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I had no confidence in implants made of unverifiable Brazilian materials either in Brazil or in Germany, unlicensed sometimes in their own country or in other European countries, and never had confidence in the debated French implants. Earlier only the Hungarian representative of the MENTOR Company assured it for me with proper versatility and reliability that for each operation a surplus of any possible implant size and type was available all the time. In 2004 the Mentor had assured a lifetime exchange guarantee for their implants, extending it even with a 5 years retrospective range, meaning that they provide a free implant if it has to be exchanged due to the aging of the implant or any quality reclaim. Over and above, if the original implants were bought also from the Hungarian distributor of Mentor, he provided free implants in numerous cases of implant exchange where the indication was clearly aesthetical (e.g. I consider the sizing of the different Mentor models as good and as the most practical compared to other brands for most of the patients, in case of the most frequent aesthetic expectations and anatomic conditions. A unique technical development of the Mentor company was the postoperatively adjustable size double chamber implant with a remote injection dome for its filling, the so called Becker expander implant, useful for reconstructive procedures (e.g. The Mentor Company didn’t ask me to write this statement, nor did their Hungarian distributor.
Unlike round implants, MENTOR MemoryShape Breast Implants have a teardrop shape, much like the silhouette of a natural breast. In the clinical trial, the implants were shown to be safe and effective in both reconstruction and augmentation patients at six years, with a low rate of adverse events, such as rupture and capsular contracture Baker grades III and IV. The implants are available in a range of sizes and can be sized using the company’s BodyLogic System, an implant sizing system that helps surgeons determine the right breast implants for their patients. Mentor ImplantsAt MYA we are committed to the provision of first class products and services for our patients.
Mentor Silicone Gels are cohesive polymers – soft and fluid in feeling but the gel acts as a unit. With respects to the profile you wish to achieve, you and your surgeon may choose a round or contoured implant. Saline implants are FDA approved filled with a saltwater solution similar to the fluid that makes up most of the human body. At Yarrow Bay Plastic Surgery we can work together to help you choose the right implants for your body and desired outcome.
Breast augmentation isn't just changing your physical appearance; it represents a change in how you feel about yourself and your body. Mentor breast implants are available in a range of profiles, sizes, shapes, and textures to suit a variety of looks. Breast implant shells have either a smooth or textured surface; saline and silicone implants both have a silicone shell. For more information on breast augmentation, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. The health care provider featured on this page is a registered licensed physician in the state or country in which they practice.
The information on this site is not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment from a licensed medical practitioner. At that time I took the decision based on my previous experiences, on the comparison of the documentation of different products and my studies about the international experiences and publications. I had no confidence in a promoter looking for market access for a new French implant, whom I asked for satisfying literature of professional experiences and he could only tell that I should simply “trust him”! Nowadays already other Hungarian implant distributors provide this service (Natrelle, Nagor, Polytech). There are other brands, where the lowest implant profile is even lower than of the Mentor, and there are brands with less practical sizing for the everyday routine, because they have too much difference in height measured between two sequent profiles. I had only one single patient, whose Mentor implants were torn to pieces and had to be exchanged after her partner had stamped on her breasts with spiked shoes.

