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Facial feminization surgery (FFS) includes surgical procedures that alter the face to create more classically feminine characteristics, such as a higher brow, a more refined feminine nose, less pronounced Adam’s apple, and other advanced FFS procedures.
An extra charge up to 30% of the original price will be applied for disposable medical supplies for a HIV positive patient. An extra charge up to 30% of the original price for high risk surgical patient such as overweight, age over 50 years and etc.
As sex change surgery is a big surgery that changes your life, you will need an expert in SRS to guide you through this important moment of life.
The term vaginoplasty includes several procedures designed to transform the "male" genitals into "female" genitals.
Estrogen makes breasts and nipples grow, but there is a limit to how much breasts will grow from hormones alone. During puberty, testosterone causes many changes in MTF bodies, including development of the skull and face bones, as well as cartilage in the face and neck.
Plastic surgery northern virginia, reconstructive, The virginia center for plastic surgery offers a wide variety of plastic surgeries and cosmetic facial procedures in the northern virginia area. Swelling eyes upper eyelid blepharoplasty, With all facial plastic surgery the swelling from surgery will gravitate downward due to gravity. Aesthetica cosmetic surgery & laser center plastic surgeon leesburg va - aesthetica cosmetic surgery laser center - breast augmentation, facelift, botox - loudoun.

Description Estetica Thailandia offers free medical concierge service EXCLUSIVELY FOR TRANSGENDERS wanting gender change surgery.
The facial feminization process greatly enhances the socialization process as a woman.Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) in Mexico offers patients highly customized plans to meet patients desired feminization goals in a warm and friendly environment.
We, Estetica Thailandia, will walk with you through each step to make your dream comes true and make this once-in–a-life-time decision the most satisfying one for you. We are a liaison between patient and surgeon to facilitate the sex change trip prior to patient's arrival until patient's departure. For MTFs who want larger breasts or a change in breast shape, implants can be inserted through an incision under the breast, in the armpit, or around the nipple. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) by suction assisted lipectomy or surgical assisted excision will greatly improve one's lower trunk contour, with the incision and resulting scar placed low on the abdomen, just above the groin. Making the best use of the most current techniques, we are able to whiten, straighten, restore, reshape and permanently replace missing teeth. We are a liaison between patient and surgeon to facilitate the sex change trip prior to patient’s arrival until patient’s departure.
This means that you will receive the free-of-charge medical concierge service from us if you choose to contact the doctor, hospital or clinic through Estetica Thailandia. We provide friendly assistance in all facets from your pre-arrival, during your stay in Thailand and until your departure.

By lateral narrowing (muscle plication), the abdominal shape can be markedly improved towards a feminine contour. Our mission is to support transgender community righteously and ensure the satisfaction they would receive. Our experienced and friendly liaison will work with you to assure that you receive a desirable treatment with most satisfying result. Our staffs have worked with many SRS cases and are highly experienced; therefore, we can professionally assist you through your SRS journey. Some surgeons include facial hair removal and hair transplants as part of facial feminization surgery.Facial feminization surgery in Mexico is carried out by means of facial plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery and reconstructive surgery.
For any questions you have, be rest assured that you will be given the answers and advices from us promptly.
While abdominal femininity can generally be improved, the overall results will greatly be affected by one's overall size and total body weight (obesity).

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