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Moebius syndrome (or, Mobius syndrome) is a rare neurological disorder affecting muscles involved in facial expression and eye movement.  It is a congenital condition, meaning that it is present at birth, and is usually bilateral (or, occurring on both sides of the face). In Moebius syndrome, facial and eye movement differences are present in virtually all patients. Although various genetic markers seem to be associated with Moebius syndrome, the vast majority of cases occur in people with no history of the disorder in their families. Children with Moebius syndrome may have a number of issues requiring intervention based on the severity of the condition and the presence of associated malformations.
The facial skin is directly exposed to harmful atmospheric conditions and stress every single day, and we can surely say that our facial skin is the one that ages first. A face lift is a surgical procedure that is typically used to give a more youthful appearance to the face. Face lifting is done in patients who show signs of aging: wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of muscle tone and facial contours.
After surgery within the postoperative recovery, patients stay in the hospital for one to two days, and the stitches are removed usually between the seventh and fourteenth days . Skin Cancer Cheek with Local Flap RepairPatient InformationThis 43 year old lady had an infiltrative BCC on her right cheek. I reference Michael Knight more often than most but the Knight Rider conversation volume escalated this week and I ended up with a collection of Knight Rider images begging to be shared.

Michael Knight giving us provocative stare as he reflects on his past life as Michael Long, a Green Beret and Intelligence Officer, and his rebirth as Michael Knight, an atypical hero and Field Agent for FLAG. Michael Knight in that signature red turtleneck shirt and his leather jacket, just being chill and looking devilishly handsome.
Special thanks to The Rockfather who inspired this post and made me laugh with this awesome Instagram post. Panossian a question or schedule a consultation, please use the information below or submit a question.
The decrease in skin elasticity and relaxation , the appearance of wrinkles , emphasizing the natural folds of the face and changing facial contours are all the signs of aging . Full list of necessary tests that need to be done is discussed on consultation in the polyclinic Smiljanic or you can gather all the information on our website or by contacting us.
It is usually placed in the scalp hairline, behind the eyebrows, in front of and behind the ears (so called “classic face lifting“). After we remove the bandage and dogwood , patient can was hair, which means the next day after surgery. It is important to recognize when methods such as hyaluronic fillers and Botox does not work anymore or does not provide the desired results, and when to apply cosmetic surgery facelift . In most cases, patients usually decide to do face lift and neck lift  together , as well as eye lid correction.

Return to daily activities is possible 7-10 days after surgery, and hard physical activity is desirable to avoid a minimum for 4 weeks after the surgical procedure.
Depending on needs of each patient, it can be done partial face lifting (mini lifting) face lifitng of upper, middle lower part of the face and neck or all together (MACS lifting, „Short scar“ etc).
Then it follows raising of the skin of the subcutaneous tissue in order to tension the inner layer. The scar after surgery is located in front of and behind the ears , and in the part of the scalp.
The scar in front of the ears fit with anatomical, natural folds of the face and the scars behind the ears and in the scalp are hidden in the hair .
If necessary we can also cut a few inches below the chin after which we do neck liposuction and tightening the neck muscles.These  procedures can be done in combination with others like eye lid correction, for example.

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