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Anne 61, Facelift, Neck lift , platysmaplasty, Liposuction, upper eyelidsAnne had previously undergone upper eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty when she came to consult me about her neck and jawline. Morning after Facelift, Neck lift , platysmaplasty, Liposuction, upper eyelid surgeryIt still amazes me how ‘well’ my patients look the morning after significant facial plastic surgery. 10 Days after full face CO2 laser resurfacing and lateral temporal browliftThese photos are 10 days after the 6 month ones above.
Maggie, 68 Facelift Neck lift platysmaplastyMaggie sought my help with her jowls and neckline. Morning after Facelift Neck lift platysmaplasty surgeryMaggie just breezed through her surgery.
Two weeks after surgeryMaggie, looking wonderful, popped in to see me before her wedding next week. Four weeks after surgery4 weeks after her facelift Maggie is back a newly married lady and looking so lovely. The goal of the facelifts I perform is to achieve a dramatic and natural result with minimal scarring. The incision differs from the S-Lift by extending the incision in to post-auricular region to hide the dog-ear behind the ear and to provide for greater plication of the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) and skin excision. The difference between the Facial Lipo-Lift and a traditional facelift is that the procedure is performed with local anesthesia, there is only a preauricular flap with limited undermining and plication, and the neck is managed by liposuction without scissor undermining or plication of the platysma muscle, Dr. The second type is called the Extended Facial Lipo-Lift, and is described as a traditional Webster-style facelift performed under local anesthesia combined with liposuction of the neck. Heidi 42, Facelift, Necklift, Browlift, Upper blepharoplastyEvery time somebody walks into my consultation room, I get a little excited. Morning after Facelift, Neck, Browlift, Upper blepharoplastyIt is 15 hours after Heidi’s surgery under local anaesthetic. Four weeks after surgery3 weeks on and a confident stunning girl walks through the door, Heidi is back, and a celebrity in the waiting room as she is surrounded by patients at various stages of their surgical journey! Three months after surgeryHeidi came to see me today  beaming after being offered a new job. The FDA has given its blessing to a device that uses ultrasound technology to erase the worry from your forehead. Ulthera’s DeepSEE technology combines the ultrasound imaging and therapy, channeling that energy into your forehead. We couldn’t find any cost estimates for this process, but we can guarantee it will be cheaper than the surgery it could eventually replace.
And if it turns out it doesn’t wipe away the worry, maybe the DeepSEE technology can show us where those little voices in our heads are coming from.
The Romans preferred to use gold-colored eye shadow which was made from saffron and painted onto the area around the sides and under their eyes.
Figure conscious persons who are aware of the importance of smart good looking body shape wants to get there lost figure and shape by getting removed extra deposited fat by Liposuction technique . Lipolysis solution is first of all injected into the fat layer in good amount this is to facilitate fat suction through small bore cannula.
5 to 10mm cut is given, liposuction cannula is passed through this hole in to the fat layer.
After the procedure is over pressure dressing is applied to obliterate the dead space and allow the skin to fix with the deeper layers. POST OPERATIVE: During the post operative period patients is required to use compression garments .

