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We are pleased to announce the introduction of intense one day workshops where physicians will learn the art of fat harvesting, and natural breast enhancement.
Please provide the following information if you are interested in attending one of our 1 day live surgery workshops. This website contains logos and photos which are protected by copyright and may not be copied, linked or redistributed in any form without express written permission from Aqualipo LLC.
Newswise — After 20 years of debate and controversy over fat grafting to the breast finally it has gotten the seal of approval from the prestigious American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). A member of the NATURALFILL™ network team will contact you to provide further details.
Khouri, MD, FACS of the Miami Breast Center, a pioneer in breast reconstruction and natural breast enhancement.

The May issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the ASPS, published a new study that "shows that Brava breast expansion enables the transfer of large volumes of fat in a single session safely and effectively while ensuring a very high survival rate, with augmentation volumes comparable to implants and the added benefit of a more natural appearance and feel." Fat transfer to the breast has become increasingly popular in recent years and has been experimented with by several plastic surgeons only to find that the volume of fat that can be transferred is limited with low rates of fat surviving. The study noted that "preparation of the recipient breast by external expansion is the key missing ingredient." Traditional Method During a fat transfer to the breast procedure, fat is obtained by liposuction from one part of the body and transferred to the breast.
The reason is simply that there is not enough room within the breast for the fat to survive and thrive. Khouri also has a variation of this technique for breast reconstruction patients with amazing results.
The Comparison One Year Later Furthermore, the study showed that after one year, women who underwent the BRAVA + AFT procedure, had their breast volume increased by an average of 230 cc. Fat transplantation alone without pre-expansion, according to previous studies, had an average breast volume increase of only 130 cc.

Other plastic surgeons have reported similarly good results using the BRAVA external tissue expander. Khouri, MD, FACS, a world-renowned plastic surgeon and pioneer in fat transfer to breast and reconstructive microsurgery.

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