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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery MicroscopesGet the performance and reliability you need with Leica plastic and reconstructive surgery microscopes featuring high-quality optics, design and engineering. Contact a local imaging specialist for expert advice on the right plastic and reconstructive surgery microscope for your needs and budget. Excellent red reflex as well as maximum accuracy throughout the entire procedure are required to meet these expectations.
In dentistry a bright, magnified view into deep cavities supports detailed diagnosis and precise therapy, particularly in the field of endodontics. These videos recorded during cataract and glaucoma surgery using Proveo 8 demonstrate how Dr.
Children's Mercy offers one of the longest standing pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery programs in the U.S. Our pediatric plastic surgeons provide more reconstructive and cosmetic procedures than other programs in the region. All of our surgeons are fellowship trained, and one surgeon is also double board certified in plastic and oral surgery. Our surgeons are also trained in multiple subspecialties, including cranio, hand, and microsurgery.
Every surgery is attended by a pediatric anesthesiologist who has experience in administering anesthesia precisely for the child's age, size and condition.
Patient appointments are available in one of our four locations within 72 hours of referral.
Here you can view actual patient before and after photographs of procedures performed by Dr. Plastic Surgery is the speciality, which is concerned with healing of wounds, restoration and improvement of form and function. Aristotle, as quoted by Webster, wrote- ‘Art indeed consists in the conception of the result to be produced before its realization in the material’. Cosmetic and Antiaging Surgery : An individual, who comes for cosmetic surgery is not suffering from any disease as defined conventionally. Reconstructive Surgery : Typically, the patient is an individual, who has suffered the loss or mutilation of a body part.

Microsurgery : In microsurgery magnification from operating microscopes is used to visualize, dissect and join structures, that are very small, such as blood vessels and nerves which supply fingers and toes. Insertion of a vascular graft in a patient, whose veins are thrombosed and hence not available, to facilitate dialysis in a patient with kidney disease.
UF's Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery faculty offers comprehensive care in the reconstruction of congenital and acquired defects, and in cosmetic surgery. UF plastic surgeons also have expertise in microsurgery, surgery of the hand and the care of chronic wounds. The division conducts a post-graduate residency program for surgeons who wish to become plastic surgeons. UF Health is a collaboration of the University of Florida Health Science Center, Shands hospitals and other health care entities.
You won't be able to use the quotation basket until you enable cookies in your Web browser. Whether you need a premium surgical solution or a cost-effective system for multi-disciplinary use, Leica Microsystems provides customizable options for a wide range of microsurgery applications. We use a collaborative approach to patient care that includes specialists in nutrition, dentistry, otorhinolarygology, occupational therapy, and genetics. The speciality had its origin at around 600BC when Sushruta laid down the foundations of Surgery and described a method to reconstruct the amputated nose, which is still practiced today.
This is just one of the teachings that goes into the rigorous training of a Plastic Surgeon. Rather, he aims to improve upon his appearance, which helps in restoring his self esteem and improves the body image. Since its inception, faculty and staff of the division have sought to fulfill the three components of the mission of the University of Florida College of Medicine: patient care of the highest order, education of students at many levels and research to advance the state of knowledge in plastic surgery.
These photographs represent typical results, but not everyone who undergoes plastic surgery will achieve the same.
Unlike other surgical super specialities (such as Cardiothoracic Surgery or Neurosurgery), Plastic Surgery is not a regional speciality. Sir Harold Delf Gillies, considered by many to be the Father of modern Plastic Surgery, often said- ‘While Reconstructive Surgery aims to restore an individual to normal, Cosmetic Surgery attempts to surpass the normal’.

The examples are reconstruction of a breast in a patient, who has undergone its removal in the treatment of breast cancer. Thus amputated parts such as fingers, hand, feet, penis, can be joined if brought within time. Today, a Plastic Surgeon operates from head to toe and hence, it is one of the broadest specialities. It is this dictum, which most aptly defines the difference between Cosmetic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery, both being branches of Plastic Surgery. Similarly, an individual who wishes to reverse the effects of age on body form and appearance also opts for cosmetic surgery. Similarly, reconstruction of lower jaw, following its resection to treat cancer, is reconstructive surgery. Microsurgery is also used to transfer large chunks of tissue consisting of skin, soft tissue and sometimes bones from one area in body to another, joining the blood vessels and nerves to recipient area, thus restoring its circulation, sensation and function.
In addition to post cancer resection reconstructive surgery, it is also carried out when the body part has been lost due to injury, infection, other diseases and birth defects. The term was coined by Desault, a French surgeon and was likely published in 1798 by his pupil Bichat.
Reconstructive surgery may be carried out with the help of local flaps (tissue situated near the site of defect), distant flaps (tissue situated away from the site of defect, but which can be brought near the site ie cross leg flap) or microvascular free tissue transfer (in this case, the block of tissue consisting of various structures is detached from the site of origin and transferred to the site of defect.
At the same time, the blood vessels and if required, nerve are joined to the recipient site vessels and nerve with the help of microsurgery). Microsurgery is also done to restore blood circulation to hand and feet when this disrupted due to severe injury such as in road accidents, industrial accidents, warfare etc. Microsurgery is also carried out to create AV Fistulae in patients with chronic kidney disease, so that dialysis can be carried out.

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