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They say age is nothing but a number, and it seems that Korean celebrities have taken that to heart.
The rest of the couples only had a handful of points in between them, resulting in very close 0.1% differences. Usually, a Korean celebrity plastic surgery is used as a way to gain more popularity among fans, and as a method to have more success as a public person. The reason why Asians choose to enhance their aspect is because most of them are not pleased with the way that their upper eyelids and their undefined nose look. So, we can only assume that this is one of the reasons why the Korean actresses Park Min Young, Kim Ah Young and the actor Lee Min Ho also turned to these tricks to become more beautiful.
Although the reason might appear a little shallow, we must admit the fact that appearance is very important for someone who wants to build a career in the movie industry. They admitted they had undergone cosmetic surgery not only because their profession requires them to look good, but also, they believe they owe it to themselves as part of their personal development.

A Nose job or Rhinoplasty is considered the most effective, yet subtle plastic surgery procedures available today. MC and comedian Yoo Jae Suk and his wife Na Kyung Eun completely overtook the other couples with 738 votes or 51% of the votes. However, although  reconstructive surgery is very fashionable, it can have some serious side effects, especially if it is taken to the extreme.
According to the specialized opinions, the plastic interventions that are done in this country are among the most successful ones.
They admitted that they have asked for medical support in order to enhance their figure, so there is no point in asking if the rumors are true.
Moreover, seeing the opportunities that were coming her way, helped the Korean actress to make all the proper decisions in order to achieve her goals. So, having plastic interventions should not be blamed if those who opt for these types of procedures know when to stop.

Furthermore, if we analyze the results of a Korean celebrity plastic surgery, we can see that there are no side effects and those who suffered the intervention look really great. Furthermore, Park Min Young declared that she had a double eyelid surgery a very long time ago, when she was in junior high school. Moreover, they can help people gain more confidence, which everyone knows that is the key to success.
So, it seems that the cosmetic surgeons are really professionals when it comes to improving someone’s aspect.
Her mother encouraged her to have this cosmetic procedure done because she considered that it will help her look prettier.

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