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Breast Q&A: Will High Profile Breast Implants or Moderate Plus Give Me Natural Looking Breasts? Question – Will High Profile breast implants give me natural looking breasts vs Moderate or Moderate Plus? High Profile Breast Implants or “HP” implants have the narrowest base width but the most outward projection (think thin & tall), creating a very full, round and youthful look. Moderate Profile Breast Implants are comparable to a softly domed circular pillow (though much smaller of course). The other important technical consideration when using a larger high-profile prosthesis is ensuring adequate release of the inferior (re: lower) origin of the pectoralis muscle. And while I now almost universally use high profile or moderate plus implants (~10% and ~80% respectively), given your base width dimension of 13.0cm and your wanting 500cc of added volume, high profile implants (which I use roughly ~10% of the time) would be appropriate.

Before & after high profile breast implant photos taken from the oblique angle not only show upper pole fullness, but also how the breasts maintain a pleasing shape thanks to proper sizing and placement of the implant.
In the example case above, 350cc in either a Moderate or Moderate Plus profile would have caused issues given the space constraints of the patient’s petite 5ft frame. I think it is important for those who want to undergo breast implants to read this so that they will be aware of this matter. Their shape is, as the name implies, in-between the Moderate and High Profile breast implants. Before & after photos taken from the front demonstrate a substantial amount upper pole fullness. In cases similar to this, selecting the right implant size and profile allowed me to fashion an almost imperceptible inframammary incision and optimally positioned breast pocket.

Everywhere on the internet says that high profiles don’t give a really nice natural look, and that moderate profiles do.
Will high profile breast implants give me large, full, and natural-looking breasts with nice cleavage?

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