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With all that talk associating small, v-shaped face with feminine beauty, it has caused the V-shape jawline to be the new vogue.
Many women have fallen victim to this fad and have scurried to the nearest plastic surgery clinic in hopes of attaining that alluring chin structure. However, revelations of her post-plastic surgery disfigurement, has sent shock waves across the world as many gawk at her almost non-recognizable face. Her face, evidently marred, has lost significant semblance of the ?humanistic? facial structure.
On the contrary she was a gorgeous lady who exuded poise and elegance, one that is rather typical of Hong Kong celebrities.
Discontented with her already beautiful facade, Fanny Sieh has undergone several transformations and umpteen plastic surgery procedures for her to get to where she is today. Hong Kong socialite and former actress Fanny Sieh recently shocked fans with her latest appearance at an event, when she showed up with a pointy chin and visibly swollen lips.Sina reported that the drastic change in her looks is the result of extensive plastic surgery procedures.

Her pointy chin, in particular, has been linked to the V-shaped jaw line which Asian women are said to favour over square-shaped faces.However, many have commented that she has gone overboard in the pursuit of beauty. We all know the dramatic changes that makeovers can create, but Hong Kong bloggers The Darkside show how it is, with some select Chinese female celebrities.
The name of Kibby Lau become famous while she appeared in TV Show Beautiful Cooking Season 2 (????) as Blueberry.
Kibby Lau physical beauty sparks a resemblance to another Hong Kong Plastic Surgery model, Angelababy. She is often recently as Hong Kong Lang Mo, together with Chrissie Chau (???), Kama Lo (???).We know Angelababy is cute and sexy and has a gorgeous face that makes her the dream girl of so many people. But Angelababy become famous actually is not for her sexy lips and cute face, but she did a plastic surgery.This beautiful 20-year old girl got her start in a modelling career at 14, and went full time in 2007. A rebounder is basically a mini trampoline, furthermore, the act of bouncing on one is called rebounding….

She has since become Hong Kong’s new generation million dollar babe, winning over both fans and sponsors with her sweet smile and huge eyes. Since shot to fame after a photo shoot with Janice Man, her original price of HK$1,000 has risen as quickly as her popularity. Her plastic surgery now had made Angelababy has a almost perfect face now, and rise her price for show. Have a look at some Celebrity cosmetic surgery disasters, and see if you still want that brow lift.

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