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HONnews posted a story about a study by plastic surgeons that found that most of post-bariatric surgery patientsare not made aware of their cosmetic options. ASPS states that many of the recipients might have chosen plastic surgery treatments had they been aware of the options. Out of the 25% of patients that discussed plastic surgery options with their surgeon, almost 40% said they may have gone through with cosmetic operations if they had been presented more information. Ruby roxx - ruby's blog, I wanted to make a wee post as recently my mental health has been all over the place.
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Kim Kardashian recently posted a photo to her Instagram to show her hot post-baby and a huge butt in just a tight bathing suit.
The photos are taken from nearly the same angle, you can clearly see that her butt much larger than before. Most of them are not aware of the cosmetic procedures available to them from plastic surgeons that can eradicate the physical remnants of their pre-surgery bodies. American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) researchers studied 284 patients that underwent weight loss via surgery. Not every bariatric surgery patient needs cosmetic treatment after their procedure, but Dr.
Fourteen-percent of patients received consultation from a plastic surgeon, and about 11% had plastic surgery for contouring. Nearly one-third of those polled said that the cosmetic procedures were too expensive and not usually covered by health insurance.
Although we are astonished to find Kim really lost much weight in just 4 months after given birth to North West, at the same time, the photo raised doubts among doctors that she might has done cosmetic surgery procedures! Given that the photos are taken before her pregnancy (above, left) and after given birth (above, left), if Kim said the truth that she didn’t take fillers.
Jennifer Walden is a Texas-based cosmetic plastic surgeon said Kim might have done “mommy makeover,” which are plastic surgery procedures to treat breasts and stomach post-pregnancy.

Jennifer also said, even without fillers, there’re many non-invasive procedures can get such result. They found that 75% of weight reduction surgery patients did not know about cosmetic treatments such as body contouring. Jason Spector, ASPS member and lead author of the study, feels that plastic surgery is a necessary step on the road to helping the patient feel comfortable in their new body.
Michael Potter, University of California, San Francisco professor for clinical family and community medicine, believes that exercise and time for healing are good options to weigh before seeking plastic surgery. Certainly this is not the desired results for Kim as she captioned “captioned “No Filter” for her photo. There’s only one suspicion left: her butt enlargement was resulted from her pregnancy?

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