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Girin Plastic Surgery is an organization driven by a mission of excellence in the provision of beauty — based on safety.
Filled with glittering skyscrapers, palaces, temples, wellness spas and plastic surgery clinics, South Korea is a buzzing hub of medical tourism and cosmetic surgery treatments.South Korea emerged as a world class plastic surgery destination in Asia offering the latest technological advancements at an affordable cost. The cost of plastic surgery in South Korea is very affordable compared to major plastic surgery destinations in Asia.
Of course there may be other cost factors included such as if the surgeon decides to add laser assistance or ultrasonic assistance. Do not hesitate to contact us when you have any questions about the cost of Venus liposuction. We do the liposuction using local anesthesia that infiltrates tumescent solution into the adipose layer while under conscious sedation. The operation is undergone under conscious sedation as well as tumescent local anesthesia so that it is almost painless.
3 days after the operation, you may take a shower, however, you should avoid taking a bath or swimming till 3~4 weeks after the operation.
It takes about 5~6 months for complete recovery from liposuction and stabilized adipose tissue.
If you undergo the tumescent technique liposuction, you may examine the effectiveness of your body shape correction immediately after the operation.
The purpose of liposuction is not the weight loss but the body shape correction, however, it has the effectiveness of weight loss somewhat.
In general, the number of scars after liposuction is 2~4, which are very small in hidden areas. We know that Korean women are very sensitive with scars so that we make the incision minimally and minimize surgical trauma, trying not to leave a scar.
In general, it is believed that winter is the better season to undergo the operation since it helps the prevention of infection compared with summer. The local anesthesia is safe but it can be rather uncomfortable to be awake during the operation. We do the operation under conscious sedation, which has no discomfort or inconvenience from using local anesthesia during the operation. Venus Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, specializing in the management of shape, is different from other clinics.
Liposuction, which is also known as lipoplasty(Suction lipectomy), is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed.
In Venus clinic, Most often, liposuction is performed on the torso(upper abdomen, lower abdomen, and waist), the upper limbs(shoulders, arms, armpits, and flanks), and the lower limbs(hips, buttocks, thighs, and knees). I had 2000 ml removed from my abdomen and waist and 1300 ml removed from  my arms and back. The doctor and consultant were very informative and explained the process thoroughly before I underwent surgery. I would definitely recommend Venus Liposuction Clinic to anyone who is looking to improve their body through fat removal.
The abdomen is the most commonly selected region for Liposuction, and it is considered as the most attractive region to undergo Liposuction considering the anatomical structure, aesthetical structure and patient's satisfaction. Since there is a wide and flat surface on the abdomen, it is necessary to do liposuction evenly.
It is rather difficult to approach the upper abdomen with a suction cannula due to fat fibrosis and it's sensitivity to pain. In cases of obese patients, abdominal plastic surgery including fat excision has been widely undergone, however, for patients whose abdominal stria are not seen or whose skin or fat laxity is not severe, only liposuction is favorable enough. Venus Clinic's characteristic of abdominal liposuction is the fact that it includes lower abdomen, upper abdomen, flank, waist, supracostal fat pad and subscapular back pad(bra fat). Thick and chubby arms make the body look fatter; however, thin arms have the opposite effects. In this category, Venus's liposuction includes circumferential arms, axilla, anterior-posterior axillary fat pads, and subscapula backs.
The size or shape of the thigh is not easily improved by diet or exercise compared with other parts, and it remains as it is when other parts become slim. Due to chubby thighs, sometimes there is no choice but to wear different sizes of clothes between the upper body and the lower body. For lateral regions of the thigh, generally, both the adjacent lower parts of buttocks and hips are simultaneously treated so as to obtain favorable results. Therefore, in order to prevent an unsmooth shape, tumescent anesthesia as well as a thin suction cannula are required. Those people whose buttocks are likely to have accumulated fat tend to have an indefinite boundary between the buttocks and thighs, so that it is normal to perform the liposuction of buttocks and thighs together.
