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Brow lifts and forehead lifts address eyebrow position and loose or wrinkled forehead skin and underlying tissue. The direct brow lift requires removing a section of skin and underlying tissue above and following the length of the eyebrows. Traditional brow lift surgery involves an incision along the hairline from ear to ear, lifting the skin, and adjusting the muscles in the brow. BOTOX® and Dysport smooth out wrinkles by weakening and relaxing the muscles that cause skin to wrinkle.
Essentially aimed at smoothing out frown lines on the forehead, a brow lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can also help to lift drooping or hooded eyebrows, open up the eyes and smooth loose facial skin to produce a more youthful appearance. Sun, wind, age, and the downwards pull of gravity all affect the face, often causing frown lines, wrinkling across the forehead, and an increasing heaviness of the eyebrows as the skin loses its elasticity.
There are different brow lift surgery operations, the two main options are the original open technique and an endoscopic brow lift.
Depending on the procedure, you may be allowed to go home after a few hours, or need to stay in hospital overnight. There will be some pain and discomfort for several days following surgery, your face will be swollen for around 48 hours, and there may be visible bruising for up to two weeks.
Choosing a Surgeon – Only fully trained and qualified surgeons should perform a brow lift procedure, so ensure you do your research and pick a reputable, experienced cosmetic surgeon.
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Theres a bit of cartilage at the base of my nose under my top lip which makes my nose and my profile longer (pic 1&3) Can anything be done about this?
The medical name for brow lift surgery is Browplasty, and in some cases, it is also known as a forehead lift. Browplasty or brow lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure employed to raise a drooping eyebrow, which may hinder one’s vision. A Direct Brow Lift is done by removing an ellipse of muscle and skin just a little above the eyebrows. A Mid-forehead Lift is recommended for patients above the age of 65, who have heavily sagging eyebrows and very deep forehead wrinkles. Incisions during surgery are made within the forehead wrinkles that are deep, and excess skin and muscle are removed. A Coronal Forehead Lift is made by performing incisions across the forehead, running from one ear to another, and raising the whole of the forehead and brow. It takes about two weeks for patients to recover, and while the bruising is not prominent, there is mild swelling in the region after the procedure.
Your personality is always reflected through your facial expressions, and as you get old, permanent changes can form due to drooping muscles or creases and wrinkles.
If you don’t want the side effects of aging to come in your way, then brow lift surgery is the right procedure for you.
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To fully understand the benefits of eyebrow and forehead lifting, one must be aware of the importance of the position of the eyebrows. This procedure is ideal for patients who want to both lift the eyebrows and raise and shorten the forehead by removing a strip of skin and underlying tissue along the incision.
More than just smoothing out worry and frown lines, BOTOX® and Dysport injections can create a lifting effect by relaxing the muscles that pull down on the eyebrows.
We will discuss your concerns and establish a treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals. Brow lifts are becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery procedure and are often done in conjunction with a face-lift or blepharoplasty to create a more lasting and dramatic effect. Sagging eyebrows are usually first noticed in people who are in their forties, and this is the age of most patients who have a forehead or a brow lift procedure. If the upper part of the face is sagging and has noticeable creases, a brow lift may be a suitable procedure. The most suitable procedure for you depends on the structure of your face, the condition of your skin, and your hairline, in order to decide where the surgeon’s incisions should be made.
Most patients return to work after 7-10 days – although this can often be sooner if you have an endoscopic procedure. A brow lift procedure will raise sagging eyebrows to make your eyes appear more open, as well as removing loose skin in the forehead to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Other rare risks and side effects associated with a brow lift or endoscopic brow-lift, are reactions to anaesthetic, bleeding, haematoma, asymmetry (ie: eyes or eyebrows not being perfectly symmetrical with each other) and nerve damage. If you post larger photos, it'd be possible.And yes, it would be a complicated procedure, because of the myriad changes that are on the list of things to do. I think its because of this cartilage which runs from the columella to my bone which cause my nose to be pinocchio-esque. Respectfully, I don't think it's the bone at the base of the nose that makes the tip projecting -- that bone is only rarely the culprit. Negative emotions such as resentment, anger, worry, and fatigue cause creases or wrinkles to appear along the forehead as you age, and brow lift surgery can correct such creases and restore some tautness to the region. This is the time when the forehead muscles, due to gravity and time, become weak and loose, resulting in the development of wrinkles. Since the incisions are done within the deep wrinkles, the resulting scars are also hidden.
You need to consult a facial cosmetic surgeon first to ensure that you can go ahead with the procedure though.
Because the forehead is shortened, the hairline is lowered which is ideal for those with a high forehead. The direct brow lift beautifully lifts a sagging brow while tightening and smoothing the forehead by pulling the skin and tissue of the forehead down rather than up. This not only raises the ends of the eyebrows into a more pleasing arch (correcting a downward slanting “sad eyes” appearance), but also opens the eyes, reducing the “hooded” appearance so common in middle aged eyes. However, a brow lift can also be a very effective stand-alone treatment, with new advanced techniques such as the endoscopic brow lift offering a quick and painless procedure with minimal recovery time.
However, for saggy skin or jowls around the jaw and loose skin in the neck area, a face lift may be a more suitable option; or additional procedures such as eyelid surgery may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

With both techniques, the muscles and underlying tissues of the forehead are removed or slackened and the eyebrows may also be raised and excess skin trimmed away.
The Nasofrontal Angle is rather small around 100 degrees and in (2) you can see that the alar base is not in-line with columella base, its rather lower.
It's almost always the length and strength of the lateral crura of the tip cartilages that provide the support and strength to overproject the tip.
A forehead lift is often used along with eyelid surgery, and this is done in order to minimize the sagging skin that appears on the upper eyelids. In this procedure, the wrinkles on the forehead are also smoothened by making small incisions behind the hairline.
Immediately after my cast was removed 1 wk after my op, it was clear I had been left with an asymmetrical and hanging collumella (my natural nose did not have this). Our natural eyebrow position, the effects of gravity and fat deflation, how active our eyebrow and forehead muscles are, and previous eyelid, eyebrow or forehead surgeries (if applicable), all contribute to the position of our eyebrows. It tightens and smoothes the entire forehead while lifting the eyebrow area which “opens up” the entire upper face. This procedure lifts everything from the hairline down to the eyebrows and can address eyebrow shape and asymmetry. The face sends a message, and the position of the eyebrows is a significant part of that message. Tanne recommends trying BOTOX, Dysport or Xeomin injections prior to going under the knife. You need a surgeon who can prove to you that he is expert in deprojecting noses; many, if not most, of the revisions that I perform relate to deprojecting noses that were inadequately projected during the primary operation. My main concern is my hanging & aysemetric collumella, I feel my tip is bulbous in comparison to my thin bridge with large projection. The skin of the forehead is fixated higher up on the forehead bone with small dissolvable anchors. Care is taken to position the scar just along the eyebrows so that it is maximally camouflaged, but some scar can be visible.
The type we choose at consultation will depend on your current eyebrow position, facial structure, and on what is possible to maximize your appearance. They are usually comfortable returning to their normal routine activities in about 2 weeks.
Patients are usually comfortable returning to their normal routine activities in about 2 weeks.
Because scarring can be more noticeable, this technique is not used as frequently as in the past.

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