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After five years worth of plastic surgery including regular botox injections and hair transplants, this is what Sheldon looks like.. Was this a good idea that need to go further or a misguided idea that has gone way too far? People have turned to plastic surgeons to look like movie stars, cartoon characters, and even Mattel's Barbie doll.
Going by the name of Xiahn, the 25-year-old, whose name used to be Max, endured ten surgeries to get the desired look.
While studying in Korea, Xiahn noticed that some Koreans had surgery to alter the shape of their eyes to look more Western. After studying as a foreign exchange student in South Korea at Dongseo University, Max decided he wanted to fit in with the locals more.
Xiahn is only his Internet name, as he doesn’t want to bring any drama to his family or loved ones.
Xiahn has undergone 10 procedures on his eyes, including having the inner corner of his eyes closed up, and being injected with acid to make his eyes look puffier.

Xiahn did some modeling about 10 years ago, and already he has been approached about modeling his new look in Korea. Aside from looks, does anyone else find it bizarre to have plastic surgery to visually change your race?
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So I had my upper lip lifted [and] my bottom lip plumped out,” the musician told Closer. But a European man in Brazil charted new territory by having his eyes altered by a surgeon to look Korean. One of those surgeries was major, while the rest were smaller, more supplemental surgeries.
He also goes by Oriental Gaucho and lists Korean soap operas as one of his favorite things to watch. He also dyes his blonde hair brown and wears dark colored contacts to cover up his blue eyes.

Xiahn states that he still considers himself Brazilian, although he has plans to move to Korea soon.While response to Xiahn's new look have been mixed, he says he has no regrets. You might think all of Xiahn’s procedures cost a hefty sum of money, although in total Xiahn’s surgeries total around $3,100—sounds like a bargain for changing the look of your entire face. Now that he is missing it’s either he is pulling a publicity stunt or in real trouble possibly suicide.
Xiahn was amazed at how common plastic surgery is in Korea, where it is popular for men and women to have surgery on their eyes to look more Western. In addition to changing his eyes, he also began wearing contact lenses to change his eye color.
Now, if you passed Max on the street you wouldn’t even recognize him, or even his true race.

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