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B) do something else other than teach ESL (like have a real career) and no, doing IELTS testing or curric development or whatever is still English teaching IN THEIR EYES even though some on here will claim you can make much more than the salary man at LG doing so. If you have the above K women in my opinion are ridiculously forgiving when it comes to looks.
Also, your observation about most Korean women toward men and job titles is pretty much 100% accurate.
I think a lot of guys who have been hanging around this board for many years are now married to a local.
When the new kid in town walks in and gets a public school job or a uni job he will be seen as potential toy for some of the ladies wanting to play. Many Korean girls really hate their original features of small single eyelid eyes, flat nose, big round face and all, so they get plastic surgery to have big round eyes with double eyelids, pointy nose, small face.
All babies are not pretty (going by the classical aesthetic purveyed in observances of beauty the world over), all people's offspring are not cute or attractive, but all children are beautiful. Now, of course we all joke, and some of us indeed have grown up to be butt ugly at best (either in how we look, or how we treat others).
If your ugly baby grew up to be a beautiful person that saved my lovely kid's life one day, I would likely say about her, when out of earshot, that she lacked any blessing of classical beauty.
I was about to respond to this thread along the usual apologist lines, then I read this post, lost all points of reference, and retreated to my fridge for a beer, put on O&A, and fired up FIFA Manager 14. Asian celebrities plastic surgery before and after pictures are displayed here for all those famous celebrities who have gone under the knife for any type of plastic  surgery.
Yoo In Na is an Asian celebrity which have gone under the knife for a nose job surgery to make her nose compatible with her face frame.

Miss Korea Kim Yoo Mi has gone under the knife for nose job and cosmetic surgery, See the image below for further details. To see the before and after photos, pictures along with reasons results, details and all about Im Ji Hye plastic surgery click on her image below.
She is a member of Korean musical group “Sister”, If you want to get her surgery details just click on the image below and you will get details about her surgery.
To get details about Choi Seung Hyun plastic surgery before and after pictures, click on the image below and you will get details of it.
So this all about the  Asian celebrities plastic surgery before and after pictures, you stay in touch with this page by the email link below for regular updates, about Asian celebrities plastic surgeries. Granted the number of interested kgirls will still outnumber us but they won't exactly be the cream of the crop most seeing you as an opportunity to escape Korea and for their kids to speak Englsh. Heck, even saying you're a boring ??? government worker in X ministry will get their interest.
Some probably already had some earning potential thus the reason many are married to a Korean woman. The uni guys who have been around for a long time probably have something going on, but these guys will be established and already taken. In Asian celebrities there are two types of surgeries are most famous which are adopted the most one is Nose job or Rhinoplasty surgery and the second one is eye lid cosmetic surgery.
If you want to get her surgery details, click on the image below and another page will be explore which will provide you details about Park Bom Plastic surgery.
He take a plastic surgery to hide her week point from her fans click here to see details on the below image.

If you are 6'3 and look like a scandinavian model it will help but being an English teacher will still hold you back and you could probably do better back home anyway unless you got some bad case of yellow fever where even the most plain korean girl will be a knockout in your eyes. Until recently, being an English teacher (especially an uni esl teacher) had some pedigree.
Naturally Asian celebrities or Korean celebrities have naturally tinny and short nose, their eyes looks also compact and so small according to their face. Maybe it's her personality or maybe like many of the guys I know, they knew that's the best they're gonna get so decided to lock it up. But I guess you're one of those dave's posters that married a korean woman and between the two of you make 12 million won a month? So that is why mostly Asian celebrities go under the knife for a nose job surgery or sometimes they take both surgeries on once. So here we are providing you Asian celebrities plastic surgery before and after pictures, you can get details of any celebrity by clicking on the image of your favorite Asian celebrity. Nose job or Rhinoplasty surgery is usually adopted to make nose refine and thin and sometimes it takes for the thicker and augmented a nose.
America (barely middle class and thats after 6 years of uni and additional qualifications).
So here below you will get those Asian Celebrities plastic surgery before and after pictures who has enhanced their beauty after taking a plastic surgery.

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