REPEATED LIPOSUCTIONS AT SHORTER INTERVALS:(RLSI) This is my modification to the exciting liposuction procedures.
Need for modification to the exciting technique of liposuction was felt after seeing lots of bulky patients from Punjab and Northern India. She has attractive small features in her mid and upper facial thirds but the lower face and neck was dominant and overshadowed these.
In my opinion, the horror story pictures of drains, black eyes and swelling really should be confined to the 1980’s!
After her hair is washed we can already get a glimpse of how her jawline and necklines have been recovered and resculpted. She wanted to regain her natural good looks and thought it was time to freshen up her appearance. I have noticed anecdotally that those who control their nerves and approach their procedure pragmatically knowing that we are there for them all the way do better.
Fully made up there is very little bruising on the face and her swelling has really settled by meticulously following post op instructions.
We have performed a light peel on her skin and a little botox in the forehead to soften the frown lines.
The first, referred to as the Facial Lipo-Lift, consists of facial and neck liposuction combined with a vertical vector, anterior short-scar facelift.
Before (left) and after (right) pictures of a patient who had an Extended Facial Lipo-Lift performed by Dr. In contrast with the non-extended version of the Lipo-Lift, the extended procedure includes an incision that extends 4 to 6 cm into the occipital scalp to form a post-auricular flap that allows for plication of the platysmal muscle and excision of excess neck skin. Everyone of my patients has a story behind their search for cosmetic facial surgery, and for me, the opportunity to explore this, get to know some wonderful people and ultimately improve their image and confidence, is the lifeblood that makes me spring out of bed every morning. Brow or forehead lift surgery, the 22nd most performed procedure in 2008, was going for $3,000-$8,000. Of course, if I erase those furrows, there will no longer be any visible signs that I’m thinking.
In experienced and expert hands of a certified cosmetic surgeon, this is quite safe and simple operation. With this technique we can do liposuction frequently in those patients who wish to get in shape and figure by reducing from many parts. We undertook a face and neck lift, revision upper blepharoplasty, platysmaplasty and submental liposuction and subplatysmal lipectomy.
The neck is obviously bruised but then she did have a lot of work to refine her neckline and vigorous liposuction.
Her eyes are open and refreshed, her mid face is nice and voluminous and her jaw and neck lines are defined. Her fresher complexion is obvious even at this early stage but the healing will take months to complete. Despite very little sleep, Maggie looks great, her jowls have lifted tot he mid face and her jaw and neck lines have been restored to their former selves. Just two weeks following face and neck lift and platysmaplasty she is well on the way to healing. The short scar incision extends from the sideburn inferiorly along the ear around the earlobe and up the post-auricular crease to the top third of the ear. Her bruising has settled and mostly hidden under her polo neck jumper, the under eye swelling is settling too.

This gold color was quite significant at the time because they saw themselves as the rulers of the Mediterranean. With to and fro controlled motions of the cannula, fat along with the fat cells is sucked out and collected in to the machine. Patients feel comfortable using pressure garment which is thin light and is worn under any type of dress. This technique is safe RLSI helps to suck out fat from more than one part at one time, for the remaining parts liposuction is carried out after 48-72 hours. To satisfy the needs of such patients "Repeated liposuctions at shorter Intervals" was designed. Her incisions are healing remarkably well and I suspect by 6 weeks, with good camouflage,  she might even be able to wear her hair up for her vows. I have zapped a couple of small bruises which remain deep in the neck which should disappear over the weekend.
Morganroth, MD, who is Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of California at San Francisco and Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif. A beautiful woman who, through no fault of her own, had prematurely facially aged through treatment for illness.
With this operation fat is suck out from almost all body parts within one week (instead of waiting for 3-6 months or more). Her eyes are more open following her revision upper blepharoplasty and her face shape has transformed from an ageing rectangle to a youthful oval. I use this gallery a little like a blog to discuss various concepts around facial rejuvenation surgery which I hope will be helpful for anyone considering facelift surgery anywhere in the world. Unfortunately I had no available space before her big day so I fitted her in to a last minute slot that became available due to illness.
I have pulse dye layered her bruising today and injected a little botox into the frown lines. I won’t go into any further detail here, as I have Heidi’s permission to document her story in more detail which I will publish shortly, but suffice to say, this is one lady who it has been an honour to have met and treated. She has had very little relaxation following her initial result which means her lift should have great longevity. Anne is such a kind and modest lady, she looks really refreshed but doesn’t want to look at her photos in clinic.
I think I may be my own worst critic, despite uniquely performing facelift surgery and over 50% of those cases being revision of others work, I am yet to be 100% happy with any procedure I have done - there is always room for learning and improving. Morganroth has developed the Facial Lipo-Lift and Extended Facial Lipo-Lift techniques, and Dr. This is a small horseshoe shaped bone above the voice box, the position of which is really important in neck lifting.
The day I refer to myself as an expert is the day complacency has set in, when that happens focus is lost and results suffer. A low hyoid bone (as in Anne’s case) means the chin-neck angle achievable is limited by the underlying voice box cartilage. I am acutely aware that I am only as good as the last facelift I have performed which fuels my hunger to refine, innovate and improve my results.

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