As a matter of fact, as Venus's liposuction of the pelvic area and lower upper extremities includes hips, buttocks, circumferential thighs and knees, it is possible to contour the whole pelvis and lower and upper extremities at once. The uneven fat distribution of the leg is set genetically and it is not generally solved by exercise or diet.
However, if the development of the leg muscle as well as the thickness of the adipose layer are accurately perceived and it is undergone with a thin suction cannula, it can lead very favorable outcomes.
As people get older, fat is accumulated under the jaw, showing a double chin with low elasticity of skin, and the slender chin line disappears. The reason that tumescent liposuction of the jaw is preferred to face lift is that the microliposuction has less risk of scars and does not require general anesthesia; also, it is rapidly recovered from fewer traces of operation. In cases where the skin around the jaw is expanded, nowadays, in order to promote the contraction of expanded skin after liposuction, the third generation VASER Liposuction is used. General breast reduction plastic surgery has the disadvantages of long operation time under general anesthesia, postoperative pain, scars and a long recovery time, however, breast liposuction can reduce the breast size as much as the removed breast fat. Gynecomasia operations of Venus Clinic are characterized by a smooth, natural shape of the male chest appearance without visible scars. Large-volume liposuction clinically refers to the removal of more than 5,000 ml of total volume from the patient. By using the site, you are agreeing to our revised Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, including our cookie policy.

Another focus of having to divide areas is to decide the amount of liposuction possible in a session.
Venus liposuction costs can range from 1,000 to 6,000 USD( 1,000,000 KRW to 6,000,000 KRW) on average.
There is no risk of excessive usage of anesthetic and we do not do excessive liposuction in order to avoid danger to patients.
If it is undergone only with tumescent local anesthetic, it can cause some discomfort while injecting the anesthetic. However, immediately after the operation, due to tumescent anesthetic and edema, there could follow an increase of weight. However, if you do not manage your weight after the liposuction, the remaining adipose layer can gain fat again.
This amount is the abdominal region and flank at the same time or thigh of 70~80kg female patients. We, Venus Clinic, apply the TwoDoc liposuction, ( a dual system of  operation by two experienced surgeons) and it takes only between 40minutes and 1 and half hours regardless of the body parts. These surgical techniques are mostly named after the equipments that are used for the liposuction. Mostly the scars can be made on the underwear area, wrinkle of skin, existing scars and the area that can be covered with a swimming suit. Because only a few incisions are required for the insertion of the cannula, our method of facial and body recontouring leaves only minute scars, which are hidden in natural creases, so they are normally invisible.
There is a American report that the majority of patients (80 percent) were satisfied with their liposuction results. In the use of marketing, most hospitals confuse the patients with many surgical options with diverse equipments, however, the patients should be aware that the important thing is doctors' experiences and techniques, not the advanced machine.
After the surgery they told me in detail what I needed to do and not do in order to have a safe recovery and good results.
Since the thigh is cylindrical shape, it is necessary to remove the fat evenly throughout the whole parts with aesthetical sensitivity for favorable outcomes as well as well balanced body shape. The subcutaneous layer of the anterior thigh has a homogeneous character with minimal fibrous resistance so the cannula is easily passed through. The reason is that the fat layer is only one layer so it requires a minute operation, and it is the muscle of the leg and ankle that determines the silhouette, so it does not show a dramatic improvement in the pictures. Excessive liposuction can show the leg muscle form, which are the characteristics of men's legs.
With liposuction, the incision is made under the jaw or ear so that it is unlikely to be noticed. Otherwise, liposuction is applied after the direct exposure of Nd-YAG laser into the adipose layer.
Also, due to breast weight, body posture can be affected and there can be pain by degenerative changes in the neck, shoulder and back etc. Breast liposuction is an effective option that can reduce breast size with a fine cannula (less than 3mm of diameter) under local anesthesia without scars. Also, the ligament that keeps breast shape is effectively recovered so that the breast can maintain its shape. In a 2002 survey of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, however, 89% of surgeons reported that the new limited incision techniques and liposuction are trends that are here to stay.
