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The shape and position of the chin can have a powerful impact on overall facial aesthetics. Chin implant (chin augmentation) is an excellent option to enhance chin size, shape, and position, most commonly by inserting implants to bring the chin forward. Often, chin augmentation is combined with other facial cosmetic procedures for even better results, including rhinoplasty (nose surgery), neck lift, and liposuction to sculpt and shape the neck. Genioplasty, also known as chin augmentation or chin implant surgery, it is a facial plastic surgery procedure which uses an implant to improve the appearance of the chin.
Those who are unhappy with the appearance of the chin or jaw may be good candidates for Genioplasty.
During your consultation with your surgeon, you will explain what you dislike about your chin or jaw. To augment the chin, a small incision will be made along the inside of the lower lip or on the skin just under the chin.
The insertion for a chin implant usually takes thirty minutes to an hour to perform, while the insertion of a jaw implant usually takes one to two hours to perform. When augmenting the chin, the incision may be made inside of the lower lip or on the skin just beneath the chin. When the incision for Genioplasty is made on the inside of the lower lip or on either side of the inside of the lower mouth, there is no visible scarring.
The surgeon’s fee is $5,500. The additional fees would be the minor operating facility fee and the cost of the chin implant if the procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Please keep in mind not all patients are alike and some will require a slightly different operation than others.
Our ServicesEsteem Cosmetic Studio is a leading cosmetic surgery clinic situated in Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. When the chin is too small or recessed, it not only affects the jaw line and facial profile, it can also make the neck look fleshy, the face appear overly round, and a normal-sized nose look too large. In rare cases, a severely recessed chin may be improved with a surgical procedure to reposition the bone. To discuss chin augmentation further, please contact Esteem Cosmetic Studio at 1300 378 336 (1300 ESTEEM) and make an appointment. Genioplasty can strengthen the jaw line or build up a receding chin, providing better balance between the chin and the rest of the face. They can be comprised of Gore-Tex, Merselene mesh, solid silicone, and other materials, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes which can be tailored to the individual.
As with all types of facial plastic surgery, it’s important that patients are also in good health and have realistic expectations. More mature patients also seek Genioplasty, either on its own or in conjunction with other procedures like a facelift. Bringing in photos of chins that are similar to what you would like to achieve can be helpful. When augmenting the jaw, incisions are made on either side of the inside of the lower mouth.

When the incision is made on the skin just under the chin, you will have a small, well-concealed scar. General information is not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment, and should not be accepted in place or in preference to a consultation with a surgeon. Even subtle changes to the size and projection of the chin can bring about dramatic improvements in facial balance and harmony.
To get a better understanding of the different style and types of chin implant, please click on the Precise Medical Link and you will be able to see the different brand, styles and type. The doctor will take your medical history and you should be sure to discuss any previous facial surgery you have had, any medication you are taking, and whether or not you smoke. The doctor will then select the proper size and shape implant and insert it into a pocket over the front of the jawbone.
Given the variety of chin implants available and the difference is cost, we are only able to give you a quote tailored for you on the day of the procedure. Your doctor will discuss the newest Genioplasty techniques and, if applicable, they may recommend additional surgery to help you achieve your goals. You will discuss the reasonable outcomes and all details of the surgery will be explained including the anaesthesia, the facility, the recovery, the potential risks and the costs.

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