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For more information on the many procedures we offer, or to schedule your consultation, contact our office by calling (212) 288-2222, or fill out the form below to contact Dr. Lip augmentation - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Lip augmentation is a type of cosmetic surgery or non-surgical procedure that aims to alter the appearance of the lips by increasing their fullness through. Lip augmentation - 93% worth it rating - reviews, cost, Lip augmentation increases the fullness of the lips, using one of a variety of surgical or minimally invasive techniques.
New york lip augmentation - dermacare medical, Lip augmentation with juvederm in new york, $600 special. A new classification of lip zones to customize injectable, Objectives: to present a new classification of 15 anatomical lip zones used to direct placement of injectable fillers during lip augmentation and to evaluate the new. Revision lip augmentation - new york facial plastic surgery, Lip augmentation revision – removal lip silicone – corrective lip enhancement. Hendricks performs Lip Augmentation procedures for patients from Lumberton, NC , Fayetteville and Pinehurst. More recently, the entertainment and fashion industry have brought the lips back into the forefront of fashion.
I advise patients that the absolute final result will be apparent between 10 days to 2 weeks after injection.

Bruising and swelling can be minimized with use of the homeopathic medication, Arnica Montana. Results of Juvederm lip augmentation generally last 5-6 months, and the key to natural  lip augmentation is recognizing and optimizing your natural lip shape.
The V-shaped area of the upper lip known as Cupid's Bow begins to flatten out and lose its youthful fullness. That once sensual look is gone or greatly diminished.Lip augmentation is performed by our doctor for patients in our region so that aging lips can be rejuvenated and less full lips can be enhanced. What are my lip augmentation treatment options?Lip enhancement and rejuvenation are two of the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures. Your options range from the latest in laser treatments to natural injectable fillers or synthetic implants. Which lip augmentation product is right for you?Each of these products has different properties that result in variances in the length of time the product lasts in your lips.
Fat transfer for lip augmentationAutologous fat transplantation, or micro-lipoinjection, plumps up your lips using fat taken from inconspicuous sites on your body. Fat transfer to the lips is a safe, natural, non-allergenic procedure to restore damaged and diminished dermal deficiencies.Lip implants to augment the lipsSoft implants made of "EPTFE" (expanded polytetrafluorethylene) have been proven as safe, semi-permanent options for lip augmentation.

Some doctors use it as a long-lasting, alternative treatment for lip augmentation.Laser treatments for lip enhancementIn some cases it may be beneficial to combine lip augmentation with a laser treatment to treat the fine lines along the edges of your lip. The laser helps to stimulate new collagen beneath the skin to tighten and remodel while restoring a more healthy and youthful shape to your lips.
What is lip augmentation recovery like?After our doctor performs lip augmentation with one of our injectable products, your lips remain swollen for a few hours only. Touch-up treatments may be necessary.When implants are used for lip augmentation, discomfort is minimal.
Elevating your head and applying cold compresses during the first 24 hours will help keep this to a minimum. There may be some bruising which can be covered with make-up.Generally, patients experience a slightly longer recovery period after laser lip rejuvenation.

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