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PureFirme uses a controlled combination of Vacuum Targeted Radio Frequency and PhotoDynamic (Light) Therapy to precisely target and heat the collagen fibres within the treatment area.
Fibroblasts (the cells that create new collagen) are stimulated to create new, fresh, supple collagen.
As the collagen contracts and is restructured, the dermal tissues are lifted and plumped, achieving a more supple, youthful appearance. Vacuum targeted radio frequency with electronic impedance matching continuously monitors the impedance within the dermal tissues and adjusts the energy output to ensure optimal therapeutic effect, whilst also maintaining complete safety.
Loose skin due to weight loss or ageing of the supporting tissues appears wrinkled and lifeless.
The PureFirme Skin Tightening treatments achieve immediate lifting and tightening effects as existing collagen fibres contract, as well as longer lasting tightening, smoothing and lifting as new collagen is produced. A massage oil is applied to the treatment area, then the PureFirme Face and Neck Lift treatment commences. The RF energy also selectively denatures (breaks down) the old, inflexible collagen and stimulates the re-growth of fresh, healthy and flexible collagen fibres. The Photodynamic Therapy energy is absorbed gently by the skin, conditioning and toning the surface tissues to provide a more even skin tone and youthful glow. The laying down of fresh, new collagen fibres results in skin remodeling, taking place over 3-6 months and lasting up to two years, although “top up” treatments every 6-9 months can prolong this effect. If you are a healthy adult, over the age of 18, the answer is usually a resounding “YES”!!!
Current or history of skin cancer, as well as any other type of cancer, or pre malignant moles.
Diseases which may be stimulated by light at the wavelengths used, such as history of Systemic Lupus, Erythematosus, Porphyria and Epilepsy. Patients with a history of diseases stimulated by heat, such as recurrent Herpes Simplex in the treatment area, may be treated only following a prophylactic regime.
Any active condition in the treatment area, such as sores, psoriasis, eczema or undiagnosed rashes. Facial laser resurfacing and deep chemical peeling within the last 3 months, if face is treated. Any surgical procedure in the treatment area within the last 3 months or before complete healing. If you are in any doubt and the answers to your questions are not contained within this site, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss the treatments with you in more detail. Gentle oils or cooling gel (dependent upon area being treated) will be applied to the treatment area. The PureFirme treatment is then configured and the treatment head applied to the treatment area.
The machine is then switched on and the treatment head is moved across the targeted area(s) several times to ensure complete coverage. After treatment the skin will be cleaned of all oils and gel, leaving the skin feeling smoother, more supple and rejuvenated. The PureFirme treatments leverage radio frequency energy in much the same way as Axent, Thermage and other RF-based skin tightening treatments. Gradual improvement of the treated area can be seen following the first treatment – with the skin surface of the treated area feeling smoother, more supple and tightened. After completing your course, it is recommended to periodically have maintenance treatments. Most clients have told us that the treatment is extremely comfortable and pleasant, feeling like a gentle tissue massage, followed by a deep heating sensation beneath their skin. Most patients find the PureFirme treatments extremely comfortable and liken them to a warm deep tissue massage.
Due to the non-invasive nature of our PureFirme Skin Tightening treatments, our treatments are suitable for both men and women that wish to look their best and do not wish to endure the costs and risks of cosmetic surgery. My friends thought I'd had surgery!I had felt like my face was giving way to gravity so was looking for a treatment that would lift and add tone back to my face.
Here at Sussex Laser Lipo we pride ourselves on providing a professional and friendly service, with a range of pricing options to suit everyone. Equally, with advancements in non-surgical devices, many who perhaps do not feel ready for surgery can now opt for non-invasive alternatives for effective neck lifting results. Ultherapy adopts ultrasound technology to heat the lower levels of skin, stimulating collagen production to plump and lift the skin. Infini receives rave review from PHI patients, harnessing radiofrequency and mirco-needling tools to decrease laxity within the skin and working to remove fine lines and wrinkles. While Precision TX is still technically surgery, it is minimally-invasive and is a day case, allowing patients to go home after the procedure. Mr Shaaban the aims the laser fibre toward the skin, heating it to around 40 degrees Celsius to firm and lift the neck.

To find out more neck lift maintenance options, or to discuss non-surgical face and neck lifting, please call 0207 034 5999 today.
An iGuide neck lift (also known as a trampoline neck lift) is a minimally invasive procedure used to reposition and tighten the skin and soft tissue around the neck. Traditional neck lifts were carried out through a process of cutting and repositioning the muscles and soft tissue. It can take up to a month to make a full recovery from the iGuide neck lift surgery and you ought to refrain from exerting yourself physically during this time. Silhouette-Softa„? facelift is a safe, convenient alternative to traditional facelift surgery.
A Silhouette-Softa„? facelift is designed for people experiencing early signs of ageing, such as minor facial sagging.
During a Silhouette-Softa„? facelift, our cosmetic doctor inserts Silhouette-Softa„? threads into the face through.
All Silhouette-Softa„? threads are manufactured in Michigan, USA, and are subject to rigorous sanitary controls. Silhouette-Softa„? facelift is an excellent complement to other cosmetic treatments, such as dermal fillers and Botox. After Silhouette-Softa„? facelift, your cheeks will appear slightly elevated and will show more volume. As with any aesthetic treatment, slight swelling, redness or bruising can occur a€“ but this disappears within a few days. The best candidates for Silhouette-Softa„? facelift are those who are in good physical condition, with reasonably normal skin thickness. Younger patients, looking for subtle changes with brow or cheek, jowls or neck sagging, or those wishing to delay signs of ageing are also excellent candidates.
Dr Bong is a very warm, caring man, who takes the utmost care with his procedures, giving time to answer any concerns you may have.
