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Tulisa Contostavlos plastic surgery has less to do with plastic and more to do with cosmetic surgery. Tulisa Contostavlos is an English singer-songwriter, actress and television personality, best known as a judge on The X Factor and she released her debut solo album, The Female Boss and for being a member of N-Dubz. Skim through Tulisa Contostavlos before and after plastic surgery photos and note how her swollen face and trout pout lips has changed her looks entirely. Apart from lips and cheek fillers, her tight and toned forehead reeks of little dosage of Botox. Why not post the before and after pictures on the same page instead of posting on multiple pages to get more page views and time on site?
We mere mortals are meant to feel consoled by the misfortune of these people, who are victims of the same damned celebrity monster that creates a fascination and an audience for their disasters. Agreed, not even having the before and after on the same page makes the comparison hard to see. The social media can simply be defined as a shadow that follows celebrities on their daily routines. A look at her before and after pictures draws us to a conclusion that something is happening on her face.
We still wonder if the changes on her face are caused by makeup only or if she went for the surgeon’s knife. Many people know of Priscilla Presley, the woman who was married to the king of rock 'n' roll Elvis Presley.
She has denied it on many occasions but there is no hiding the fact that Lindsey has breast implants. You’d think that being in her twenties, Lindsay would have maintained most of her natural looks until she got older, but no.
The cheeks along with the pumped lips have succeeded in making Lindsay one of the Hollywood plastic surgery fail victims. If facial enhancement wasn’t her need, the other reason that leads celebrities to go under the knife is hard times in life.
But these non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures fades away gradually and needs to be upgraded as one seems fit. And that says a lot about celebrities, who’d usually hide or coyly flip around the conversation to get over with spilling beans. I did not feel inspired seeing pics or reading mean-spirited gloating regarding these tragic results. Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery is the latest celeb that has been trending as rumors and facts about her plastic surgery love continue to pour in.
Do you believe that Olivia’s changing face is a result of makeup only or could she have gone for plastic surgery? Who often states that they do never receive any plastic surgery treatment though they admire plastic surgery somehow. Plastic surgery is getting under the knife, breaking bones and adding stuff, but cosmetic surgery deals with non-invasive procedures which include Botox, fillers and injections.

She protested other allegations that came in the form of nose job or other invasive plastic surgery procedures.
That’s the only reason why she underwent these non-invasive cosmetic surgery changes. Experts believe that Olivia’s earlier pictures reveal a totally different person that might have gone for the surgeon’s knife.
But we can’t find out the reasons why after having this treatment and admiring it too denies it to have?
Since she wears a lot of revealing clothes, there are a number of times the scar left after the implants has been visible. In fact there have been jokes going around that it appears like she has had a tennis ball cut into half and inserted on her face. There is no concise explanation as to why the famous actress would want to change her youthful looks. And what all cosmetic surgery procedure Tulisa had, she’d revealed it all on The Jonathan Ross Show.
While celebrities would do everything to hide their plastic surgery procedures, and protest that their physique to healthy lifestyle. Famous people spend big dollars and look absolutely terrible when they originally looked at least pleasant and human when they started. The 35-year old American actress, Television personality, author and model has been doing well in a career that demands the media presence.
Her cheek bones are a little bit altered and lifted and this can hardly happen with makeup alone. Sofia Vergara plastic surgerySofia Vergara plastic surgery:The Sofia Vergara plastic surgery most incredible and wonderful, personality of American tv personality is 42 year old but still seems as, she is in her early thirties or late twenties one thing more she is mother of one boy too but still she looks so fresh and younger than her age this give rise to a rumor of Sofia Vergara plastic surgery. Perhaps it would have been easier to believe that her breasts are natural if she had not increased them so much.
Nonetheless, we believe she is trying to cover up the effect of drug abuse that has taken its toll on her beauty. Cheek fillers, lip injection and Botox had been used as a part of her cosmetic surgery procedures. Previous media speculations have pointed out that she could have gone for lip fillers, but she claims that she over-lines her lips to look bigger and fuller. However, she by herself always denied this rumor she claims that her looks are natural and she never felt any need for any type of plastic surgery of cosmetic surgery to improve her looks as a proof she presented her photos as a teenager, which are reasonably a good proof that she had not undergone any big treatment, however, her certain looks like her wrinkle free face and too fresh skin shows that she had some Botox for them. However, the difference is glaring when you look at her before and after photos so there is no need lying about it. This is because of the stretch at the edges and the fact that the lips are practically immovable. However, we can’t stop wishing that she would consider turning to talented surgeons if she must get plastic surgery. She admits that she uses a professional makeup that makes her maintain this stunning looks.

We take this chance to offer you facts, rumors, public opinions, reviews and self-confession reports that will help you understand the sudden changes on her face. At 35, she should be having some visible lines wherever she laughs or smiles, but in the recent photos, she appears younger and smoother. She has too voluminous breast size one while denying here the rumor of Sofia Vergara plastic surgery she said that if ever she had gone through any such procedure she should first reduce her breast. In a recent interview, Olivia told reporters that she is multi-ethnic, half Chinese and White and this brings a full set of complications that many people won’t think about. This could be the fact that she went for facelift and some slight changes on the areas beneath her eyes. For this, she was also criticized that she had some boob job done on her body for having such a voluminous breast, but she denied this by presenting her picture when she was only 14 years old. Olivia states that she has more of a White’s appearance on the outside, but her bone structure are more of an Asian.
There isn’t any clear proof of her having any plastic surgery so, we can say that she doesn’t go through any considerable surgery or another treatment. She states that her high cheekbones and smaller eyes give her different looks when photographed in different postures. While she continues denies the claims of ever going to see a plastic surgeon, there are sure proof that she might be hiding something and that is why we welcome any public opinions about this topic. She believes that simmer makeup makes her look cross-eyed while heavy makeup on her eyelash makes her look halfway crossed.
She also worked in some Hollywood movies as well, but she is more popular and known for tv show “wheel of the fortune”, she is probably only a celebrity who looks such perfectly fresh and young. Like many of the celebrities, she also denies the rumor about Vanna White Plastic Surgery and claims here such an incredible fresh looks at such an old age.
Her claim for does not having any treatment is supported by some of the professionalism while other denies her this claim and gives some clues about her that by observing here previous and recent picture they came to the conclusion that she had received some treatment her face for improving here look.
The major claims about her are that she had injected some fillers in her face like Botox, she also seemed to have some face lifting along with another thing that seems most probably that she had some Cheek filler on her cheeks to make it more round and plumper. She also seems to have some nose job too.Her plastic surgery becomes so mysterious that she remains on the first headline of the magazines and news. This was most probably because she had made a very good selection of her plastic surgeons who had taken all the major and minor precautions for maintaining her natural looks. Her good luck or her good choice made her young forever this shows a good professional always tries to remove inevitable signs of aging process only, of a women with great care, and leaving all the other thing natural behind, which will helps one to retain her natural beauty and young appearance.  As in the case of Vanna White Plastic Surgery who we can say that stops growing old. Donatella Versace Plastic SurgeryDonatella Versace before Plastic Surgery:The plastic surgery result may lie on the extremes where at one end Vanna White got plastic surgery so accurately and neatly that it difficult for even professional to decide whether she has undergone through some treatment or not on the other hand Donatella Versace plastic surgery repeatedly gone wrong.
For her wrong plastic surgery, we can blame her surgeon who by simply his carelessness disturbed her appearance her plastic surgery may be considered as one of the disaster plastic surgeries:She seems to have some facelift which gone wrong which give her face a frozen look and her skin seem overstretched which give her face an unnatural look.

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