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Charlotte Ponce was just 3 months old when her biological parents left her alone and her face was brutally mauled by a pet raccoon -- leaving the girl with no nose or ear. Her great-aunt and uncle, Sharon and Tim Ponce from Spring Lake, Mich., saw the horrific story of her disfigurement on the TV news and stepped in to adopt Charlotte and her older brother Marshall.
Now, a decade later, Charlotte, 11, is undergoing a revolutionary surgical procedure that will recreate the ear that she lost in the animal attack. Previously, Charlotte had a prosthetic ear put in by a doctor at another hospital and it got infected,a€? Geary said. Charlottea€™s ordeal began in 2002, when she and her brother Marshall, now 13, were left alone in a pool barn, which her parents had converted into an apartment.
Courtesy Beaumont Childrena€™s HospitalCharlotte Ponce with her mother before surgery to create a new ear at Beaumont Childrena€™s Hospital in Michigan.
The Ponces found out about the accident while at church when someone left a message for them that Charlotte had been bitten by a raccoon. The children were taken into protective custody after the accident, according to the Ponces, who were already raising two boys, now 30 and 26. Courtesy Beaumont Childrena€™s HospitalCharlotte Ponce, then 9, after plastic surgeons rebuilt her nose at Beaumont Childrena€™s Hospital in Michigan. Charlotte and her brother do not have a relationship with their biological parents today, Sharon Ponce said. KC Cohen, the Boston Childrens Hospital)Dominic Gundrum was born with a Tessier midline facial cleft and an encephalocele.
Shortly after Mary Gundrum found out that her unborn son was developing with part of his brain outside his skull, she found herself searching the internet to find out more about the baby's diagnosis and potential treatment. Instead, baby Dominic was born "screaming and kicking and full of life," but he had a Tessier midline facial cleft, which means the sides of his face didn't fuse together properly during early pregnancy, causing it to split down the middle. Click here to see Dominic's X-ray and other unusual conditions captured in medical imaging. Dominic was not in immediate danger, but potential life-threatening complications down the road for a child with his conditions included a puncturing of the sac or infection. Meara specializes in craniofacial surgeries like the one Dominic needed, having done three encephalocele surgeries in six years during his time in Boston.
He said that the occurrence of a Tessier midline cleft and an encephalocele together in one person is a rarity.
Surgeons would have to move the brain into its proper position, close the two halves of Dominic's face, and create a floor for Dominic's brain (and a roof for his mouth). He added that about 80 percent of the world's population doesn't have access to surgeons like Meara.
A child is born with a cleft every three minutes worldwide, according to Operation Smile, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in 10,000 babies in the United States are born with an encephalocele.
Despite a bout of possible fungal meningitis, which Meara said he thinks was perhaps not a true case of the illness, Dominic is doing well. Dominic still has some issues with his pituitary gland -- which was moved to its proper place during surgery a€“ causing problems with sodium levels, hemoglobin and water balance, Meara said.

Gundrum remembers one of her 11-year-old sons pulling a blanket over Dominic's face in a store shortly after Dominic was born so that shoppers wouldn't say anything mean about his deformities.
Meanwhile, “his sons Brody and Brandon have been so supportive of their dad, and are very proud of Bruce. As Radar reported, Kim Kardashian also has lost the trust of her entire family, and patriarch Bruce, after speaking about his transformation during a recent interview.
After Kylie starting posting photos on Instagram of her plumped-up lips, fans and doctors started speculating she had gotten some work done. Kylie looks really pretty on the cover, wearing her black and gray hair in a flawless blowout. If you love Kylie’s big lips, here are expert tips on how to achieve the look with makeup. Stephen Colbert has a weird looking ear due to an ear tumor he had when he was ten years old. Kate Bosworth, Jane Seymoour, Dan Aykroyd, Mila Kunis, Christopher Walken and Kiefer Sutherland all have Heterochromia Iridium which is a medical condition where an individual has different-colored eyes.
Actress and former host of Top Chef Padma Lakshmi has a large scar on her right arm which was the result of a car crash when she was fourteen years old.
Kate Hudson and Halle Berry are two of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, yet they have very strange feet. Joaquin Phoenix's Weird Scar Thingy-The scar between Joaquin Phoenix's lip and nose is obvious.
The scars that mark Nigerian born singer Seal have long been rumored to be the result of a tribal scarification rite. The roaming gaze of the Internet usually looks with approval upon Megan Fox, but today, at least according to Google, the web can only focus on one thing: she's got kinda stubby thumbs. Mark Wahlberg embraces his third nipple, which often poses a problem for his bare-shirted film scenes. Karolina Kurkova, a Victoria's Secret Angel, is perfect in every way, except she is missing a belly button. Denzel Washington broke his pinky finger on his right hand during a childhood basketball accident and never had it set correctly, resulting in the finger healing in a crooked position. Outrageous News Headlines That Prove The World Isn't Normal (26 pics)Looks Like a Normal House? The six- to eight-hour operation began earlier today and is expected to be finished by around 2 p.m. Kongkrit Chaiyasate, who has already crafted a new nose for Charlotte, will build an ear by cutting cartilage from her ribs, a procedure that has been done only twice before. Dominic also had an encephalocele, a rare cranial abnormality that means a sac of brain tissue and fluid formed outside the skull.
Thanks to a six-hour craniofacial surgery, the only sign of Dominic's birth defect is the thin scar on his forehead that fades with each passing day. John Meara, the chief plastic surgeon at Boston Children's Hospital, led the surgery that saved Dominic's face this December, prompting the family of 10 to move from Milwaukee to Boston for five weeks in December.

Before that, he worked at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, where he researched craniosynostosis, or birth defects associated with skull development. Blood loss during the surgery was a concern because Dominic only had about 650 ccs of blood in his entire body a€“ about as much as "two cans of Coke," Meara said.
In the three weeks Dominic has been home in Milwaukee, Meara has checked on him with a camera-equipped robot in the Gundrums' home.
But Gundrum took the blanket off and taught her son to show others he was proud of Dominic the way he was. In 1978, Hall had to have both of his legs amputated as a result of an accident in which an 18-wheeler truck crushed his car. Her navel simply does not exist.Karolina's absent navel is the result of a childhood surgery gone wrong. The finger is still crooked to this day, bent at the bottom knuckle a full 45 degrees outward from his other fingers.
Dominic's encephalocele filled the space between the cleft in his face, splitting his nose in two with a fluid-filled bubble and causing some of his brain matter to sag into his mouth.
Because of Melbourne's proximity to Southeast Asia, where many children are born with clefts and other birth defects, Meara got a lot of practice treating them. Operation Smile has provided more than 200,000 free surgeries for cleft palates, lips and other facial deformities in more than 60 countries to date.
Her 13-year-old daughter would later comment that she thought normal babies' noses were "weird" because she was so used to seeing Dominic's split button nose.
Daily we add hundreds of pictures, dozens of videos, flash games, celebrities and other great stuff. The accident also caused the gasoline tank of the car to explode, causing burns over 65% of his body. This involved the surgical breaking of the bone in his leg, followed by several months of wearing a steel brace which required self-administered "stretching" of the leg four times daily. It has long been thought that Joaquin was born with a cleft lip and the scar is the result of corrective surgery. The extreme scarring on Seal's face and scalp are the result of a skin condition known as discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE).
Tilda Swinton, who played the White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, said she was "proud" of her third nipple which she calls her "witch's mark" and used to threaten her brothers with it.
It took the Boston Children's Hospital team only six hours, compared with the 18-to-20 hours it took doctors when they first started doing these procedures in the 1970s, Meara said.

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