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American Actress Julie Bowen is currently 44 and is best known for playing roles on Ed, Boston Legal, Lost and most recently the sitcom Modern Family.
Here is what Julie Bowen had to say on her cosmetic surgeries, “I’ve had lasers leveled at my face, and I would like to do Fraxel…I do find it odd that people choose to do stuff that makes them look like crazy Hollywood faces but I’ve got zero judgment about it…I’ve worn some ugly shoes.” The mother of 3 should be appreciated for boldly accepting going under the knife. Let us analyze all the plastic surgeries in detail, by going through the appearance changes of Julie Bowen over the years. If you go through some of Julie’s pictures early in her career and compare them with some current ones, her breasts seem to have grown quite a bit.
This episode of Julie’s plastic surgery, is quite evident of the tremendous pressure, celebrities who appear on screen have to face.
How much truth do you find in the above plastic surgery allegations on the mother of 3 besides Fraxel? At request, here’s Actress Julie Bowen (Ed, Modern Family) offering us a weekend bikini treat! Extra info: Julie is 40 years old and she gave birth to twins less than a year ago (she has 3 kids total).

Yeah low body fat percentage like mid teens only looks good if you have enough muscle underneath.
Also, whether she has had kids or not is nothing but an explanation of why her stomach may look like that. Well candid shots generally never look as good as the professionally posed pics with lighting, makeup, and arched, twisted, tummy sucking in, positions to highlight an individuals attributes. There’s no softness, at all, it’s not feminine and her stomach in particular is just so strange!
And since she is not a professional athlete, having such a low body fat percentage is not healthy either. And her belly is distended like that from having twins – the abs stretch and separate down the middle.
It’s fit and she could probably kick my ass, but I prefer women to have a softness to their bodies and a more feminine shape. Even if she was at a healthy weight for her body type, her stomach would still look the same.

On her ABC network show, Modern Family, she has done a couple of shots in her underwear and her figure looks great there. Even on a moving camera, they’re gonna put your body in the best light possible, in all respects. And in what fing world does having kids make you have an insanely and unhealthily low body fat?
All the imperfections like fine lines, age spots and visible photo aging get addressed by laser treatments and the skin cells are rejuvenated. I just hate it when people on this site start ranting without even reading what others have to say. What can be concluded is that if at all Julie went for breast implants it was way back and it was subtle.

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