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The first thing that I look at was the website for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Then, I started talking with some doctors and realizing that the surgeon’s fee is only one part of the overall cost of the procedure. Just knowing the average surgeon’s fee and expecting it to be your final cost for the procedure is sort of like going to a restaurant because you know how much an entree costs and then realizing that you have to pay for your drink, valet parking, coat check, salad, dessert, and tip the waiter. Some things to calculate when budgeting for liposuction are anesthesia, operating room facilities, medical tests, prescriptions, post-surgery garments, and follow up treatments. Doctors recognize that plastic surgery is something that a lot of people fantasize about and need to have some way to make sure that they don’t spend all day just spitting out numbers (that’s why I’m here!) Some will deal with this curiosity by putting their prices directly on their website, with caveats of course indicating that prices vary by case. This isn’t just sales though, as I’ll tell you about in a bit, different surgeries cost different amounts and sometimes your image of what needs work won’t be the same as the experienced eye of your surgeon indicates.
While shopping around on the price of the surgeon is one of the easiest ways to reduce your overall liposuction costs, this isn’t necessarily an area where you want to look for the bargain basement. Somebody with less experience might not charge as much, but do you want a newbie doing your procedure? This is a good reason not to shy away from doing a couple of initial consultations – even if it costs more. Depending on how much work you are getting done, the type of liposuction that is being used, and the nature of the anesthesia and recovery you may be required to spend the night in the hospital or surgical center. You are definitely going to want some sort of anesthesia for traditional or laser assisted liposuction. The doctor performing your procedure is not the person who administers the anesthesia and so what you are paying for is not only the cost of the actual anesthetic itself but also the expertise of the person applying it.
The kinds of tests you will need before liposuction depend a lot on your medical history and current state of health. The costs for these tests can vary a great deal depending on location and the lab that administers them.
According to HealthCare BlueBook a routine set of pre-surgery lab tests costs an average of $137.
Also important to keep in mind is that a lot of health insurance companies won’t cover this lab work, even if they have covered similar blood work or pre-surgery labs before. Liposuction should have a pretty quick recovery time, but a lot of people don’t think about the fact that they will have to take some time out from their regular activities.
Here’s where I’m going to tell you again: your procedure costs depend on a lot of individual circumstances. Where in the US (or the world) you are having your lipo done has a significant impact on its cost. For example, abdominal liposuction in Yager, NY has an average cost of $6,800 while travelling into the city drops the average cost to $6,500. Here are a few examples of the cost of abdominal liposuction in different areas of the United States, showing how geography can make a difference. There are a number of ways to have liposuction (no, none of them involve home surgery!) and the different techniques can impact your final cost. Many people are excited about a newer liposuction alternative that uses laser or ultrasound technology rather than traditional methods.
To give you an idea of how the price can differ, I’ve put together a comparison of abdominal liposuction costs for the procedures in Miami. The take away here is to either plan ahead (or hold your horses, depending on how you look at it.) You might be able to get your services for less if you wait until an off-season when the surgeons have more spaces in their schedule to fill. As I’ve said before, “not all fat is created equal” and that leads to a related inequality in prices for different areas of the body. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons tells us that the average lipo cost in the US for 2013 was $2,866, but that averages people who need one small area with those that need five or more.
As I’ve explained, liposuction costs can vary greatly and depend on a load of different individual factors as well as larger geographical and market trends. A: The average cost for the full abdomen is $5,250 with the lower abdomen average at $2,250.
A: Thanks to the concept of ‘cankles’ you can expect to spend about $5,000 to have them treated. Whether you learned about the word cankles from Shallow Hal, Friends, or Amy Poehler, the term is now engrained in the English language and describes an area of the body with which many people have expressed distress.
A: The average price for the back is $2,700 per area (with a possible discount for multiple areas). The back is a hard place to exercise and can give you a bit of a humped or hunched look when it gets too fatty. This is the fat that is above your butt and behind both hips, so rather than your ‘love handles’ which are on your sides, this stuff is behind you on either side (posterior waist) and just above the tailbone (presacral).
The banana roll appears right under the crease of the buttock and is shaped like a banana (clever naming!) If you want to get more scientific when talking about it, you can also refer to it as inferior fat below the gluteal fold. Butts receive a lot of attention and it seems like some people are working to drop theirs while others are wishing with all their might that theirs would grow. This is one of the few types of liposuction for which there is any chance that your insurance will be able to help you out. You know you don’t need to show your bones, but you still feel like you could use a little tightening up. There, I found out that the average surgeon’s fee for liposuction in the United States was $2,866 in 2013.
So, even if I got the average priced surgeon for the most commonly performed procedure, it wouldn’t bring me close to understanding the full costs of liposuction. It all ends up costing a lot more and it’s better if you are prepared for it, otherwise you could be left having to wash dishes!
Also, since liposuction removes the fat that has been stretching out your skin, you may find that you need to budget for excess skin removal.
It is the largest chunk of the lipo bill and so is a major part of estimating your overall cost. If you talk to a few providers and two quote you $3,500 and one tells you they can do the same thing for $750 you shouldn’t necessarily jump at the lowest price.
