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If you have decided to take up a facial plastic surgery, then it is important for you to know in depth about the facts of the surgery. Virtually all aspects of the human face could be enhanced with various cosmetic procedures. In recent years these dramatic plastic surgery face lifts have been performed on those individuals who have in essence waited too late. For the upper facial area the most radical procedure would be a forehead lift which minimizes creases and a drooping or hooded effect around the eyebrows and eyes. Finally, the eyelids may be reshaped via blepharoplasty which corrects drooping upper lids or puffy bags under the eyes. Facelift surgery is designed to improve the jowls of the jawline, remove loose skin and more importantly, restore volume.
Necklift surgery involves the tightening of underlying muscles, contouring of fat and the removal of hanging skin. Patients who come in with minimal hanging skin but complaining of an aging neck can sometimes get away with contouring of the fat and tightening of the neck muscles. Simons Archives and Heritage CenterWays to Participate Capital Campaign About the Campaign Campaign Update Member Donors Corporate Partners Recognition Program Planned Giving1887 Annual Giving Annual Report Donate Contact Us Trust your face to a facial plastic surgeon Facial Plastic Surgery What is a Facial Plastic Surgeon?With many different types of aesthetic surgeons in practice today, it is important for you to make an informed decision when considering an elective procedure. Facial plastic surgery can remove wrinkles, refine features, tone sagging skin, and even change the contour of the face. Over the course of several hours excess fat is removed from the face and neck, the muscles are tightened, and the skin re-draped. These patients have deep furrows, creases and lines as well as sagging, excess skin around the jowl and down into the neck. The procedure takes thirty minutes to two hours and has the effect of shaping or balancing the face by building up or accenting a previously recessive feature.
In this procedure, known as rhinoplasty, the nose is reshaped usually by narrowing the overall profile or altering the shape of the tip. Also a one to two hour procedure, forehead lifts involve swelling, numbness, headaches, bruises, and carry the risk of nerve damage.

Requiring two to three hours, the procedure causes swelling, bruises, and light sensitivity with a potential for dry eyes and blurred or double vision.
Dabbah takes pride and great strides in providing his patients with a natural youthful face.
This is usually performed at the time of the facelift, however, in rare situations, it can be performed without the need for a facelift. The only incision is under the chin and we rely on the skin retraction to give the contour. One of the most confusing issues facing patients when choosing a surgeon is that of board certification.
Extensive bruising, swelling, numbness and tenderness result and there is a chance of nerve damage and scarring. Implants may go along the cheekbones, at the point of the chin, or along the line of the jaw. Rhinoplasty takes approximately an hour to two hours and involves some initial swelling and discomfort. Patients need two to three days to be able to see well enough to read and can return to work in a week to ten days. If a patient is looking for a wind-tunnel look or an extremely tight face with unnatural creases, he will refuse to do the surgery. A “mini” facelift or lower facelift is commonly used to describe surgery of the lower face and neck.
Fat can be repositioned, underlying tissues can be tightened and excess skin can be removed without causing an unnatural look.
It is important to seek out a surgeon who is board certified in the correct field of expertise. Recovery takes from ten days to two weeks, but the effects of this drastic procedure lasts from five to ten years. Had they considered cosmetic procedures in their thirties or forties, much less radical options would have been available to them.

Patients normally return to work in a week and their appearance is completely normal within two weeks to a month. Our staff is always available to help answer your questions regarding any plastic surgery procedures and financing options, as well as with your travel to our office.
If you are considering surgery of the face and neck, that area of expertise is facial plastic surgery.“I spoke to several surgeons before proceeding with facial plastic surgery, but only one really took the time to answer all my questions and make me feel comfortable. But if enhancing your appearance is of primary importance to you, there are a number of available procedures. Other procedures such as lasers, peels and quality skin care are an absolute must to improve the skin quality.
Consult with friends who have undergone a procedure, your family physician or inquire at your local salon as to which doctors in the area have good reputations for performing facial plastic surgery.Do your homework.
It is still important to validate the training, skills, and experience of the to choose a facial plastic surgeon One of the most important factors for successful facial plastic surgery is the relationship between the patient and surgeon. An initial consultation provides the patient and surgeon an opportunity to discuss all that is involved in the desired procedure. The consultation also provides a chance to experience the personality of the surgeon to see if it is compatible with yours.You should be prepared to be candid with the surgeon about your medical history, medications, allergies, habits, and background— which could affect the outcome of the surgery.
The surgeon will also explain to you their experience and expertise in the area of facial plastic surgery you are considering.
Some consultations may include computer imaging to show you what the surgery might accomplish.
The surgeon can also describe what anesthesia is used for each of the surgeries you may be contemplating.

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