Vicky, 65 years old; Facelift, Neck lift, Brow lift, JowlVicky came to see me with a friend and what a hoot, such a fun lady. Day Fourteen after facelift surgeryA week later and Vicky has come back for review of her bruising.
This ensures direct delivery of the RF energy to the treated area to achieve optimal skin tightening, conditions and toning results.
The PureFirme technology generates heat in the subcutaneous layer, causing the existing active collagen to contract, delivering immediately tighter feeling skin. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst also providing tighter, plumper firmer feeling skin. This means they work immediately during each treatment but, in order to achieve optimal results, a series of treatments is required over a period of weeks. During this we will discuss how you would like to improve your appearance and the likely length of treatment required and how those areas will be targeted by the treatments.
This is to ensure optimal transmission of the therapeutic energies into the dermal tissues.
However, the unique combination of PDT with the latest and most advanced vacuum targeted radio frequency technology, enables PureFirme to deliver the best non-surgical face and neck lifting and skin tightening results possible.
Like any non-surgical or surgical aesthetic techniques, the results will last longer if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly, as this provides a stronger platform to maintain your new, healthier complexion. The treatments are customised to accommodate your sensitivity and comfort level, which will be closely monitored by the technician throughout the treatment. The combined energies applied by the PureFirme are extremely safe and the entire process is completely non-invasive.
Each treatment lasts between 20 and 30 minutes, so we recommend you relax and enjoy the warming sensation of the treatments as they work to rejuvenate your skin. The PureFirme Skin Tightening Treatment is extremely effective at rejuvenating loose skin after significant weight loss.
I got that and more… I feel like years have been taken off my face, friends have commented on how well and young I’m looking, even thinking I’ve had surgery! We specialise solely in providing non-invasive inch loss and aesthetic treatments to clients across the South East of England. It elevates the features and works against gravity, creating a much more youthful appearance. As well as having a full scale of surgeons on board who perform various surgical procedures, we are also lucky enough to have fully-trained clinicians on board to a broader spectrum of indications, including skin laxity and ageing. Leading UK surgeon for Precision TX, Mr Hassan Shaaban, makes a small incision the size of your baby finger, then uses a small laser fibre to heat the fat cells beneath the skin. This relatively new and innovative procedure offers natural looking results with virtually no scarring and quicker recovery times than those found with traditional neck lifts. It is an area where skin can begin to lose its elasticity and sag, leading to the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Designed to be less invasive, it can reduce sagging around the cheeks, jawline, and neck more quickly and with less risk than the conventional approach.
This innovative facelift procedure can be performed in just one hour, with only local anaesthetics.
These threads attach to the skin tissue and are then pulled back to lift and smooth the face. Silhouette-Softa„? facelift is a lunch-time treatment that can be carried out in 30-60 minutes. Fully certified, the materials of Silhouette-Softa„? have been used for many years in surgery. Silhouette-Softa„? thread is a natural substance that counteracts the loss of volume which afflicts ageing skin. The latter can continue to be injected during Silhouette-Softa„? facelift a€“ as well as after treatment.
During the consultation our cosmetic doctor will examine your face and show you the instruments and the threads to give you a better understanding of the treatment. You may notice tightening of the jowl lines and lifting of the eyebrows, and if you have opted to have the neck lift - the skin in your neck much tighter. If you have had a surgical facelift previously, but are again experiencing sagging skin, you may still be a good candidate for the Silhouette-Softa„?.
Dr Kieren Bong offers skin treatments including wrinkle reduction, dermal fillers and skin peels. She is really bruised as she needed to go back to theatre the evening after surgery to stem bleeding from the tissues on both sides. At her one week review, my friend and colleague, Cosmetic dermatologist Dr Tapan Patel performed a specific laser treatment we are trialling to speed up absorption of bruising. This enables the time needed in between treatments for the body to react naturally to the stimulating effects of the therapies and re-construct the tissues being targeted to naturally achieve the objective; smoother, tighter and more supple face, cheeks, forehead and neck. Following the consultation and the completion of a medical questionnaire, photographs will be taken to enable us to monitor your progress. Once the course is completed, final results in lifting of the face and neck, skin rejuvenation and tightening will be most apparent after 6-8 weeks. In severe cases, more than one course may be required to achieve the desired results, but this is something we can discuss with you during the free consultation. If you have any specific questions or requirements, please contact us for more information. For even longer-lasting results, however, many find neck lift maintenance treatments a great method of retaining the fantastic effects of surgery.
Special threads are used during this facelift to discreetly hold repositioned skin and facial tissue in place after the procedure.
The procedure is suitable for all skin types a€“ allergic reaction tests have been negative throughout clinical studies. You will have ample time and opportunity to discuss your concerns and outline your expectations. However, it is advisable to avoid exaggerated facial movements and deep tissue massage for 2 weeks. The process provides rejuvenation but, at the same time, maintains the mobility and vivacity of your facial expressions.
She agreed to pack up the cigarettes and I agreed to perform a facelift, neck lift, brow lift, jowl and chin liposuction, platysmaplasty and upper eyelid blepharoplasty. This was undoubtably secondary to over medicating with anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen) in the lead up to surgery.
Your skin may also appear redder than usual for several hours, but this subside very quickly. We use the most advanced technology available and have one of the most experienced technicians in the country providing treatments, so you are in extremely safe hands. And while Silhouette Soft facelift generally produce noticeable results almost immediately and with less risk and inconvenience than more intensive procedures, the costs of this treatment are quite reasonable compared to traditional options. She was at greater risk of complications with her smoking history and use of non steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, but she was fully informed of this before hand and decided to go ahead.
Despite this setback, and with exceptional stoicism and her characteristic good humour she has recovered well.
Just a little laser resurfacing and prescription skin care to go and her transformation will be complete.

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