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Why not post the before and after pictures on the same page instead of posting on multiple pages to get more page views and time on site? We mere mortals are meant to feel consoled by the misfortune of these people, who are victims of the same damned celebrity monster that creates a fascination and an audience for their disasters. Agreed, not even having the before and after on the same page makes the comparison hard to see.
Lady Gaga was recently quoted saying, “I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have.
It is not necessary for you to have a cosmetic surgery and here are many reasons NOT to have plastic surgery ever.
Though it is true that plastic surgery when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, complications are very rare. Very few people are completely happy with their body and if given a chance they would like to change some or most of it. Celebrities have an entourage of people at their beck and call who will do anything for them and they are paid to look their best at all times which takes loads of hard work and money.

Even if you are planning on getting into entertainment industry invest in talent classes and good gym is way fruitful than investing in silicon implants, face lifts and other nips and tucks.
Unless you are deformed or scarred from birth or due to some unfortunate accident plastic surgery is really not necessary. I did not feel inspired seeing pics or reading mean-spirited gloating regarding these tragic results. Everyone celebrity and non seem to be doing it and in most cases the end result is so good that any fickle minded person may want to give it a try. But this doesnt mean you get a plastic surgery done just because there’s no harm in getting it done. Some celebrities know how to accentuate their flaws and make it work for their benefits and their this very knowledge makes us swoon over them. Cosmetic surgery will not give you the required talents and self confidence needed to be successful in the entertainment industry. But there are many side effects and risks, physical, medical and emotional involved with a surgery like this.

It is a growing trend these days to try and change your body parts to match that of a celebrity. Famous people spend big dollars and look absolutely terrible when they originally looked at least pleasant and human when they started.
There is also a long recovery period and post surgical pain involved with surgeries like this.
There is no guarantee that you will feel better about your body or will not regret making the change. Plastic surgery outcomes are unpredictable and chances are high you wont resemble the celebrity at all and maybe the change wont suit your body type in anyway.

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