Plastic surgeons perform liposuction by loosening the fat cells in the body before suctioning the excess fat and skin out.The results are smoother contours and toned body profile. Thee are many cities of south africa like Seoul (Capital of South Korea), is a preferred and leading destination for medical plastic procedures and offers world class quality medical services and procedures at an affordable cost, relaxing and comfortable accommodations and facilities as well as healthy foods all within a dynamic and exciting city!
For the purpose of safety and recovery, it is necessary to take a rest period of 3 to 4 weeks before liposuction of another area, the second session, is needed. Also, there is no risk of complications from a long operation time since the operation time is short owing to Two Doc liposuction and having lots of experience about liposuction surgery. Also, 24 hours after the operation when the fluid in the adipose tissue has somewhat drained, you may go back to work. 1 day after the operation, you may maintain normal life including driving or walking around.
If you manage your body weight well, there is no yoyo phenomenon, hence, we can say that you would not gain fat after the liposuction. It takes about 1 hour for Venus Clinic, when applying Two Doc liposuction, to remove this amount. Also, it is done under conscious sedation during the short operation time, which is safe and painless.
Depending on one's constitution, the scar can be rather dark on dark skin, but as time goes by, it can become almost invisible. In addition to this, under the dual system of two doctors, the operation does not take long so that the injection amount is less than other surgical methods. He undergoes joint study and discussion with nationwide hospitals to share  various information for better Liposuction results, so a lot of liposuction live surgery workshops for doctors have been held at his clinic. These regions usually persist in spite of proper diet and exercise, which contributes to the disproportionate appearance of the figure. Morevoer in Venus Clinic, whole abdomen gets 2 - 3 holes; entire thighs, buttocks, hips and knees get 2 - 3 hole on each side, arms get only 2 hole on each side of axilla. 7 days after the procedure, stitches should be out, and thereafter, you may take 'the post liposuction care' 1-2 times a week for 4 weeks in our Clinic. They did everything they could to make the process as comfortable and effective as possible. It is necessary to perform suction evenly on the deep layer and superficial layer of the lower abdomen, Also, even though the lower abdominal skin is loose, it is so elastic that it can retract after the operation, so it is unnecessary to remove the skin. Some parts inside of the arm do not have the fatty layer, so it is limitedly undergoes suction when it is considered to have cosmetic effects for excessive obese female patients. Since the upper part of the medial thigh is jelly-like, with little fibrous tissue, it is easily aspirated, which can be excessively removed so as to be unsmooth. Also, as people get older, the lower part of the buttocks becomes bigger and the ligament that supports buttocks is expands so that the buttocks come down naturally.

However, by removing of the lower part of the buttocks as well as reducing the weight and then removing the posterior thigh fat, the surgeon shortens the crease of the lower part of the buttocks and at the same time, does fat transfer to the upper part of the buttocks; then, the thighs look longer and the buttocks look raised. In many cases, the remarkably protracted shape is very rare and there is difficulty in performing liposuction since the leg is curved shape. It is very effective for those who do not want the long-term recovery period, scars and complications of the surgical options like facelift in particular.
In addition to this, it is undergone with a thin suction cannula so the skin will seem natural.
Furthermore the bra can show, and there can be skin disease, and it can hinder a stylish appearance. However, in cases of very big breasts that require over 50% of breast reduction or breasts that have a very expanded shape, this liposuction is not appropriate. South korean Seoul city alone is home to 56 major hospitals, as well as over 500 cosmetic plastic surgery clinics and 11 international clinics & centers. 3~4 days after the operation, you may do mild exercise but you are not allowed to do such exercises as jogging or tennis till 2~3 weeks after the operation.
Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious about weight control for the long-term operation effects. However, the satisfaction after the liposuction is determined by the remaining amount and distribution of fat so that it cannot be said these techniques guarantee the favorable outcomes.
Besides, it is undergone by two experienced doctors and an anesthesiologist is always available so it is safe. Liposuction works by removing excess fat deposits, which reshapes body contours and creates a better appearance, but it is not a body weight reducing procedure.