This is an opinion what I’d like to give for patients as information, to make my own work easier, to summarize my experiences and personal convictions, and to answer the everyday questions in my office.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its MemoryShape Breast Implants for breast augmentation in women at least 22 years old and for breast reconstruction. Overall, the 955 Core Study patients also had high satisfaction rates with their breast appearance, and 97% reported they would repeat the procedure. Mentor round gels are offered in 5 projections: low, moderate, moderate plus, high and ultra high projections. The profile of a breast implant refers to the level of forward projection from the chest in relation to the base width of the implant.
Textured breast implants were designed to reduce the chance of capsular contracture and prevent shaped implants from shifting in position. Once you have carefully made the decision and selected your plastic surgeon it is wise to have a general understanding of the procedure you are ready to take the second step of your breast augmentation journey: choosing your implants.
Be prepared at the time of consultation and write down all of your questions that have been popping into your mind.
If you are experiencing a serious medical condition call your local emergency services or your doctor. I have supposed that a good quality implant, which is safe even on the long run, will help my work. It was also a standpoint for my choice, how good the support and information for patients was in comparison to others, and what the distributor service was like, meaning the provision of implant stocks for the plastic surgeon. Since that time the company has brought out several exchange guarantee versions with different contents, with altering restrictions in relation to time periods, and different conditions for Europe and the USA.
As stated before, there exist different exchange guarantee programs also inside the Mentor Company, with different conditions for implants placed in the USA and e.g. I also tried the transaxillary placement (which is the most demanding for the implant shell) with other implants according to the wish of the patient, and their shell seemed to be less resistant and durable, so I was a little worried – but no damage occurred. The inner chamber can be filled and adjusted with a saline solution, and the outer chamber contains the silicone gel, that ensures a softer touch and prevents the loss of the saline solution during the years.
I had to exchange the injured Mentor implants for one of my patients years after she had suffered a car accident with frontal collision hitting the breasts hard. I believe, that only the plastic surgeon can sleep well every night and have a clear conscience, who can be sure, that the implants he placed will give the greatest possible safety for his patients even if he wouldn’t be practicing any more. Mentor is part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, recognised as one of the world’s most trusted companies. It does this because of a cohesive, gelatin- like substance that acts as a solid rather than a liquid maintaining its shape. Similarly, Mentor Contour Profile Gel breast implants or CPG offer 3 projections to match your unique physiology. Any decision to have cosmetic surgery should not be taken lightly and you should allow yourself plenty of time to reflect before going ahead with a procedure.
They are available in a wide variety of sizes and three projection options: moderate, moderate plus and high profile. Your Plastic Surgeon will evaluate your existing breast tissue to determine if you have enough tissue to accommodate the desired size of breast implant. Regarding only the aspects of implant quality, only two brands came into question, the products of Mentor and of McGhan-CUI, which were the leading and competing companies of the US market.
In these times it was common (I never organized it that way) that the majority of plastic surgeons sent the patients to buy the planned implants, and only these two were available for the operation even when it turned out during the surgery, that the ideal size or type was something else. Some years ago the merchant of a newly introduced French implant made the exclusive offer for me that I should pay only as much for an implant as I wanted to, even if it were 2 Forints, under the condition that I would use exclusively this implant.

Right in the back an empty implant which can be filled with saline solution, the saline often leaks during the years, and if properly filled its’ touch is harder than of a good quality silicone gel implant.
Recently the conditions have changed on the 1st of June 2011, which we found on the homepage of the distributor like this in December 2011 (no English version available). The Becker implant provides the natural touch of the silicone gel with the volume flexibility of a saline implant and the remote injection dome can be easily removed when the expansion is complete. I have visited the factory in the Netherlands where these implants are manufactured and investigated. Mentor is #1 worldwide leader in breast aesthetics and the leading manufacturer of implants for both breast reconstruction and augmentation.
Mentor have an extensive range of implants with more than 1,000 options which ensures the right fit for the right patient. You will be provided with detailed clinical information in any consultation ahead of surgery but further information can be found at Mentor saline implants are covered by Mentor's standard or enhanced limited warranty and lifetime replacement policy.
Your Plastic Surgeon will measure the patient and provide insight as to which implant would suit the patient’s frame and needs. Depending upon your desired look for your new breasts, your decision can vary the outcome significantly. By the summer of 2009 the production of the McGhan-CUI stopped, the Allergan company took over the product, the production of certain models discontinued, the manufacturing itself was placed to Costa Rica (but under the supervision of the FDA, government office of the USA), the guarantee and exchange of the previous implants became impossible. This system has also no guarantee for the rare incidents, if the implant can’t be used because it is defect, gets injured or will be simply dropped on the floor. Obviously he wanted to take an advantage of my name to gain more confidence for the customers for the relatively new implant lacking the try out experiences. The patient doesn’t have an easy job, if she has to find the guarantee conditions valid for her among the earlier and recent versions, according to the official Mentor website and the information of the national representatives. Most of the other companies who manufacture similar implants have the gel in the inside and the outer lumen is filled with saline, that is certainly less demanding, but these implants have a harder touch and are not durable. I was surprised to see that alongside the mass-production every single implant was investigated by a trained professional, and the most important steps had also the safety control and guarantee of the human eye and brain. With over 40 years experience in making implants and a 98% patient satisfaction rate, MYA have chosen Mentor implants for its outstanding and trustworthy reputation.
Although every cosmetic procedure carries inherent risk, Mentor offers one of the most comprehensive breast implant warranties available, the Patient Care Promise (Mentor Warranty Tab) and their products are associated with low rates of complications. Choosing a saline implant will give you a slightly firmer feeling breast than a MemoryGel implant. Their new Natrelle implants already have a lifetime exchange guarantee valid for implant shell rupture. Mentor also commissioned seven long-term breast implant studies in progress with over 200,000 patients enrolled to establish long-term safety and efficacy. It is also a subjective aspect, that I would never buy a French car for myself, since I like reliability.
It happened in the past years, that without informing the Hungarian distributor, a French manufacturer changed the sizing of the implants so, that identification number of the product in the catalogue wasn’t changed, and this became clear for me and for the distributor only in the course of an implant exchange of a patient, by the comparison of prior patient documentation and the new catalogue.

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