On the other hand, somebody who has been doing it for 30 years may not be up to date on the latest technology or techniques, so would you prefer someone with more recent training? After all, of course the surgery has to be performed somewhere and I don’t think there is any other area of life where you are charged separately for the service and the room in which it is performed.

If the person doing your surgery does their procedures in their offices, there won’t be a separate charge. In fact, the surgery cannot be performed without, so this isn’t an option that can be ‘unchecked’ in order to lower your costs. The two most commonly ordered pre-surgery tests are a Complete Blood Count (CBC) to determine if you are anemic and a Coagulation Panel. The same CBC test in Brooklyn costs $16 at one location but $117 at another, so you will want to ask about these costs before having them done. Since liposuction is an elective surgery, they may exclude any and all costs associated with preparation, performance, and post-surgery needs.
You’ll be surprised by how often you were lifting things above that range without thinking about it.
Don’t worry though; I’m going to give you some ballpark figures for different areas of the United States and different parts of the body later.
Places with higher populations have greater demand for cosmetic procedures and will therefore have more providers of those services, and this can actually begin to drive costs down. It’s a 300-dollar difference… not what I was expecting when I started looking at all of this.
Liposuction is generally less expensive in the South and the Midwest and has higher prices in the Northeast and on the West Coast. When things are new and lots of people are excited about them, they can cost more and this is no exception. You can see what a difference the anesthetic cost makes in the overall procedure cost between the local used in Liposculpture and Smartlipo versus the general anesthetic utilized in Vaser and tumescent really clearly here. Just as people tend to go on a diet or start exercise programs in the weeks building up to bathing suit season in order to look their best, liposuction is most commonly scheduled in the summer or the weeks leading up to it. However, generally, the surgeon’s simply use the season as a platform for advertising and the only benefit is the possibility of negotiation…even if it’s a slim chance.
This is true whether you need a lot removed from one place or a little removed from a lot of places.
If you are young and healthy and have really elastic skin, it may snap back into shape with no problem but if not, you will be left with saggy skin. I have seen coupon combinations come up that offer a Tummy Tuck and 1 free area of liposuction or one area charged at $2,500 and each subsequent area charged an additional $1,000. The area with the extra may be one that requires more time, more skill, or more anesthesia, for example, and therefore may also be a little ‘extra.’ The most expensive part of your body for liposuction is the abdomen. This is why so many doctors make you go in for that initial consultation and won’t quote prices without a visit in person.
There has been an increase of practitioners supporting ankle liposuction and this is another one of those areas that has a higher likelihood of needing to be done in conjunction with other work, such as on the calves. The back can be divided up into a couple of different areas that have a professional-sounding medical name and then a more graphic ‘street’ name. This usually requires attention at the same time as the hips in order to keep the contour smooth and natural looking.
The average price for liposuction on the buffalo hump is slightly lower than the other areas at $2,000 but really depends on the size of the hump and is regularly performed under only local anesthesia and that can reduce the cost even more. Depending on the size of the banana your doctor will help you determine whether you just need a small amount of lipo or if you should have lipo in conjunction with a lift. Sometimes, the fat that is removed is used to pad other places (such as the face) that may have grown thin in a process called lipografting.
If you can demonstrate that the weight of your breasts is causing other medical problems (and especially if you can scare your insurance company into realizing that fixing those problems later will cost them more!) this type of lipo may actually be deemed medically necessary. You’ve tried diets and you have tried to work exercise into your schedule but you are still left with just a little more flab than you’d really like.
When I started looking at plastic surgery as an option, I was really surprised by how difficult it was to determine exactly how much it was going to cost.
Liposuction is a surgical procedure and therefore has the same kind of multi-component list attached to it when it comes to the final bill. Clearly, I can’t give you an exact quote for your final costs here, that has to come after a consultation with the doctor who will be performing your surgery, but I want to walk you through the construction of the cost so that you are as informed as possible about what to expect and what you need to ask. You find this out after your initial consultation and is generally a flat fee based on your individual needs. Alternatively, just because somebody charges a lot of money doesn’t mean that they are the best there is. After all, you are going to be letting this person operate on you and some people just give you a ‘this is right’ feeling…or the other way around and it’s worth spending a little bit more up front to make sure you are getting what you need!
As your surgeon clearly cannot perform the surgery outdoors (and if they offer, you should decline!) you do need to budget for the cost of using the facilities. If it is performed in a hospital, the hospital charges the doctor a fee for using their space (sort of like a rental) and they will either roll that into your quote or it will show up as additional charge, so you need to be aware of it. The Coagulation Panel test is to find out if you will clot normally, something very important before any sort of invasive procedure.
The doctor performing your procedure may order the tests for you if you don’t specify otherwise. Just to give you an idea, in New York you can expect to pay about $200 – $300 for lab work. The standard recommendation is that you take between 7 and 14 days off work to fully recuperate.
