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Injectable hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are used for this procedure. Hyaluronic injectable fillers last up to 1 year depending on each person’s metabolic rate. During your free consultation, syringe amount for full correction will be determined and full pricing discussed. Aesthetic Concepts Cosmetic Surgery, Laser and Vein Center serves the Dallas, Fort Worth, and North Texas area.
However, one should be careful to avoid overcorrection which results in an unnatural or fake appearance.

As we age, our bodies do not produce as much hyaluronic acid and so the volume in our lips and around our mouth becomes depleted and wrinkled. Weak cheeks can create an aged appearance to the under-eye area and cause a decent of the malar fat pad.
Some examples would be a patient’s own fat or fascia, alloderm, silicone, or injectable filler such as Restylane Silk or Juvederm. Most doctors will have a preference on which method works best for them and their patients.┬áMy personal preference is to use a hyaluronic acid filler (Restylane Silk or Juvederm). I find these fillers are safe with virtually no side effects and the newer formulations last much longer.

Hyaluronic acids are essentially a naturally occurring gel-like substance which bathes the cells of our body. The result is naturally appearing full lips without hardness, overcorrection, or lumpiness.

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