However, the upper abdominal region is not elastic enough and it cannot recover its shape after the operation. The aim of arm liposuction is to achieve the convenience for wearing the sleeveless clothes and to show thinner arms when stretching downward.
The hidden part of the axilla is incised for entrance of suction cannula and the front and back side of the axilla adjacent to the arm usually undergoes liposuction.
Although massive liposuction at one time has more risks of complications than separate liposuction procedures, if the tumescent technique and appropriate suction are applied, the risk can be lowered.
The purpose of the buttocks liposuction is to lessen the size and volume of the buttocks and to improve saggy appearance, it is necessary to be cautious in order not to lose the balance of the buttocks. Plastic surgery clinic in Seoul’s affluent Gangnam district has been issued a fine for displaying a decorative tower made of jaw and chin bones that were removed from patients during facial contouring procedures.
It is believed that the results of the operation ultimately depends on 'Mind and Experience' of the surgeon. It's aim is to improve cosmetic appearance, and not to remove as much fat as much as possible.
In addition to this, it is believed that the reason that the leg is a difficult area is because patients are likely to expect more than realistic outcomes. Venus clinic uses ultrasonic liposuction(VASER) for a time in this area to get through the fibrous tissue and for skin retraction. A single stitch is used to close the small incisions.The fat is suctioned from targeted area of the body through the tube to achieve a slim and balanced appearance.
The Gangnam district office on Wednesday required the clinic to remove the lobby exhibition and levied a 3 million won fine ($3,200 USD) for violating medical waste disposal laws.
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Costs in South KoreaBefore Surgery and AfterMuch of the South Korea’s impressive plastic surgery growth has been fueled not just by the quality of the services offered but also their lower costs. With devaluation of the won (the Korean currency) relative to the yen and dollar, Koran plastic surgery prices have trended even lower for recent visitors from nearby or distant countries. The longer the operation time, the riskier of complications from anesthesia, the more bleeding, the more intravenous fluid requirement.
Therefore, it is possible to discharge a patient 1 ~ 2 hours after the operation, which is a safe with rapid recovery.
Not surprisingly, the influx of foreign patients has responded with a surge even as the country’s internal demand has softened due to global recession. In particular, it is rather a burden for one surgeon to aspirate over 5,000cc of pure adipose tissue. Since two doctors do the operation simultaneously, it allows enough physical power to undergo and finish the operation accurately with smooth lines. To achieve this, The Line Plastic Surgery set up the overall system both internal and external, and is striving to found a joint hospital between Korea and China & to attract foreign patients. It is the very first clinic accredited by Korean government as a medical institution for international patients, and its quality management system is certified with ISO 9001 standards.
Equipped with up-to-date safety system as well as extensive clinical experience, JK has safely performed more than 40,000 cases of plastic surgeries since it was established in 1998. With its several plastic surgeons all of whom are board-certified, JK shows clinical excellence in overall kinds of plastic surgeries, among which facial bone contouring is especially strong. Trademark registered Plastic Surgery procedures – Multi-Dimensional Celebrity Plastic Surgery and Balance 4D Maxillofacial Surgery are designed to create a perfect face just like a celebrity you admire. Ara Tower 1317-20 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, KoreaTL Plastic Surgery & CentersTL is a human-centered clinic and top priority is trust and patient’s safety. TL’s philosophy is confidence in the apperance brings positive energy which can be the foundation to the happiness. TL Plastic Surgery pursues not only offering the highest satisfaction to each and every patient, but also becoming the best clinics in Korea with the latest medical knowledge and advanced technology. Your appearance of which you can be proud of, will leads you to have a winning attitude, which is the power of positiveness to make your whole lift richer and happier. TOPCLASS Cosmetic Surgery with South Korea’s first and best medical team consisting of plastic surgery specialists from Seoul National University and Samsung Seoul Hospital is aimed at natural and first-class changes with their up-to-date medical knowledge and sophisticated operation abilitay corresponding to their renown.
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