If you have a job where you are regularly lifting weights above that then you will need to budget for lost wages for a longer period of time. This clearly isn’t a problem if your kids are teenagers (they shouldn’t be asking you to pick them up anyway!) but if you have young kids you may need to have some extra help around the house. This section is most to help you understand the kinds of things you will need to account for and where you might be able to gain some wiggle room for lower cost. Things are just more expensive in cities than in rural or suburban areas and this includes facilities fees, anesthesia, overnight stays in the hospital, etc. The competition among a large number of providers does operate to lower costs (even if just slightly).
So, even though Atlanta is a big city, the average cost of abdominal liposuction there is about $3,500 in comparison to the $6k plus price of New York. For example, in a case where the tumescent or superwet procedure might have cost $2,700, the ultrasound-assisted version would run about $3,000.

While everyone is hyper-focused on looking good in their bathing suit, the quest for the perfect bikini body means that demand spikes…and since more people want it, doctors can charge more for it.
Doctors are generally willing to remove between six and eight pounds of fat in a single session but some will only work on one area at a time and that can really drive up your costs. That’s fine if you are tucking it into pants, but if you want a good look in a bikini or less you may want to get a skin tightening procedure of some kind. If you see a lower rate with an asterisk, it most likely means that the price is only valid if you are having multiple areas (usually 4 or more) done at the same time. A ballpark figure for treating one area in the US is $2,000 – $3,000 but as you can see here the average cost per area does decrease as the number of areas increases. While it is usually divided into upper and lower abdomen, I haven’t seen very many cases where people only had one or the other done. It’s not just to try to sell you the procedure, but they really do need to see what they are dealing with in order to give you an accurate estimate.
So, I contacted five randomly chosen doctors from each state (see, I’m here for you!) for an estimate. As I’ve said before, the abdomen is divided into two parts for liposuction purposes: the lower (pubic to belly button) and the upper (belly button to below breasts).
The tissue at the ankles is much more fibrous and so requires more time and work with smaller instruments. This area runs from elbow to armpit and, well, the name ‘wings’ really tells us everything we need to know about it, right?
The back is divided up into four main areas but if you need lipo on a couple of places on your back it may still be less than calculating each as its own area since they are close to each other and can all be treated without moving you. Just remember that liposuction on the buttocks just removes the fat, it won’t lift them back into place, that’s a separate procedure. It’s at this point that you want to start understanding the costs associated with lipoplasty and then thinking about how it is that you can pay for it. I thought I would be able to do a search and voila a series of websites listing the price per pound would appear. However, the average surgeon’s fee in the US is not actually as helpful as you might think.
He’s not just going to spend all day talking to people who aren’t really serious, so he charges $100 initial consultation fee.
In other words, it’s not like when you hire a plumber who says they will charge $125 an hour and it could take them one hour or it could take ten. Otherwise, you could be surprised by an additional $500 – $1,500 charge to what you had planned to spend.
General anesthesia, where you are out cold, will cost more than local anesthesia, for example. You may find that having the tests performed on your own is actually more expensive than if the doctor orders them. Sure, it can be done faster than that…after all, women used to give birth in the fields and then return to work almost immediately, but that doesn’t mean it was pleasant! It can also ensure a higher quality as less favored doctors find that they easily lose business to the many other available options, and they know that is a very real possibility.
Since you don’t need the general anesthesia, that cost can be subtracted from your estimate.
This might actually be a good deal if you have multiple places that need work but not so great if just need one.
I think it might just make people feel better about the price if they are paying for two things rather than one. After all, you probably wouldn’t want to get an estimate on fixing your car based on your idea of what might be wrong with it, right? While you will often see quotes for the two parts separately it is much less common to have one section done without the other.
The total cost will depend on how much fat needs to be removed and whether or not it is combined with a lifting procedure to help tighten the loose skin.
However, the more places you need done increases the chance that you will need general rather than local anesthetic so it may balance out any ‘discount’ present. I at least thought that different doctors would list the price per area right on their website, kind of like when you go to the grocery store or when you get someone to steam clean your carpets.It turns out, it’s a bit more complex to calculate than that…not all fat, or fat-removal, is created equal. After all, if you want to have your upper and lower abdomen, love handles, waist, lower back, and inner thighs done in Reading, PA it might cost you $8,225, but what if I want to have my Inner thighs done in North Carolina?
Sometimes the initial consultation is free, but you should make sure it’s not only free if you agree to the procedure. However, that fee is deducted from the price of the surgery if he performs it, if not, it’s just a $100 fee. To have the CBC test done at an independent lab might cost you $76 whereas your physician might be able to obtain the test for $39. They were ignored all winter as we bundled under coats in the hopes that our ‘blubber’ would go away and now we’re all clamoring outside of their offices!
It’s also the biggest ‘single’ area on your body and the most commonly performed procedure. I guess you could divide ‘arms’ into two categories too: left and right, but really the pricing is for the arms as a set.
It is not uncommon for there to be an initial consultation fee charged up front, often this fee is rolled in to the overall cost of the procedure if you decide to go ahead with it. Where the advantage might come in to play in that case would be if you are going to need to have a separately charged doctor’s visit in order to have the lap work done, because then you have to add the office visit fee to the lab work. Is it the size of the area or the fact that it is what is most desired that makes the cost rise?
I’ve found that generally the fees in the US run from $75 to $200 (I’ll talk about international options in a later section).

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