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People continue to ask me what’s the best brand when it comes to exfoliating the lips and my answer is still the same- YOU. Lip scrubs contain two important ingredients- Sugar for exfoliation, and some type of oil for moisture. If you decide to make any of these scrubs, chances are you will have plenty left over so just store it in a little airtight container and pop it in the fridge. Aprill, also known as The Fairy Glammother is a beauty blogger and lover of all things beauty. The lasting power was about the same as Burberry’s Lip Mists, and longer than Chanel Rouge Coco Shine (at its glossiest, before the Rouge Coco Shine turns to a stain).
These lipsticks were sent by Revlon Press Relations to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review.
If they’re in a dupe-ing mood there at Chez Revlon, can they dupe up Tom Ford Casablanca and Edward Bess Tender Love?
Lumi Lux Radiance Powder in Peach Petal, a gorgeous cheek highlighter whose shades can be used individual, or swirled together for a gorgeous peachy pink glow. The products mentioned in this post were provided by PR, for post consideration and potential review.
And who would've thought Penshoppe went global with the epic ALL STARS campaign featuring Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester, Ian Somelhalder and Asian matinee idol Mario Maurer and the most recent, Zac Efron?  Penshoppe definitely expanded its product portfolio and I'm not surprised they are now widely available ONLINE! If you have super dry lips, moisturize lips properly, blot with a clean napkin before you apply red lipstick.

I will be giving away a tube of the Penshoppe's Rouge Lip Shade in Sangria either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! I wrote an article about a year ago discussing products that you are wasting money purchasing retail, because you can make them yourself, or find cheaper alternatives and lip scrubs were at the top of my list. Though baking soda is finer, it tends to exfoliate better than sugar, but can also be a tad more harsh.  Jazz up your scrub with essential oils for scent or vanilla extract for flavor. This new line of lipsticks, each of which retails at $7.49, is currently being rolled out nationwide. The texture appears to be a drugstore version mix between the highly moisturizing sheer colors that we saw in Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, Burberry Lip Mist, and Dior Addict earlier this Spring, and the old standby Clinique’s Butter Shine.
I love those colors but not so much the formulas, and it would be such a treat to have them in this formula!
I do find them a bit drying though so I make sure to slather up with a thick balm underneath. I’ve actually found the price of Rouge Coco Shines hard to swallow, for what you get.
Pixi is actually a beauty brand, founded by makeup artist Petra Strand, and it has quite the history. For a dash of whimsy and a heap of fun, look no further than to this revamped, recently re-launched beauty brand.
I’ve heard so much about these over the past few weeks, they just seemed like the perfect little bon bon item for the Cafe Makeup Dollar Menu.

Revlon realizes that not everyone is going to invest $30 or more per lipstick (go figure!) If you are looking to keep your lips moisturized during the coming winter months while adding a pretty, semi-sheer wash of color, these are a very nice budget-priced way to go. However, they do look and feel wonderful for the comparatively low $7.49 (and even less if you can catch a coupon).
Previously available at Sephora, the brand quietly disappeared from shelves not too long ago, and before I could have the opportunity to try it.
Check out three recipes that I came up with to scrub the dry away,and give you soft, kissable lips. They’re one of the better-feeling drugstore lip products out there, and quite obviously they are several notches up on the glam scale from Chapstick. I’m not a fan of drugstore makeup either, but Revlon usually makes a quality product, and I might look into these lipsticks. Fortunately, Pixi has once again emerged, with a brand new website, with some pretty amazing perks. I was looking at this when I was at a penshoppe store a few days ago but I was a bit hesitant.

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