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Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery At 41, Sofia Vergara remains extremely appealing in terms of physical appearance. While some say that she is just naturally blessed, many people also believe that a paid trip to a cosmetic surgeon is the real reason behind her undying beauty and killer curves.
On any of her interviews, the blonde bombshell did not confirm nor deny the plastic surgery issue. In fact, she made a statement about her plans of getting breast reduction when she was younger, because she thinks her breasts are too big for her that makes her appear like a freak. Whether Sofia Vergara did or not have had breast implants, no one else can tell, but the actress herself.There were also rumors about the same actress having been under plastic surgery on the face area.

This was due to the fact that up to present, the female actress still appears fresh and beautiful in TV and in person. Rumors say that the actress has had Botox and face lift because her skin still looks clear of wrinkles and frown lines despite her age. When it is normal for beauty to fade somehow by the time you reach your late 30’s, how did a 41-year old actress manage to maintain her youthful glow without the help of a plastic surgeon’s knife?

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