TV show adapted from a movie, but she wasn’t always an actress. While she does cop to eating a cheeseburger every now and then, Minka Kelly generally sticks to a healthy meal plan with plenty of vegetables and lean proteins. Anoscope- the anoscope (pictured below) consists of 2 parts: a hollow tapered cylinder and an obturator that fits inside. You should be familiar with the equipment available at your institution prior to attempting to perform the procedure. The desire to have more has led to one of the most disastrous outcomes of plastic surgery in history of Hollywood. Priscilla admitted that her surgery was performed by an unlicensed plastic surgeon hence the bad outcomes. From the gorgeous all natural look in her younger days to a very plastic and expressionless look, it is without a shadow of doubt that her surgery was not one of the best. The actress has a very sensible approach to dieting, telling “Self” magazine that food deprivation is simply not in her vocabulary.* Kelly notes that depriving yourself of foods you enjoy will only lead to overeating later.

If she doesn’t have time to cook, Minka will eat a bowl of low-cal whole grain cereal with some sliced strawberries.
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The anoscope may be made of metal (re-usable once sterilized), clear or white opaque plastic (single use, disposable). Priscilla Presley plastic surgery is a case of one of the worst out comes of plastic surgery.
Sylvester Stallone is another one of Hollywood’s finest who was not so lucky in the hands of plastic surgeons. Confessions by Priscilla bring out a more sensitive truth when it comes to what drove her to plastic surgery. She also did a brief stint as a receptionist for a plastic surgeon in exchange for breast augmentation surgery.
For Minka, a dieting cheat day doesn’t mean that she shoves her face with fries all day long. Minka typically eats a salad for lunch, and pairs it with a healthy protein, like grilled chicken or tuna.
For her, “exercise is like meditation when you have such a good workout, it clears everything up mentally, physically, and you just have a better day.”** Minka Kelly also works out with a physical trainer three times per week, presumably for strength training exercises. Every single day Priscilla Presley has to deal with the same expressionless face due to a surgery that had poor outcomes.

In one of the interviews she did, she revealed that constant criticism from the king of pop is what drove her towards plastic surgery. A former Playboy Playmate had approached Minka, telling her that in order to hit it big in Hollywood, she had to alter her body.
There is very little debate when it comes to the outcomes of Priscilla Presley plastic surgery. Fortunately for Minka, she decided not to undergo the surgery and instead she focuses on eating a healthy diet to maintain her good looks. To her advantage, her great body shape and her classy sense of style her great deal of good when it comes to drawing away attention from her face. The veggies and oatmeal provide whole grains, and she doesn’t deprive herself of lean proteins.
We’d recommend a few healthy snacks thrown in, such as low-fat yogurt and fresh fruit, to help prevent overeating at meals.

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