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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is a hot choice in plastic surgery, and a specialty of Dr.
The breast implant is the basis of the tailored results achievable with the fat transfer in breast augmentation. The final volume after an autologous fat transfer, the technical term for transferring fat from one place on your body to another, is not perfectly predictable.
This entry was posted in Breast Augmentation and tagged Breast Augmentation LA, Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation, NaturalPlus Breast Augmentation. Removal of fat at the time of liposculpture surgery provides an opportunity to collect the fat in a sterile and anaerobic fashion and then recycle this tissue for purposes of structural support and natural augmentation of other areas of the body. The mechanism of this effect is thought to be due to the expression of growth factors by transplanted adipose cells through the action of naturally-occurring mesenchymal stem cells within the stromal vascular fraction of the fat which is also transferred at the time of fat transfer. Newswise — After 20 years of debate and controversy over fat grafting to the breast finally it has gotten the seal of approval from the prestigious American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Body fat transfer is a natural alternative to breast augmentation and is ideal for women interested in more modest, natural looking results compared to silicone implants that can increase the bust size significantly. Bednar Cosmetic Surgery offers one of the latest advances in breast augmentation surgery in Charlotte, NC that uses a patient’s own body fat to enhance the figure. As an added benefit, liposuction is used to remove the fat that will be used in the fat transfer to augment certain areas of the body. A fat cell transfer for breast augmentation is slightly more expensive compared to a silicone implant procedure; however a fat cell transfer is two procedures in one (augmentation and liposuction) and offers results that will last a lifetime.
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New techniques in fat transfer and stem cell augmentation have made fat transfer a viable and successful option for many people. Using advanced technology and technique, fat is carefully harvested from unwanted areas of the body and transferred to the places you do want it. No other procedure offers the beautiful, natural looking, long term results that are achieved with natural buttocks augmentation.

While there are many options for improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, none offer the permanent benefits of fat transfer. Over your lifetime, you can spend thousands and thousands on artificial dermal fillers that only last for a few months. Safe and completely natural, fat transfer for the hands is a long lasting solution for patients who have hands that have a veiny or bony appearance. Natural Augmentation procedures require both the skill and artistry of an experienced physician to achieve exceptional results. Working with the patient to find the right size and type of implant is vital to creating a good result, but even then a standard augmentation may not give us the upper pole volume we’d like to see.
As it is a natural substance and your body’s own fat, your body may reabsorb the transferred fat. Rockstar Beauty is one of the few plastic surgery practices with a Vectra XT-3D, an imaging system that creates a 3D model of your breasts. You may discuss your goals and concerns at the time of your consultation, further explore and understand the risks and benefits of these additional procedures.
Edward Bednar, a board certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of practice experience, Bednar Cosmetic Surgery of Charlotte specializes in body and facial rejuvenation procedures and treatments. As we age, we lose volume to areas such as the face, breasts, buttocks and hands, making us look and feel older than we are. Fat from unwanted areas can be transferred to other parts of the body to permanently restore volume with a youthful, natural looking appearance without traditional invasive surgery. Natural breast augmentation is an excellent option for women who want to restore lost volume and enhance their appearance without the un-natural look or feel implants. This procedure can be enhanced with your own adult stem cells that are transferred for optimal results, faster recovery, and improved skin tone. The natural face augmentation procedure takes carefully harvested fat from other parts of the body and reintroduces it to the face to restore lost volume and give a younger, more refreshed appearance. As an example, 250cc of fat may be transferred to the breast, but after six months the net improvement may only be 175cc.
In the past the approach has been to lift, nip and tuck the loose skin which often yields unnatural looking results.

Fat transfer is a natural option that takes fat from unwanted areas of the body and moves it to the places you do want to permanently increase volume and create a rounder, more desirable shape.
Not only can a fat transfer enhance the outcome of a breast augmentation, the use of liposuction can allow for advanced body sculpting to create a total body silhouette enhancement. Khouri, MD, FACS of the Miami Breast Center, a pioneer in breast reconstruction and natural breast enhancement. Natural augmentation is a procedure where fat from other parts of the body is injected into the hands for a fuller, more youthful appearance. While a standard breast augmentation utilizes breast implants alone, the NaturalPlus Breast Augmentation uses fat extracted from the patients PLUS a breast implant to create a truly custom enhancement. The May issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the ASPS, published a new study that "shows that Brava breast expansion enables the transfer of large volumes of fat in a single session safely and effectively while ensuring a very high survival rate, with augmentation volumes comparable to implants and the added benefit of a more natural appearance and feel." Fat transfer to the breast has become increasingly popular in recent years and has been experimented with by several plastic surgeons only to find that the volume of fat that can be transferred is limited with low rates of fat surviving. Grewal feels the use of the breast implant provides a stable baseline result that can be tailored and improved with his fat transfer techniques. The study noted that "preparation of the recipient breast by external expansion is the key missing ingredient." Traditional Method During a fat transfer to the breast procedure, fat is obtained by liposuction from one part of the body and transferred to the breast. The reason is simply that there is not enough room within the breast for the fat to survive and thrive. Khouri also has a variation of this technique for breast reconstruction patients with amazing results.
The Comparison One Year Later Furthermore, the study showed that after one year, women who underwent the BRAVA + AFT procedure, had their breast volume increased by an average of 230 cc.
Fat transplantation alone without pre-expansion, according to previous studies, had an average breast volume increase of only 130 cc.
Other plastic surgeons have reported similarly good results using the BRAVA external tissue expander.
Khouri, MD, FACS, a world-renowned plastic surgeon and pioneer in fat transfer to breast and reconstructive microsurgery.

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